Friday, January 15, 2010

Our lord of the dance learns another trick

You know when you have a big crush, or first fall in love?

You talk about the person all the time.

Somehow everything - from sunshine to No. 2 pencils to health care reform - everything on the planet relates to them. Eventually your friends all want to stab themselves in the ears, they're so sick of hearing you go onandonandon. (And you fear your readers might be ready to spoon their eyes out.)

But you cannot make yourself shut up.

And you just can't wait to see them? You think about them and get all shortofbreath fluttery?

That's how it is.

I sneak out of work early every chance I get. I rush home to see my boy.

And the other day I got home in time to see this.

Just to let you know, all the action is up front. It ends in a quiet bit of tired resignation.

Happy weekend, all!


  1. The best part of them being able to roll over is they can finally sleep on their little bellies! They sleep so much better that way. Way to go Big J! Happy Weekend!

  2. Big J looks like he's ready for swim classes. Strong arm and leg movement - bet he'd do great!

  3. cla517 - He seems to love sleeping on his tummy, although he gets himself in the weirdest positions that I cannot imagine being comfortable!

    Susan H - Really? Can they start this young? He likes splashing in the bath, so he'd probably like it. That would be cool.

  4. Well done Jordan!

    I think my sister said there were 4 month old babies in my nephew's first swim class, which seemed like crazy talk to me.

  5. Yay!! Way to go little guy!!

  6. Ha, btw, Middle Suburbia is Canaan, been commenting here a while. :) Just didn't want you to be like, hmmm, who's this random person I haven't heard from before! I started a new blog -

  7. look at him go! i love how he just gives up at the end and puts his little head down. so freaking adorable!

  8. What a handsome little devil you have there! I remember when both my niece and nephew were learning to roll over they would get "stuck" on their arms and get so mad...they would just lay there, on their side stuck, screaming and crying cause they just couldn't muster that last little bit. P.S.-I thought baby swim classes were kinda crazy too, but I think it's just a get comfy around water thing.

  9. Hard not to be smitten with Big J :)

  10. Monique Esselmont1/15/2010 6:31 PM

    I had both my kids in swimming lessons at 5 months. They absolutely loved it!

  11. Just looking at him, it is a wonder that you make it to work at all.

  12. Every time I play a video of yours, B gets all "WHAT IS THAT. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO"!!!

    So afraid of the baby fever is he. Don't worry... I tell him your baby is my exceptioned love. ;-)

  13. Karen, Random Reader1/15/2010 9:46 PM

    That is a very fun clip of a very entertaining baby. I do miss the age where physical accomplishments mean so much!

    Yeah, I have a teenager--fun, but not like that.

  14. I kind of think I know exactly how Big J feels. :o)

  15. Wait til they start becoming aware, and figuring things out. So good. My daughter copies me by grabbing my cell phone and talking to nobody in particular. My son has figured out how to bait the dogs... all so much fun.

  16. Oh my, he's the most adorable oompa loompa in the world! He's doing so well with the rolling! Excellent job, mama!

  17. Jane - It does seem crazy, but I like the idea. I bet he'd love it, and Nick would love doing that with him.

    Middle Suburbia - Hi Canaan! I'm glad you did. Very happy to read baby updates.

    brookem - Thank you - you know I think so! :)

    Stephanie - He does get stuck, for sure. He can roll both ways...just not one after the other. Sometimes he gets upset, and sometimes, if he's in his crib, he just goes to sleep.

    Kayare - Ahhh, thanks! That makes me happy.

    Refugee - I have a very difficult time, I really do.

    LiLu - Thank you, lovey. And he shouldn't worry for quite a while. In fact, if anyone should worry, it's YOU. I mean, I know how paternal he is toward your kitties!

    Karen - It's kind of extraordinary how these little movements that I always took for granted are so HUGE developmentally!

    Dagny - So do I. :)

    Anonymous - That is totally something to look forward to! It's amazing how much more aware he gets every day.

    Luna - He DOES look like a little yellow Oopma Loompa! Hilarious!

  18. Love the video! it's so exciting when they learn something new!

    And I totally get the crush thing. I will tell you - after 15 months it hasn't gotten any better for me. The older he gets and more interactive he gets, the more I love being around him.


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