Monday, November 16, 2009

Fun for kids and adults. But not adult adults.

We don't have theme for Jordan's room, although we've unintentionally amassed a number of animal things. I suppose I keep gravitating to them.

I'd thought that boy stuff wouldn't be fun, but it is, oh, it is.

Since we haven't gotten to the point of painting anything in our house, and I really wanted some decorations in my boy's room, my friend Kay suggested wall decals. I found the funnest ones at blik.

As you can see, I put the jungle over his crib. I wish the vines hung down further, and I'd like some more monkeys. And I want some elephants. In fact, I might order another set to add to this. But I love it.

And the safari was the perfect size to give him a little window out to the African plain while having his little butt wiped, pasted and changed.He loves looking up at them.

And they're restickable, so when we do paint, we can put them up again. And blik has all kinds of cool decals, and not just for kids. I was telling a friend that I'm going to order some of their adult designs for other rooms.

And then of course realized how that might sound. "I mean, not adult adult."

Like we'd be ordering their "Hot Naked Girls Have Fun at the Pool" decal set for our room.

Really. That's all we need.


  1. I am in love with the giraffes, and may need to order that for MY room. Because I am not an adult of any sort.

    And of course you're not ordering that one. At least, not without the corresponding "Lifeguards with High IQ's set."

  2. Hahahaha! I would love a Lifeguards with High IQs set!

  3. I love the giraffes. And I sort of love the idea of putting a "Hot Naked Girls Have Fun at the Pool" decal set in my bathroom, if only to freak out my mom and very conservative sister.

  4. i'm gonna have to check that site out.
    i've been a fan of Wallies for a while i swore i'd get some for my baby room (when the time comes of course... it's not like i'm stockpiling them in the closet. or am i?)
    they have fun stuff too, texture and puffy ones! none as cute as the vines and giraffes though... those take the cake!

  5. Oh, fun, thanks for sharing the site. Giraffes are my favorite too.

    I was out of town this weekend - happy 2 year anniversary!

  6. Of course there's nothing wrong with ordering the "Hot Naked Girls Have Fun at the Pool." Nothing wrong at all. You know, I just read that sentence again, and the way you wrote it makes me wonder if they actually have a decal set like that. Might have to do a little 'Net surfing...

  7. Love the decals, so cute and fun!

  8. I'd like you to know that for the sake of your mostly PG-13 blog, I am going to hold back on ALL OF THE ADULT ADULT DECAL COLLECTION TITLES I JUST CAME UP WITH.


  9. When it comes right down to it, we could all use some more monkeys.

  10. hah ! no way !!! we bought the exact same ones for our nursery. Great to see them in action. I love how cute and inventive all the blik stuff is.

  11. your friend in Africa totally approves of the safari theme!

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