Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Now that you're able to unclench your tiny little fists

So the other day, Nick and I were folding laundry.

Scads and scads of laundry.

It's a little bit like Goldilocks, our laundry. Because folding Nick's shirts is pretty much like folding sheets. And then mine are kind of medium size. And Jordan's are itty bitty.

Anyway, there we were, folding and folding.

Nick said it had occurred to him, just briefly, that we do so much for Jordan - I mean, look at all this laundry! And when is he going to start pulling some of his own weight?

And then he remembered that he's only 150-something days old.

But you know, I bought this baby rice cereal in anticipation of six months! And solid food!

Nick looked at the box and was all, "What kind of message are they sending? Once your kid is old enough to eat rice cereal, you can put them to work in the fields?"

I was more wondering where their mothers are. And where are their clothes?

And then I realized that they were probably doing their own laundry. Their clothes are probably drying while they tend the crops.


  1. Hahaha! You made me laugh out loud again.

    I've seen that box a thousand times and never thought of any of that.


  2. You still have humour even if you are sleep deprived. :)
    Yeah babies really are extrodinarily lazy sods, the amount of work they generate they should be pitching in from day one. Lazy Babies!

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  4. i know you prolly don't want to hear it, but i gave my son that very rice cereal on his four month bday, and he's been eating the naked-baby-in-the-field brand of fruits and veggies ever since. and he's still not six months. point? big J's probably 'ready' when you are, you don't "have" to wait...

  5. oh, and re: your previous post, my giant boy has slept-soundly-all night since introducing aforementioned solids. just sayin...

  6. Heh. Well, I bet a rice paddy would be kind of fun to play in, if you weren't expected to meet any kind of productivity quota...

    But it's an interesting marketing ploy. Show parents a photo of self-sufficient children, and maybe they'll buy more of your cereal in anticipation of some freedom from chores?

  7. My number one reason for having children is to have someone to do chores.

    I'm going to be the best. mother. ever.

  8. A.S. - There's a lot of bizarre things with baby stuff, I think. Or maybe it's just our take on the world.:)

    G-Betty - When my humor goes completely, I'm in huge trouble. And yes! Lazy little lumps!:)

    Coleen - I have heard this, and I have really considered it. But, while I know that we could start feeding him solids, because we have a history of allergies and asthma in our family, I'm trying to be careful and hold out till 6 months.

    Dagny - Oh! You just made me realize! This isn't even a rice paddy! It's wheat!

    But yes - send them off to the rice paddies (and do we even have rice paddies in the US? Or would we have to ship the kids to Bangladesh?)

    freckledk - I know this isn't what you are saying, but I do think chores are important. I think I'm so messy because I never had to clean my own room when I was young.

    Also, I know you're a very good petmama, and I'm sure you'll be a great mom to a little human as well, should you chose to produce a little chore-do-er.

  9. Well, they'd definitely grow up knowing where Bangladesh was... ;o)

  10. Those are clearly genetically engineered babies. Iron fortified, as they say.

  11. Speaking of pulling one's own weight, I began doing my own laundry at the tender age of 8. It seems that one day after church I begged my mother to let me go play. She accented but only if I change from my brand new wool suit and into more appropriate play attire. Uhhhm, yeah, of course I didn't, and of course, I promptly got my suit dirty. Naturally I attempted to hide my mistake by washing said suit. Mom grew suspicious after I was spending too much time in the basement. She arrived just in time for to see me remove a Ken Doll sized suit from the dryer.

    I had to do all of the laundry in the house for two weeks after that... just to be sure that I learned the lesson of how to properly do laundry.

    Big J's grace period should probably last a bit longer.


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