Thursday, March 11, 2010

Because clearly some people have stronger opinions about pizza than others

We went to the Reef with some friends on Sunday afternoon.

Because the fish! Oh, the fish!

I don't know if you've ever seen a little kid up next to a fish tank, but it's just such a delight. Ohhh, the fish!

Anyway, Nick was telling our friends about the last time we'd been there, which was a few weeks prior. I'd forgotten about this.

We were walking up 18th Street, and we heard this commotion.

"Pizza Mart! Pizza Mart! Pizza Mart!"

There was this group of people holding Pizza Mart signs and chanting. They were accompanied by film cameras and a sound guy.

As we watched, another group walked towards them. They were promoting Jumbo Slice.

And the two crowds clashed. "Pizza Mart! "

"Jumbo Slice!"

"Pizza! Mart! Only dumbos eat Jumbos!"

They continued on in this way, on film, with microphones.

It was sort of like two gangs bumping up against each other. Except you know, not actually dangerous, because they were holding pizza signs rather than weapons. And nobody actually seemed angry or threatening.

This was clear to us.

But maybe not so much to the seemingly homeless guy who joined the fray.

He was pissed. He had opinions.

In the midst of "Pizza! Mart!" and "Jumbo Slice!" he jumped in.

He yelled, "Pizza Mart sucks! Pizza Mart stores their dough in the bathroom!"

The chanters paused. Looked at each other. Uncertainty as to what to do with this.

They resumed chanting.

He was still angry. "Fuck Pizza Mart!" He threw out a bunch of profanity. And then stormed off.

They recovered, and chanted a bit more. And then all headed into Madams Organ together, all affable like.

Who knows?


  1. For non-DCers, this might not make much sense. But for those of us who are...hilarious.

    And for the record, neither should be consumed whilst in a sober state. It's strictly meant for drunken consumption.

  2. I actually know what that was all about! The Travel Channel was there filming an episode of Food Wars in a contest between Jumbo Slice and Pizza Mart. My co-worker was one of the judges. (Or whatever they get people to do on the show... I've never actually seen it.)

  3. oh life in a metro area, how i miss it... so much more entertaining!

  4. Oh, dear. I can't decide if I should remain curled up in the fetal position at the notion of allowing a... concoction from either location in my body, or continue laughing at the notion that either group of protestors knows what *real* pizza tastes like. Nick must have feelings on the pizza issue, no?

    Also, do you have any idea how hard it is to type while curled up in the fetal position, shaking with laughter?

    Oh. Yeah, you probably do. :o)

  5. Hillary - I LOVE you jumping into the fray. Indeed!

    Anonymous - Ah, yah, you are right. I should've explained about it being where you turn for carbs and fat when the bars close. And yes, it's only reasonably consumed hammered.

    stephanie - THANK YOU! We wondered! We speculated on it being a GW student film project.

    notsojenny - Metro areas definitely have a lot of easily apparent randomness going on.

    Dagny - Ah, my friend, I do have a good sense of how hard that is. Hahahahaha!

    As for either location, I can't say that he expressed a preference. Or fear, for that matter.

  6. Flash mob?

    However, if the homeless guy is right about the dough in the bathroom, I have to vote Jumbo Slice.


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