Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where my heart lives

I don't know if you've ever spent much time with a baby.

I certainly had avoided them like the plague before I had one. I couldn't imagine what could be fun about them.

And now, now I have this three-month old boy in his crib, staring up at his mobile. There's an orange giraffe, a blue bird, and a raspberry colored monkey. They spin around in circles to Bach and Mozart.

He sees them every day.

And still, every time, he's all, "Holy shit! Would you look at this! Yippee! And there goes the monkey...wait, no, he's coming back again...and the bird! Wow!"

He laughs, he squeals, he wiggles in delight. He gets so excited he kicks his socks off.

He can't imagine it getting any better than this. And honestly, neither can I.


  1. How on earth are you going to go back to work, and leave that little bundle of cuteness for several hours a day?

  2. Oh, Susan, I don't know. I really don't.

  3. "The wonderful thing about falling in love is you learn everything about that person and so quickly. And if it's true love, then you start to see yourself through their eyes. And it brings out the best in you. It's almost as if you're falling in love with yourself."

    I'm so glad you're falling in love with the boy.

  4. That's the wonder of it though isn't it? Everything looks different when you see it through their eyes. And it's so cool! I like what Dagny said - very true.

  5. This just made my heart really warm, Lisa.

  6. Awww...
    You make me want one. Even though I feel nowhere near prepared, but I don't know if I ever will. I feel uncomfortable around babies, but always awed by them at the same time. When I stop thinking about practical things, like saving more money (or superficial things like...getting fat and no more partying...) and I'm with my family I always think wow what are we waiting for, my parents and Nana are not getting any younger and this is what it's all about...

  7. I like this color of schmoop on you.

  8. Lisa, this is my favorite blog, tho I like all of them. Hugs to you and Nick and Jordan, Lou Zopf

  9. Dagny - I am, I am. And that's a wonderful quote. I don't know that movie.

    Kate - Completely different. I think I'm so blase about things, and he's just so excited by the world! It's amazing.

    Lemmonex - Thanks. I'm glad.

    Raw Food Real People - I was really uncomfortable around him for a while. Having a baby is scary when you know nothing of babies and suddenly you're supposed to take yours home and keep them alive. I never realized how rich and amazing this would be. I just love it.

    LiLu - I like how you put that.

    Lou - Hugs back to you and Tom. I hope to see you guys soon.

    Hillary - Thank you.

    VVK - Hugs. :)

  10. I understand 100%. My baby is only 2 weeks old and sometimes I just look at her and think, "Holy crap, this is mine?" It is so crazy.. Baby Daddy and I aren't together and he isn't around, but I had to send him a text the other day thanking him for making half of this little person because after just two weeks, I can't imagine not having her. And this is from the person who was adamant about never having children, was staunchly child free and was OK with never getting married if every single person I came across wanted children.

    It is amazing what your child does to you.

  11. Oh warm gooey mush! I love that you love him! So awesome. Isn't your life so great right now?? :)

  12. Can you bring him over? I want to hold him....

  13. HA! Great post, so true! I have a piece of string strung up above my bed with bits of tin foil hanging on it. And every day the gal is "hey cooool, look at that!" Keeps her occupied for hours! Geez!

  14. HA! Great post, so true! I have a piece of string strung up above my bed with bits of tin foil hanging on it. And every day the gal is "hey cooool, look at that!" Keeps her occupied for hours! Geez!

  15. Wow. It's been a long, long time.

    All I can tell you is that I'm 40 years old, my kids are 13, 10 and 8, and it with all the craziness that attends parenting, it has been utterly fantastic.

    It may not get better, my friend, but the variety of equal levels of greatness will keep you well occupied.

    Much thanksgiving-weekend love to you and yours, from all of us:

    Rich & Maggie: parents
    Jackson, Izzy, & Jamie - kiddos
    Mimi, Georgette, & Steven - canines
    Sandra, Molly, Astrid, Liza, & Danny - felines

    Yes, it's a busy, happy place here.


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