Friday, January 22, 2010

Meaty feeties

I don't know how you feel about feet.

I mean, I have some friends who are completely grossed out by feet. Not only other people's, but their own. They never go barefoot. You can torture them by acting like you're going to touch them with your toes.

I'm not like that. But I wouldn't say I'm a feet person.

And although I did consider foot prostitution as a fall-back career, I am not a foot fondler, or a toe sucker. No matter how much I love someone, no matter how freshly cleaned his feet.

So, yes, I'd be willing to stick my toe in someone's anus for large amounts of cash. (in an alternate single universe - not currently, honey). But whatever, it's my toe. Which is not to say I want someone else's toes anywhere near my private bits.

So we're clear on the feet thing.

But I love love love the big fat solid bricks that Jordan has for feet. I find them endlessly entertaining.

I hold them and squoosh them and nibble on them and do raspberries against the bottom of them.

Not having known any other babies really up close, though, I just assumed that all baby feet were like his - about as fat up and down as they are wide.

But the other day I decided to try some shoes on him. Those really soft, cute Robeez baby shoes.

The first pair, I couldn't get anywhere near getting on. The bigger pair, which were too long, I finally finally squoze his feet into. After lots and lots of effort. And giggling.

So that night, when Nick got home, I asked him the following: Are his feet thick top to bottom? Like, thicker than average?

Which I will admit is a random first question when you walk in the door.

I'm pretty sure he thought this was going to lead to an assault on his eating habits - because while I have never made a correlation between consumption of saturated fat and thickness of feet, it's not outside the realm of something I might come up with. And so he got into a defensive, "you are not fucking greeting me with the terrible diet bullshit as I walk in the door" stance.

And then you could see it click for him. He smiled. "Oooh, yeah. The Boy has my feet."


  1. Baby feet are THE BEST! I especially love their little corn nibblet toes. I just want to bite them!! But I don't. Not often, at least...

  2. Bay and little kid feet are amazing! I am not a foot person AT ALL and I still mess with my daughter's feet (she's 4). Gnaw on those little chubs while you can!

  3. I hate feet.

    But baby feet?


    That is such an adorable picture!

  4. Luna - I had no idea! They are so fun! J's little corn niblet toes are about as long as my short stubby fingers, though...:)

    cla517 - I will, I will! I just love them!

    DC Princess - Thank you! I love how he has gotten really into his feet, so I propped him on my stomach and just started taking pics.

  5. Adult feet are okay....but baby feet? Like sugar. I love when they're all square and chunky and edible! That picture was better than the brownie I passed on at lunch. :) You did good, Nick!

  6. Those feet are absolutely precious. I've definitely seen a lot of chubby baby feet, where they're almost as thick from top to bottom as they are from side to side. I think they usually grow into them and end up with fairly normal feet, though...

    PS I hardly ever comment here, but I absolutely LOVE reading your blog. Could be my obsession with babies, or possibly the fact that you just make me laugh all the time.

  7. i dated a foot-lover once and i agreed to let him suck on my toes but more out of curiousity than anything (i mean, could he REALLY enjoy that?!) but i'm kinda against other people's feet in general but like you i love love love baby feet! how could you not? i mean they're just so... squishy and chubs and i can't wait to have my own pair!

  8. I love baby feet. I love Nico's little toes - he has so much fun when I tickle him and do stupid shit like "this little piggy" I figure I should do this now, because me and john have really ugly toes and I am guessing our children will be blessed with our ugly hobbit feet one day. So I may as well enjoy them while they are cute right now.

    you know what other kid shoes rock? pediped. They are soft too but not as soft and socklike as the robeez.


  9. Those are some adorable feetsies!!

  10. Such cute feet! I imagine there is lint in between those toes just like in his little palm. I really like the expression on his face, too. Happy weekend!

  11. so im decidedly not an ADULT foot person. give me baby feet anyday and im all over it. and baby/little kiddy shoes?! obsessed.

  12. Grown up feet I'm sort of "eh" about (except my own, which I still, sadly, find fairly entertaining), but I LOVE baby feet. SO FUN!

  13. I think I've been doodling around facebook too much as i tried to find the "like" button for this post. So I'll just tell you in a comment. moosie likes this post.

  14. kayare - I'm glad to hear it. They really are so lovely and delicious and nibbly!

    Tabitha - Thank you for reading, and thanks for commenting with such nice words!

    notsojenny - They are so squishy and chubs and FUN!

    Kiran - I'm trying to picture two people as attractive as you guys with hobbit feet, and I just can't.

    And thanks for the suggestion. Pediped! Will go looking!

    Marie - Thank you! They are so delicious!

    HKW - Um...I think you might even be able to see some if you click on the pic. We are a linty bunch.:) Happy weekend to you!

    brookem - Yes! The cutest cutest little shoes! Often I wish they made kid shoes in bigger sizes.

    Jane - I think the fact that you find your own feet entertaining is hilarious!

    moosie - I wouldn't know how to do that either. And thanks!

  15. He does have some serious little ham hock feet! But oh so stinking cute.

  16. Checking out posting from New Delhi, India. It's good to get back in the mix. You almost kinda miss it... the thick fog, the smell of the city, the bustling energy of near-collisions in traffic... That's where your feet take you... new and old places.


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