Thursday, January 21, 2010

The boots

Thanks to all of you who extolled the virtues of La Canadienne, these are my superfantastic new La Canadienne boots. In action.

You can't see it, but I'm totally doing pouty lips with my catwalk.

This isn't the most flattering picture, but see how my athletic calves plus leggings fit inside them without a single squeeze?

Maybe you can't tell. But they do.

I love them so much that I would totally marry them. If I weren't married. And if they were a hot guy.

Particularly if they were a hot Canadian guy, of which I am absolutely certain there are many up there in Canada. Unless of course he wanted me to move to Canada. Which I could never do, purely because I lack the strength to survive winters any colder than DC.

But otherwise, I would totally marry them.

So the boots. There were so many I liked that it was hard to choose, but I just loved that these were flat with kind of chunky soles and roundy toes.

They are so warm and waterproof and the soles are supportive and soft and comfy. I got them a couple weeks ago and I've worn them practically every day. With jeans, with skirts, with a tunic and leggings.

I commute to work in them, and I will tell you, they don't slow me down one bit. Plus I feel more attractive in them than in my Dansko clogs or my sneaks. I figure the fact that they make me less dorky on my commute is worth a ton.

They're the spendiest boots I've ever bought, but if I wear them five million times, then amortized, they'll really only cost pennies per wear. No?


  1. I just want to say that I've had my Canadienne boots for 5 NYC winters, and they are still going strong.

    Spendy they may be, but 100% worth it.

  2. Not all Canadian winters are cold. It's warm here. Shawn (hot Canadian male!) rode his (fucking) motorcycle to work today. We had a tiny bit of snow back in December but it didn't stick.

    Oh and I'm glad the boots are working well for you :) I will have to look for a pair for me and my huge calves.

  3. Annie - I plan on wearing these forever. They are so warm and comfy, like little snuggly foot houses.

    Rindy - I knew you were a shopping enabler. My favorite kind of friend.

    brookem - Thank you!

    Hillary - I find it hard to trust a Canadian on cold/not cold winters. You don't know what a wimp I am. Maybe his hotness keeps him warm on his winter motorcycle rides?

  4. Oh I covet your new Boots Lisa. Those boots were made for walking..... Sadly I have hugeazoid calves and havent yet met a pair of boots to go over them unless of course they are 4 sizes too big for my feet. I would love to get a pair custom made but I dont think anyone does that here in NZ...well not to fit my income anyway :(.
    Enjoy your boots they look very grand and so comfy too.

  5. Cute! I'm happy you found a pair worth marrying. Am with you on the rationalization - pennies per wear!

  6. I love them. they make your calves look hot. I think any boots that make me love my calves and make me feel confident are worth it - especially when I know I will get years of use out of them.

  7. "...soles are supportive and soft and comfy." All I want to know is who are you and what have you done with Lisa "Gimme Hooker-Height Heels on My Boots Any Day of the Week and Twice on Sunday" Gloria? You're some kind of imposter? Aren't you? Trying to make us think our Lisa would ever buy boots without at least a 3-inch heel, well, we're onto you Missy!

    p.s. Nice boots, wanna ... oh wait a minute. Nevermind.

  8. mrsmac - I don't feel at all sexy in them - they're day boots, for sure - but I do really like them!

    Go-Betty - Ohhh wouldn't it be lovely to have custom made boots?

    HKW - Mere pennies!

    Kiran - Thank you. I agree - worth it!

    Miranda _ :)

    Foggy Dew - Sigh. It's just that I'm very tired. And it's hard to carry Big J in high high heels.


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