Friday, March 27, 2009

Week 20 tummy

Today is 20-week sonogram day! I can't wait for this afternoon!

Apparently this is when we get all the detailed pictures of the little dude. I can't wait to see him. Depending on the website, he's either a small cantaloupe or as long as a banana.

And this is totally fun! We tried a new trick last night.

Tej told me that her daughter would get really active when she put headphones on her belly and played music. And so while we were watching The Office (which is rapidly losing my attention, I have to say) I pulled out my iPod, stuck the headphones in my waistband, cranked up the volume, sat still, and waited. . .

It works!

He particularly liked Cat Power singing Sea of Love from the Juno soundtrack. If I listen to a whole album of her in one sitting it pulls me down, but Cat Power in moderation is wonderful.

I also tried a little country, and he didn't jump at Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys. I decided to skip Delta Dawn. Maybe next time.

So then I thought maybe I should head for upbeat, so I put on my workout mix. And he got all thumpy-aroundy with Bananarama singing Venus. Which is one of my personal faves. Yay! He likes 80s dance music!

But this morning I started to really think about it. Do I really want to foster a proclivity for cheesy 80s pop? Or my taste in music in general?

I'm betting most who know me would say, "No, no, and more no. Nooooooo."

I do want the best for my kid. But it's so much fun. . .


  1. And what's wrong with liking cheesy 80's pop? I'm a Durannie from way back!

    The 20 wk sono is so much fun! You get to see an honest to god little PERSON in there. My hubby took one look at the sono and said "Look, she has your feet!" (I have a big gap between my big toe and my other toes.) And, guess what, she does! And Nick will get to see the little pee pee. (Most boys, being boys, are sticking it right out there!)

  2. your one-liners always have me on the floor
    Yay! He likes 80s dance music!
    your kid is gonna have the coolest mom!

  3. Cheryl S - I could subsist entirely on 80s pop. But I don't know - is it the best way to start out in the world?

    And we'll be able to see whose feet he has!?! I have a big gap between those toes! I didn't realize we'd know those kinds of things at this point! Super exciting!

    notsojenny - Hahaha - thank you! I hope so.

  4. I played Good Morning Starshine to calm down my little one while pregnant. I still serves to relax her 16 years later.

  5. *Finally* you are starting to look pregnant . . . and yea for the music - very important. Our son loved music when he was in the womb, and now his major is radio and television broadcasting, so it must work!

    Have a fun sonogram!

  6. Have a fantastic time at your sonogram!! It'll be a good one, and nice and long, too. As for the music, how do you know he's not complaining, rather than enjoying the 80's music? He could totally be rebelling against his momma's tastes already! ;)

  7. Rhonda - That's a lovely song. In fact, the whole Hair soundtrack is great, and I haven't listened to it in years!

    LJ - This week two strangers asked me if I'm pregnant, so yah, this must really be the week, no matter how pregnant-looking I've been feeling.

    Luna - You are totally right! Maybe he's trying desperately to get away from the 80s dance - and finding it very hard in that small space!

  8. Yay, sonogram day!

    I think we could all rotate iPods to give Baby Avo some variety-- mine would be pretty emo, but Ryane might have some Metallica in there to balance it out...

  9. I've been gone a couple of days and missed LG! Yay - fun baby house adventures and photos!

    I try not to be judgemental of others but generally don't understand people who don't like 80's music. So, I say, pump up the 80's! But you're right, to think of what's best for the child.

    I bet Vanilla Ice would get the little one moving and happy! Okay, really, I'll stop.

  10. A love of 80s pop clearly means that your child will be intelligent, charming and utterly successful in life.

  11. I love Cat Power in small doses. Good Woman has contributed to many a crying jag over the years (in a good way, though. Like when I need a good cathartic cry, I put it on and feel sorry for myself.)
    Also? I love that you referenced a Willie Nelson song (even though he didn't write it, it will always be a Willie Nelson song in my heart.) Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys always makes me think of my dad. We almost danced to it for the father/daughter dance at my wedding.

  12. yay, sonogram!

    Yay! Eighties pop!

    You look great Lis!

  13. mysterygirl! - The idea of experimenting with genres cracks me up. One day we could have him all wistful and depressed and the next banging his head and pumping his fists. Ha!

    HKW - I just want to hug you (and give you an Ice, Ice Baby) for saying that. And you KNOW I have that song in my collection! Must try!

    Fearless - I love this thought, so I am going to go ahead and believe it!

    Hillary - Oh, Hillary, cowboys ain't easy to love and they're harder to hold. What a great (almost) choice. I do love that song. And I love the ache in Cat Power's voice.

    Sarah - Thank you! Yes, yay sonogram, yay 80s pop!

  14. Once your son reaches a certain age, you'll be forced to listen to the hideous music he likes, so you might as well make him listen to music you like for as long as you can. :-)

  15. If you don't foster a love for cheesy 80s pop, you're doing him a disservice! (sp?) How is he going to get chicks in college on 80s night if he doesn't know all the words to Corey Hart??

  16. oh yay! congrats ..wishing I were too :)

  17. Oh yah? I'm going to do what's best for your kid. Consider it an early guardian angel gift --

    1. When he is born, open up a Coverdell ESA. Contributions cannot exceed $2000 per child in a year (but there are ways around this). Coverdells are not tax deductible, but they grow tax-deferred until withdrawn for school expenses. If used for education expenses, they are tax-free. He can pull out the money at any time.

    2. Sign him up for a Virginia 529 VEST plan (we don't like the VPEP or College Wealth). Put mo money mo money mo money and when he's born, you'll know he's good to go for August 2027. $2000 is tax deductible, and if you put more in, you can carry that amount over for future years. It's a good gig.

    3. Open up a Uniform Transfers to Minors Act account for your child. You can do this through Schwab or Scottrade. It's a good deal... believe it. Your kid gets money, and you get to watch them learn about the green stuff.

    4. When they get to around 12, help them open up a business, even if it loses money. These days, that's like signing up a dot com or blog. That way, certain classes they take in, say, 2028 or 2029 can be deducted as business expenses (as long as the expense doesn't violate section 162 -- that the class expenditures are not incurred for meeting the minimum educational requirement of a job or qualifies the taxpayer for a new trade or business).

    There... so many words, but all just nothing but goodness.

  18. Oh oh oh! Have you heard that if you play a particular piece of music a lot while you're pregnant, your baby will find it soothing once he's born? Probably Mozart more than Prodigy, I'd imagine.
    I didn't do this because the only classical music I had was not soothing. However, we did play the Amelie soundtrack a lot at work while I was pregnant and then when Chris and I watched the video after she was born, Sugarplum went instantly to sleep. I don't think it was an editorial.

  19. I listened to a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers' Blood Sugar Sex Majik when I was pregnant with The Actor.

    Need I say more?

  20. I don't know whether the baby is liking the music or not, but its probably just grateful to have some entertainment. It must be pretty boring being trapped inside another person all day!

  21. Hi Lisa

    Just dont play the music to loud on your belly so the baby's hearing isnt affected. Your tummy looks so small. Most men have bigger tummies than you do.

  22. But if he grows up liking your music, you'll never argue over what to listen to in the car or house or the whole "TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN!!" part of having a teenager. And there's nothing wrong with some good cheesy 80's dance music!


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