Thursday, March 19, 2009

TMI Thursday: The last of this type of tale

Mom and Dad, please skip this one.

You all may have the impression that I behaved very badly when I lived in San Diego. And the truth is, I often did. Also, it depends on your definition of "badly."

The only time I have ever gotten in trouble with my brother - my younger brother - was this one time. In San Diego.

We were both living there, although we had completely separate social lives. Our groups of friends had no overlap. I thought.

So this one evening, I went to a party with my then-boyfriend. It was at an apartment near the airport - right in the flight path. Which only matters because the planes flew very close overhead.

It was a dull party, and at some point, I wandered out to join my boyfriend and a group of seven or eight people on the porch. They were playing a game in which every time a plane flew by, they'd take a sip of their drink.

At some point the game morphed. It became every time a plane flew by, you'd take off a piece of clothing. And once you got naked, you'd put on a piece of clothing with each passing plane.

Not complicated. Nor sexual. And really only racy because of the nudity.

I mean, I get that nudity can be seen as racy. But still.

Eventually someone inside wandered out, and they were promptly shooed back in. Nobody who wasn't playing was allowed to come out on the porch. If you weren't willing to participate, you couldn't hang out and gawk.

It was, however, the talk of the party fairly quickly.

So at some point, in various stages, we all got naked. And then we all got dressed. It turned out the good thing about being first naked was that you were first dressed.

Something to remember, in case you play this at home.

And then eventually, all dressed, the group wound up wandering indoors and went on with the party. And then went home and went on with our lives. As if nothing had happened. Because really, nothing of consequence had.

But a week or two later, I was over at my brother's house. We were in his kitchen, in front of his fridge, on which he had a group picture - the two of us with Jane, my boyfriend, and a couple other people.

My brother said, "So, had anything interesting happen lately?"

"Nothing, really. You?"

"Funny you should ask."

And with his tone, I know this is going somewhere.

"So, Lis, I had a bunch of people over last week. And we're in the kitchen, standing right here, and this one guy I know points to this picture and says, 'Dude! How do you know this girl?'"


"You. And before I can tell him you're my sister, he says, 'I saw her naked at a party last weekend!'"

And he gives me a Very Stern Look.

Welllll, yah.


  1. Best game ever. If only I lived closer to an airport...

  2. Well, are you close to train tracks? Or a highway? (Would be a very fast game.)

    Drawbacks to possible outside nudity in DC: so many mosquitos in summer and so COLD in winter!

  3. Hey, I live in the north-to-south landing pattern for National. I'll have to remember this for the next time I have people over.

    Also, sounds like something that might or might not have happened with a startling regularity at rugby parties.

  4. I think the stern look should have been directed at the indiscreet mutual friend. That quibble aside, one must love the simplicity of amusement once booze gets involved.

  5. I get stern looks from my younger siblings all the time. It's a good thing I have a kickass older sibling to laugh along with me.

    I live near train tracks. I may need to play this game the next time I'm drinking (I'm thinking alcohol is necessary to fully enjoy this game, am I right?)

  6. It's not racy if everyone's doing it! But not, yanno, DOING IT. Right?

  7. I am so glad my sister isn't in any pictures. I would have to wreck someone. Then harass her till the end of days.

  8. We used to play strip padiddle, driving around at night, scouring the highway for whoever was missing a headlight. Let me tell you, it's hard to undress while you're driving.

  9. Haha, so like ACTUALLY NAKED? That's pretty ridiculously amazing. It's also why you're my hero.

  10. I'm with LiLu.

    And seriously. Isn't he your younger brother? I've only ever been able to pull off giving my sister a VSL once, and that was the morning after I was personally responsible for sneaking her drunk self into the house.

    Who has this family dynamic where younger siblings distribute VSLs, and how do I join it?

  11. Foggy Dew - You live in a perfect location for shenanigans such as these.

    And I have heard about rugby parties.

    restaurant refugee - I didn't even know the guy. He was a friend of the party thrower, who was a good friend of my boyfriend. Who knew he'd recognize my face on my brother's fridge?

    Hillary - Yes, it's a good good thing you have the older sister to laugh with.

    And I'd say for full enjoyment, yes, alcohol is a good component.

    LiLu - Exactly. But you'd be surprised at how many people think it is.

    justjp - I'm in lots of pictures. Just not naked ones. That would definitely be a bad thing.

    Liebchen - What is padiddle?? I used to change in the car on the way to meet a friend to go running, but only while stopped at lights. I can't imagine doing it while driving!

    Nicole - Naked naked. One woman announced to us pre-naked that she had just gotten waxed AND had burned her butt lying out that day (she was visiting her bf in San Diego). She was embarrassed but also thought it was hilarious.

    Dagny - Yah, well, you could join our family and give me VSLs if you want to. The thing is, he's six feet tall and he has always had a really serious job and (apart from family bullshit) acted a lot more adult than me. So he started behaving like my older brother years and years ago.

  12. Well, now I know what we'll be doing at our next Happy Hour!

  13. at least you didn't do anything. I had a "friend" who had pretty hot steamy sex with a girl he met after a game in college. Two weeks later at the Alumni house across from stadium, the Dean introduces him to his daughter, a freshman at said college, and all he could think of was, "dude... we scored like twice on the 50 yard line."

  14. Gah! Racy embarrassing situations with brothers are the WORST! My "first" was with my brother's friend. Luckily, my brother knew nothing of the tryst at the time it occurred, but for some reason, I felt compelled to spill the beans several years later while drunk. Unsurprisingly, the passage of years did nothing to lessen the discomfort and mortification we both experienced after my confession.

  15. freckledk - Except I think we'd get arrested for this in public.

    Anonymous - Hahahahaha! And did your "friend" ever see her again?

    diatribes and dish - Oh, man! That would've been a very bad situation with my brother. Luckily, this had nothing to do with anything physical and involved none of his friends.

  16. Nice! It actually sounds like a fun game! Your brother probably hated it but it sounds fun!!

  17. ha ha ha! loved this friends!!

  18. hahaha pretty awesome... small world

  19. oh lordy...that's so something that would happen to me. All of my shenanigans always get back to my friends/family.

  20. Lisa,

    I wanna play, your porch or mine.

  21. Laughing very loudly... At work!

    I like the train tracks idea but I just moved away from them.

  22. That is awesome!!!!

    (Sounds like an interesting game, too. I notice that more than one of your TMI Thursdays has involved a propensity for nudity...) :)


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