Friday, March 06, 2009

Week 17 tummy

This is the week of no return.

My belly doesn't stick out a whole lot more in the front, but somehow, it's spread out more on the sides. As have my ass and thighs. My size leaped.

Now, where is no turning back from maternity pants. They're like wearing a comfy couch. It's kind of great.

Also, magically, this week all the initial maternity pants that I bought got too small.

I mean, not too small if you don't mind your legs all snausaged into your pants. But if you do - too small.

Which made me realize why they tell you to buy maternity clothes in your "normal" size. It's so that you can turn around three weeks later and buy another size up.


On the extreme upside, the boob fairy has been hard at work.

I actually had to put a camisole under a dress yesterday because I had too much cleavage. Like, it would've been inappropriate at work.


Cleavage! A word that really doesn't appear in the same sentence as Lisa, like, ever. Cleavage! Me!

For all you cleavage-havers out there, it's all Friday. For me, it's all, oooh, Christmas!


  1. Merry Cleavage Christmas, too you!

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  3. Your tummy at 17 weeks is like mine at 10. Sigh. The Curse of the Second Pregnancy -- Twice the Fat, Twice as Fast!! But it's all good. Grow, baby, grow!

  4. I bet Nick is happy with the Christmas gift leaving fairy too!
    Have a good weekend.

  5. Happy Boobakuh! Merry Bustmas!

    Okay, I'm just a little silly today. But also? Yay for new clothes, no matter what the variety, and for a happy baby house.

  6. I'm not going to lie, cleavage is one of my top 10 reasons to get knocked up.

  7. Jo - Thank you! Happy Friday to you!

    Wendy - Yah, I have heard this curse of the second pregnancy many times - that it's just shocking how fast the tummy chages. But yes! As you said, grow, baby, grow!

    Susan - You are so right. He is pretty damn delighted. You have a good weekend, too!

    Dagny - Hahahaha! I love those! Thank you!

    Hillary - I support that as a perfectly fine reason. I have every intention of starting to flaunt them (outside of work, of course).

  8. Yes, non-virgin, there is a Santa Claus. He lives and lives and lives.

  9. Be careful what you wish for! I have always had "sufficient" boobage. However, now at 27 weeks, my boyfriend has taken to calling them "Amazons". Yes, Ammies for short. So endearing.


  10. Congrats on the new melons! I'm sure Nick is thrilled too :-)

  11. Congratulations on the boobage! I started out as a DD, so I'm very thankful the boob fairy has, for the most part, skipped over me so far. I just wish her cousin the nipple/areola fairy was as kind. Dinner plates, I tell ya. It's a bit frightening.

  12. You know, it would have been cheaper and quicker, with less commitment, just to buy a Wonder Bra... :)

    Enjoy your new assets!

  13. FreckledK - I'm not sure why you assume this wasn't it my lack of lenten participation?

    KerryLee - Hahahahaha! Ammies!

    LiLu - Thanks! And yes, thrilled, completely thrilled.

    Luna - Goodness! I know they're going to grow, but I hadn't given that much thought (yet). I have to say, while I've never had the boobs before, and I'm finding it kind of a fun novelty, these changes - over which we have NO CONTROL, AAGH! - are kind of alarming.

    mysterygirl! - Yes, most definitely. But having worn Wonder Bras it is somehow just not the same. Maybe I like the legitimacy!:)

  14. So happy everything's going well! I'll bet you look positively adorable.

  15. Cute baby belly and cleavage! What else could an expectant mother ask for?? (Aside from that whole healthy baby thing, of course.)

  16. i'm so excited about the cleavage fairy too... i really think it's one of those negotiating tactics from mother nature. she's all, okay so your middle section will get big, real big, you'll be all swollen and having numerous other physical attributes that are less than desireable... but for your troubles we're gonna throw you 6 months of big 'ol boobs. and for every month you breastfeed you get to keep them.

  17. As I guy, I could not read the post past the word "cleavage." What else did the post say?

  18. Oh shit. There's a such thing as too much cleavage at work? I'm going to write that down to remember it.

    (Welcome to the Cleavage Club.)

  19. Hi Lisa, just stumbled across your blog and like it much. As for the cleaveage thing, breast wishes with that. I got maximum cleaveage when I got preggers with my son 16 years ago and it never went away. I hateses it now. At highschool I was called two peas on a breadboard by my friends, now I am known as her with the enormous norks lol :S


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