Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Five big months!

Dear Jordan,

Today you are five months old. Five!

When I was little, the biggest number I knew was five. And when my mama would ask me how much I loved her, I would say, "Five! I love you five!"

It was as vast as I could imagine. And that is exactly how I feel about you. I love you so much I feel like it permeates every molecule in my world.

And your dad is just as thrilled about you. He's so proud of every little thing you do, and although he's at work most of the time, he's always thinking about you and talking about you and showing your picture to people.

I'm not kidding when I say that I bet people on his bus are all, "Here comes the big guy with all the baby pictures! Don't make eye contact!"

You spend most days now with your Nana Betty, and the two of you have a lot of fun together. I come home and you're either on the floor playing with stuffed animals, or you're sitting on her lap chatting.

You have no idea how in love with you she is. When she sleeps at our house, I wake her up in the morning by putting you next to her in bed. She wakes up with such a big smile and so many kisses for you.

You're the happiest little human I've ever met. You smile and laugh most of the time. Sometimes you laugh out of nowhere, and I wonder what you are thinking about to crack yourself up. And sometimes when I'm trying to make you laugh, you give me this little heh heh heh that sounds exactly like Jon Stewart's impression of George W Bush.

I never thought I'd say that a baby was one of the funniest people I've ever met, but you are.

Lately your big tricks are making raspberries and rolling over. On the raspberry front, you're highly accomplished. I have to say, I've never seen anyone make them with such intensity or enthusiasm.

As for rolling over, you are getting better and better. You flip over every chance you get; you just throw your little legs up in the air and roll. The main problem seems to be that once you're on your stomach, you're kind of stuck. But I know you'll learn the rollback very soon.

Now that you can turn over, you love to sleep on your stomach. Sometimes you are in such an odd position that you look like one of those crime scene murder victims, but you are sleeping peacefully, so I have to assume you're comfortable.

You've slept through the entire night a handful of times. Each time you do, we think it's a new trend. And then it isn't. One of these days, though, I'm sure you're going to stay asleep the whole night, and then it'll feel so good to you that you'll keep doing it.

You are the biggest joy. There are some tragic things going on in the world, but inside our house, it's mostly sunshine, and it's all because of you.

I love you, big boy.



  1. Lump in the throat Lisa! This is a treasure of a letter to Big J. And I just feel so thankful that he is being cared for while you're both away by his G-ma Betty. Neat little cocoon you have going there. Keep On.

    Lynn in ND

  2. That was so lovely. J will treasure letters like that in days to come. He's a lucky little boy - in fact, you're a lucky family! I love reading about you guys.

  3. How lovely!

    And of course he's the happiest little human you've ever met. He's got you and Nick for parents, Betty doting on him nonstop... and possibly, the start to a promising career as a satirist. I'd be pretty happy, too!

  4. Ok, lady, your posts need a warning. I'm lactating now, thinking about my own little guy (breastfeeding mommas will understand). Time to whip out the breastpump.

    Anyway, beautiful post. :)

  5. Lynn - Thank you! I feel very thankful as well. We all make up a good little family.

    Kate - I hope so! We feel very lucky.

    Dagny - Oh, that would be a great career! I hope so!

    Luna - Oops. Sorry. I hate when that happens. There's this dreadful woman I know, and when I start lactating out of nowhere and I can't feed J or pump, I think of her to stanch it.

  6. That was beautiful! Happy 5 months cutie-pa-tootie!

  7. Thank you for giving me some happy today as I write about police reports, muggings and other victims. I know that there are people that love other people out there, and that makes a difference.

  8. Our kids are exactly 5 months apart!? Cool!

    Happy 5 months J!!!!!

    And happy 5 months mama!

  9. he is such a lucky boy!!

  10. Aw, this is so sweet. What a happy little muffin. I love the random crack-ups -- Josie does the same thing, where she'll look at me and I'll look at her and she'll smile and start the "heh heh" thing and it makes me laugh hysterically. Yay, babies!

  11. this is so sweet! big j has the best parents ever. so much love.

    and look at him in that cute little sweater onesie!

  12. Lisa,

    Jordan is such a beautiful little boy. My son, Nico, just turned 5 months on Jan 6th. It's such an awesome, awesome age.

    I heart this letter.

    A few months ago, I wrote a letter to my son as well. This made me think of that. http://tiny.cc/nico821

    You have such a lovely family.

    Please, please please don't make Jordan listen to Copacabana. He seems too lovely to deserve it.


  13. Beautiful letter (beautiful boy).

    Where oh where did you get his adorable outfit?

  14. Beautiful, smiling boy and letter from Mama. :)

  15. Dang the time is flying by!

  16. Oh Lisa, he is so sweet. This picture of him is so great.

  17. Happy five months little guy!

    He's nothing short of ridiculously adorable!

  18. That is the most adorable outfit I've ever seen! Do they make it in 18 months?! :)

  19. Middle Suburbia - Thank you!

    Miss Dallas - Yikes. I like to have reminders of the good in the world as well. Particularly when you're immersed in the news.

    mrsmac - That is cool! Thank you!

    Lemmonex - Ahhh, sweetie.

    notsojenny - WE'RE the lucky ones!

    Wendy - I had no idea babies did that! It's hilarious!

    brookem - I hope that's the case. Thank you!

    Kiran - I loved your letter. And thank you for the nice words. As for Copacabana, however...

    Jennie - It's from Gap. Nick's sister lent it to us...her son outgrew it and we have to give it back for their next kid. Soo cute, no?

    kayare - Thank you!

    Jules - No kidding! It goes too fast!

    moosie - He really is incredibly sweet and affectionate.

    Marie - Thank you! Of course we think so, too.:)

    nicole - And I love you five right back!

    Mary - I wish we could keep it! I looked on the Gap website and I don't see it at all. Must've been last year's design?

  20. What a cutie. I bet you can't imagine life without him anymore! And how wonderful that you can go to work, knowing Grandma Betty is taking great care of him.

  21. As I read this it could have been Lucian just a year ago....you have a way with that....I remember telling you that I could not explain how much you would love your son....but your doing a good job with your words! Can't wait to see him again.


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