Wednesday, November 04, 2009

But I was totally wearing long sleeves

Many, many people saw my boobs over the four-day trip.

And actually, it's not really showing your boobs as much as showing your nipples, is it? You can have as much cleavage as you want, I think, as long as your nips are covered.

So anyway. For starters, I took everyone's advice and nursed during takeoff and landing and it worked perfectly - no crying. In fact, I nursed for most of both flights. When he wasn't sleeping, he was eating. So I was constantly whipping out one boob or the other.

Actually, I can't limit this to the flights. It started at the gate at Dulles and continued in practically every single venue until we landed back home.

I nursed in the airports. On the planes. In the living room of the place we stayed. On the balcony. In other people's rooms. Out for brunch.

The only places I didn't nurse were the cabs (he was strapped in a car seat) and seated at the actual wedding ceremony, although I'm sure Jane wouldn't have minded.

Initially I was self-conscious in public, but as Maude said, people would rather see your boob than hear a baby scream. And I realized that really, I'd already voluntarily shown my boobs to most of San Diego when I lived there.

Plus I feel like we grew up pretty casual about things like body parts and bodily functions and such.

Jane, who was in my wedding, wore a very short, very boob-revealing dress. She looked great in it. But I believe she recruited one of my friends to help her make sure her boobs stayed tucked in throughout the evening.

Maude's mom was so scandalized she still mentions the dress every once in a while.

And so, when I walked in to Jane's room with Jordan, where she had amassed all her girlfriends to hang out while getting ready, she took him out of my arms, took a look at my chest, and yelled, "Lis! Your boobs are HUGE!"

Not how I would've introduced myself to a room of strangers, but what can you do.

I looked down at my milk jugs. "I know!"

She turned to a woman next to me and said, "Because in normal life, she doesn't have any."

I turned to the woman, introduced myself, shrugged, and said, "It's true."


  1. I've seen a lot of carefully draped blankies and such while nursing. Seems to do limit the overmammification.

  2. Hahaha. I love how she managed to transform your motherhood to some kind of fantasyland where you Get! Boobs! instead of a "real world" thing where you're desperately nursing to keep your adorable child quiet on flights.

    I think this is the wonderful thing about friends - sometimes the perspective they unintentionally provide is exactly what we need to hear.

    Enjoy your fantasyland boobs. :o)

  3. that is the ONLY reason i will agree to breastfeed! close relationship, health benefits, blahblahblah, show me the BOOBS!

  4. lacochran - I have draped blankets and shawls but really, it's a hassle. I have a lot of nursing tops where you just kind of peek your boob out. But you still wind up giving everyone a show as you stick it in his mouth. Or anyway, I do. So I decided to just not fret about it.

    Dagny - Jane is fantastic, she really is. You are so right! I'm all, look at my magic boobs!

    notsojenny - Hahaha. The weight loss is a pretty spectacular reason as well.

  5. Oh, boobs. You are so handy and always helpful for conversation.

  6. The expression "Milk it" has an entirely different meeting to me now. You and Jane are beautiful - great photo!

  7. That is some fantastic cleavage lady. Color me jealous.

    Glad things went well for you on the trip, sounds like fun!

  8. You look fantastic! Welcome to the club.

  9. The boobs do look great!

    I used a hooter hider. Marion had a hard time latching and I didn't want to have to wave my nipples around in public. The hiders were cute too :)

  10. it is so good to have friends like Jane

  11. I wish I had little Boobs. Ever since I had my son 17 yrs ago I have never gotten rid of the "Enormous Norks" as my friends call them. I'm a 14 E :(.
    Still my man refers to them as assets not liabilities lol.

  12. "...people would rather see your boob than hear a baby scream."

    Maude is a very, very smart lady.

  13. I know women who have breastfed their children well into the four or five year mark, just to keep the rack. And, looking at your picture there, I can't really say that I blame them. Yowza.


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