Thursday, January 28, 2010

Follow the happy

I gave this advice to someone yesterday: Listen to your heart. Follow the happy.I don't tend to be all advicey, but I really believe you cannot go wrong following your heart.

My life got a whole lot better once I figured out how to start doing that. Truthfully, I didn't know that was what I was doing. But one day I realized that I was happy, and it was due to a series of new and good choices.
And I will tell you that it's pretty much impossible not to be happy hanging out with Big J. He lives entirely in the present, is so visibly delighted by all accomplishments, and totally invites you to rejoice in little victories with him.

So it's not exactly sitting up. But it's not falling over, either.


  1. Ah! Beautiful! Big boy! :) :) :)

  2. Boy, does he look like his daddy! No paternity tests on Maury in your immediate future.

    Keep following that happy. I wouldn't mind a map, if you're offering.

  3. He really DOES look so much like Nick.

    It's great, the things we can learn/relearn from the little ones...

  4. Oh, my god re: the follow your heart, follow the happy. I so agree. I may have to quote you on my blog, is that ok?

    I have been pondering this very concept in the past 24 hours. Deeply pondering it. :)

  5. Oh, that little fuzzy head, and the cocked eyebrows - so adorable. Maybe this needs video too, so we can hear him??

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  7. he's such an adorable little munchkin.

  8. A.S. - He is the happiest biggie boy around!

    freckledk - Ah, I know, he really does.

    My route involved a lot of therapy. And after that, it got kind of easy.

    Dagny - I know! I keep looking for ME, but he's much more Nick. Except the blue eyes. Those are mine! :)

    Suz - Of course! I'd be flattered!

    Susan H - Ah, I didn't take a video of this one. But I'll post video soon. His little chatting sounds are so fun!

    brookem - Thank you!:)

  9. Captions:
    Pic 1: "oooh... colors"
    Pic 2: "what you lookin' at?"
    Pic 3: "Whee mommy!"

    So cute. :-)

  10. Me too! I changed my lofe by changing my choices. I started making good ones. And I'm crazy happy. Yay! Yay for you! Yay for me! Yay for your Nick and my Josh! And your Big J! And my one-day child! And my sweet Pups! And our good decisions. Yay!

  11. You should have a caption contest for the second picture, I can imagine so many things he might be trying to say with that look. He is adorable.

  12. i know everyone else has already said it but hot damn is he gonna be a handsome man just like his dad!
    i feel like my comments are on repeat when you post photos of him but all i can think when i see them is - SO FRICKIN CUTE!!

  13. Since high school I carry around a little slip of paper in my wallet with a movie quote (The Preacher's Wife starring Denzel Washington) scribbled on it..."Follow your heart, do what it tells you, you'll find your way". I'm so with you!

    These photos are great - you're a natural photographer - getting the vantage point of the subject. So cute!

  14. fabulous advice and a fabulously adorable little man. Wishing you lots of happy to follow!

  15. how could that little guy not make you happy! what a sweetheart :) Love the pics!

  16. OMG! Too cute! That stance in the last picture is called the "tripod" and it's the last stage before sitting up. Good job big J! Children are wonderful teachers if you listen! They take such joy in all the things we tend to take for granted. See, you might not be a smell the roses kind of girl, but listen to that little man there, and you're basically doing the same thing!

  17. Geesh! It makes a person happy just looking at that face!

  18. Seriously Lis...I don't know how you go to work every day - I think it would be hard to leave that cute little face. When I see your posts Big J just makes my heart smile. Absolutely adorable. Congrats to Big J on the not quite sitting up, but not falling over, and congrats to you on the happy...and the cutest kid ever.

  19. oh my hell - the last photo kills me. what a cutie!

  20. How could that face NOT make you happy? I love his expressions.

  21. He is incredible! :)

  22. Lisa, your boy is just too adorable. Joy joy joy on his face.

  23. VVK - Awesome on the captions! You are not going to believe how big he's gotten when you see him.

    Maiden Metallurgist - It's kind of extraordinary, isn't it, that when you start making better choices for yourself, it's so much easier to be happy. Yay you!

    rondamarie - I like that idea. One of these days I'll post a picture and have a caption contest!

    notsojenny - Seriously, you could say the same thing 50 million times and I'd still be all, oh, awesome!

    HKW - I love that - that's a great quote and I really love that you carry it around.

    And thank you - I really appreciate that coming from you!

    Alisa - And I wish you lots of happy with your soon-to-arrive little man!

    Kristin - I know, impossible! And you know what a sweetheart he is! :)

    cla517 - Oh, that's good to know! I didn't realize!

    And I am more smell the rosey than I think...I just hate the slow walking.:)

    Kate - That's exactly how I feel!

    Megan - It is horrendously hard. I basically pull my heart out and leave it at home every day. And I love that it makes your heart smile!

    Hillary - I know - that huge, toothless smile! Oh my hell!

    Tia - Impossible. He beams at you and you just get happy.

    kayare - Thank you! We think so!:)

    Girl With Curious Hair - I LOVE that joy. He just spreads it around!


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