Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Tabard lobby

We were hoping to sit on the same couch as when we met, but this time, with Jordan.

The lovely couchy fireplace room, however, was packed.

I was so disappointed as we retreated to the lobby to figure out where else to go. And then Nick asked the woman at reception if we could have drinks on one of the couches out there. He explained about the anniversary.

It turned out to be a perfect place to sit. Excellent for people-watching, which provided Big J with a ton of entertainment.

And we kind of sat there all elbowing each other going, "We're married! To each other! And we have a kid! Can you believe it?!"

This picture was taken by a very attractive, well dressed woman sitting on a neighboring couch. She even made raspberries to get Jordan to smile, but nothing doing.

While we were chatting with her about the pictures, Nick asked if she was waiting for a blind date. , She was. Nick told her about our meeting two years prior, and our annual return for our anniversary.

"In fact," he said, motioning to Jordan, "our son might've been conceived last year on this very night!"

(Note: I'm quite sure he wasn't. And, really Nick? Announcing that we came here for our anniversary and then totally went home and DID IT?)

Nick turned back to the woman. "And last year, we met a woman who was waiting for her date. He stood her up."

I could've kicked him. I quickly added, "You're not being stood up."

She said she might be - it had been almost 20 minutes. Didn't we think that was long enough?

I did, but didn't say so. Don't you?

Nick said traffic had been horrendous, and to give him 30.

I voiced my own annoyance: "How hard would it be for him to call or text?"

Seriously. On a first date? My experience with late to a first date guys was that they were either disorganized, lazy, arrogant, and/or extraordinarily self-absorbed.

And then, in walked this tall, broad shouldered, good looking guy. He had on jeans, a t-shirt, and a black leather jacket. Casual but very attractive.

He spied our new couch friend, and introduced himself. No apology for tardiness.

I immediately assumed arrogance. I bet he gets away with a lot with his looks.

Nick told him he'd made it there in just under the time window.

He then apologized. And his excuse? He had been outside on a phone call. So he couldn't call to say he'd be late.

I wanted to be all, "Really? That's your excuse? Asshole."

But it wasn't my place, and she just smiled. And they headed in to the bar.


  1. Tales from the Tabard! It's on my list of places to visit if I ever make it to DC.

    Love the photo - such a beautiful family :) The commentary in your head to yourself or Nick and what you said out loud to the lovely lady waiting for her date - priceless.

  2. We'll take you there for drinks whenever you make it to DC!

    And what cracks me up in this photo is Jordan's "what the Hell?" face. We couldn't get him to smile - he sees the camera and gets all focused on it.

  3. His face says "Seriously woman, you've been waiting 20 minutes for a blind date? What the hell?" See, even Big J knows that's bad form.

  4. What an ass! A phone call? Wow.

    Great picture! How cute are you guys???

  5. Huw Griffiths makes me swoon. More specifically, his chocolate crème brulée makes me swoon.

    With any luck, she'll have had too much cheese at dinner, and he'll have left the place with butter on his nose.

    And then she'll have deleted him. ;o)

  6. Hopefully, Nick provided her with enough juxtaposition of what a man SHOULD act like to help her make a wise decision.

  7. mrsmac - Yes. What a lame-ass excuse, really.

    Dagny - Hahahahaha! I love you I love you.

    As for the chocolate creme brulee...have not had it. Clearly I'm missing out!

    LiLu - What a nice thing to say! I wonder.

  8. What a perfectly wonderful photo. :)

    Any first date guy with a line like that is trouble. IMO.

  9. I am with LiLu, the contrast between a stand-up guy like Nick and the charter member of The Legion of Dating Doom, SelfCentered-Man could not have been more clear.

  10. TOO funny! I love that Nick was just saying EVERYTHING that came to his mind!!!

  11. yah, i agree it's pretty schmucky to not call or text or anything. that sucks. but maybe he was on teh phone being pep talked into it? maybe he was about to back out when he approached the front door and called the setter-upper to tell them. i dunno, i'm just hoping for the best for the girl i guess.

    i love that you have an anniversary spot. ours are all gone... where we met? our corporate office went out of business 10 months ago. our first kiss? we just sold that house. our first date? well, the sox only come down to play the orioles a couple of times a year and it never happens to be in that month lately. enjoy your anniversaryness! you're lucky in so many ways!!

  12. The moral of this story is that as far as blind dates at this place go? You totally win.

  13. Hillary - Thank you!

    karaye - Yes, trouble. Totally agree.

    refugee - I believe that. And Legion of Dating Doom - haahaha!

    Jules - Sometimes I love it, and sometimes I want to set him on fire.

    notsojenny - Maybe he just got off to a bad start. Having gone on so many dates, I jump to bad conclusions very fast.

    And that's a lot of spots to go away!

    Nicole - I actually had a number of failed first dates at this place...Not sure what the moral is in that case. Stick it out? Keep kissing (or not) frogs?

  14. Such a beautiful family.

    Maybe the date went ok and they went back and did it on the first date, too.

  15. Jordan's facial expression is priceless!

  16. Worst excuse for lateness in the history of the planet.

    But, I am a sucker for a hot guy under a leather jacket.

    And, you and Nick and Jordan are beautiful!

  17. I'm hoping she was just using him for sex.

  18. you all look AWESOME and i LOVE little J's expression, he ROCKS!!!


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