Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I laughed so hard when I saw Betty wearing these toe shoes.

And then she gave me my own pair. And I love them.

In the beginning, it's really hard - or at least it was for me - to get each toe into its own toe slot. I kept cramming two into one and leaving others empty. You think it'll be like gloves, and you'll just put a toe into a toe slot - until you realize you're a lot more dexterous with your fingers than your tootsies.

Which then made me realize that people with no arms who have to do stuff like drive or paint or write with their feet must really really have to work to develop that dexterity.

Which then of course made me think how screwed I would be if I lost my arms in an accident. Which briefly got me all kinds of worked up. Not fatal like the rabies, but still.

And thank goodness they realized thalidomide was not the way to go for pregnant women.

But back to the feet.

If you can get past how ridiculous they look, and the slightly odd sensation of having your toes spread out, these are fantastic.

My big toe and second toe have a big gap, which I kind of hate, and I've spent years cramming my feet into shoes that squeeze my toes together. Plus I love the pretty high shoes, which do nothing to give you toe space.

These are supposed to strenghten your foot and toe muscles and improve your body alignment and basically change your life.

I'm working up to wearing them outside the house.


  1. weird.


    where are they from?

  2. Haha! They're cute! Kind of like Hobbit shoes- er, I guess that would be Hobbit feet. I think I could wear them to the mailbox... but probably not to the store unless I really wanted to give everyone a good chuckle :) What are they called? I am intrigued.

  3. OMG. I think I would love those! I kind of have claustrophobic toes - they hate being crammed together in shoes (if I try to wear those pointy toed shoes, I actually start sweating and kind of hyperventilating until I get them off my feet and able to spread my toes out).

    Where did she get them??

  4. my pilates instructor always goes on about how the more agility you have in your feet/toes the healthier and more well balanced you'll be (there's more to her discussions but my comments are long enough as is)
    the girl is a toe-ninja... she can do crazy movements that make my feet cramp up just watching. i've wanted to get better... i think i need these shoes/socks
    you don't wear them out of the house, right?

  5. I saw someone in a yoga or pilates class wearing those once - it was the first and last time I had ever seen them...until now. I'm intigrued! I am so mean to my poor tootsies by wearing the oh-so-cute shoes I love. I need to give them some TLC. Like everyone else I'm wondering where do you get them!?!?

  6. I am stunned...who knew these existed? Wonder if they come in colors too? If they are available in orange, I think I'd give them a shot.

  7. Wow - the other night, my husband was describing this as a would-be great invention, and here they are! So - what is the brand-name and where does someone obtain these? (I trust you completely after your glowing report of your Garmin, which I then purchased and cannot live without.)

  8. Please do not wear those outside of the house. Please. Pretty please.

  9. OMG! I want one! But don't know if I'd be brave enough to wear them in public. Thankfully, I'm broke, otherwise, you bet I'd be clicking "buy" right now.

  10. I have eyeballed these with some degree of longing. Please keep us apprised of their life-changing properties.

  11. I suspect that those shoes might wind up helping with the back pain, no? Because if your feet and legs are doing a better job of maintaining your balance and whatnot, your back wouldn't have to compensate so much?

    Betty is a genius. Maybe you could use your creative skills to add a little whimsy? I think the ends of the toes need faces. :o)

  12. Well those are.... interesting! I have monkey toes already (years of ballet plus genetics), so I think I'll pass. I can't say I'm not intrigued, though!

  13. Hey Lisa, since I know your love of all things shoe, you should check these out: http://www.terraplana.com/index.phpand http://www.unitednude.com/index.php both lines were created by Galahad Clark, a UNC grad and former rugby teammate of mine. The Vivo Barefoots are supposed to be like being barefoot.

    Some of the United Nude shoes are also pretty cool (especially in the Porn line).

    I can't believe I just wrote all of that. Sigh.

  14. Those would match my Snuggie perfectly...

  15. Hey all:
    They are made by Vibram: http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/ and you can order them from their website. REI has them as well, and probably other outdoorsy stores.

    I think it would be best to try them on, because apparently you want them a little big so your feet/toes can stretch out.

    Betty got the kind with the strap, and if I were to get another pair, that's what I'd get.

    Sarah - They are weird and they are awesome.

    A.S. - They are totally Hobbitty -that sums them up! Maybe I will start with the mailbox and see from there. :)

    Jo - They make my feet very, very happy.

    Hillary - I can understand.

    SM - From what you describe of your feet, you would totally love them.

    notsojenny - I only wear them at home, but if you look at the Vibram website, they are for all kinds of sports!

    prettylittletangents - I think on the Vibram description they include yoga as one of the things people can wear them for, so you probably did see them in your yoga class! And I DO feel like I'm doing something nice for my feet - when I spend so much time cramming them into unhappy positions.

    Susan - They do come in colors, although I don't recall which.

    LJ - I am so glad you like the Garmin. I feel like it has totally changed my life for the better.

    FreckledK - Hahahaha - probably won't but I cannot 100% promise.

    Beach Bum - I don't know if I am either. And perhaps that's for the best.

    Susan - I will for sure. I love putting them when I get home.

    Dagny - That is the EXACT thought! Better feet, better legs, better back - better life!

    Betty is a genius and I love the toe face idea. :)

    Luna - For home? So nice.

    FoggyDew - You are awesome. I will totally check them out. And I love the idea that there's a Porn line. Thank you so much!

    LiLu - Hahahahahahaha! But what doesn't, really?

  16. Lisa,

    I HAVE these! My friend talked me into them and I bought them for a trip to Hawaii. I also bought the non-strap kind because I thought they were cuter, but in reality the zipcord in the back is way less comfy when you actually need to make them tighter than I imagine the foot strap feels.

    In any case I hiked in them, ran over rocks, surfed, did yoga, played volleyball, biked, and shopped in them and they were A-mazing. I haven't busted them back out since returning to DC since it's been a bit too cold to wear outside but they will make their way back out again soon.

    Try them outside! Everyone I passed stared and said "WHOA, where did you get those??" Maybe it was just because I was in Hawaii but still. I will be rocking them in DC this spring, so rock them with me!

    Running in them for more than a short distance isn't really recommended at first (no arch support) but I'm sure it'd be fine after awhile. And you can throw them right in the washer when they get dirty.


  17. To follow up on Dag's suggestion, you should put those stick-on googly eyes on them. You can have a third eye, a fourth eye, a fifth, a sixth...

  18. Yes, please wear them outside of the house.

    Then you can report that you're now also into World of Warcraft.

  19. I fear that your toes will spread too much, and webs will grow inbetween your toes, and you will have duck feet, hehe

  20. Oh, these shoes are too funny. Me likes. :)
    Oh, these shoes are too funny. Me likes. :)


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