Wednesday, March 17, 2010


You know how sometimes you just wake up a crankypants?

It's for no specific reason. And you'd like to not feel this way.

And you don't get less cranky or pantsy as the day goes on. You just walk around all GRR and that's just how it is, even though the sun is shining its fiery old heart out.

This is me today. Despite chocolate, despite a hard workout.

I haven't kicked any puppies or pinched any babies, but I've thought a lot of mean thoughts about people. Totally innocent, innocuous people I've passed in the street.

Which makes me feel like a bad person. Which helps not one bit with the grr.


Does this happen to you? Do you work on kicking it? Or indulge it?

And I'll bet you wish you hadn't suggested I illustrate more posts, huh?


  1. I love that you use the phrase "crankypants" -- I use that phrase all the time! (Well, not all the time... just when I'm cranky.) I try not to indulge it too much and have found that shouting "I am a crankypants!" in my fiance's face over and over until we both start laughing is a pretty good way to get out of the funk.

  2. Hm. Occasionally, I email friends who I trust to be understanding about the GRRR, which helps.


    Also, I suspect I'm an indulger a good portion of the time. And if I can't indulge in additional evil thoughts, I sometimes turn to Cadbury Eggs.

  3. hop back in your trash can and call it a day. that's the only thing that works for me. a good night's sleep. i find that if you wake up in a cranky place you'll most likely go to sleep there too... it's just the way it goes.
    i usually try to keep to myself on these days otherwise i may offend or anger people that i otherwise wouldn't mean to. i do some window shopping, stay off the phone, and say very little to my loving husband. he understands.

    ps. this illustration looks nothing like you (i'm happy to report)

  4. Hmmm...are you at work and cranky? Or home and cranky? Because if you are at home,I'd second the advice above and go to bed. At work? That's more difficult. Copious swearing is good for you, and if that doesn't work, go hang out in the quietest bathroom and play a mindless game on your blackberry.
    I usually just give in to the funk until I reach such an obnoxious state that I make myself laugh.

  5. I can't shake a bad day until the day's over. Sometimes you just have to say, "I'm in a bad mood. Pass the vodka and get out of my way."

    Also, Kyle has these days too and I call him a crankapotamus. He doesn't necessarily appreciate the label, but it's so damn fitting.

  6. I just let it go. There's nothing I can do about it, except laugh at myself when it's finally over [Did I really wish that woman would go fuck herself because she was wearing Uggs? Did I honestly tell a nun to go to hell? Yes, but not out loud and I didn't realize she was a nun until I had passed her very slow moving car.]

    Just be crankypantsed. It's all you can do sometimes.

  7. oh that was definitely me for the last week and a half. it had alot to do with the weather. it's finally getting nicer outside and i am getting nicer to. my husband is thankful for that! i was in such a bad mood...

    oh, and chocolate was a huge help in kicking and indulging it :)

  8. I know exactly what you mean. You're not a bad person. Big hug to you!

    When I am cranky - I embrace it. Strangers may get an undeserved glare and I feel badly about that but those I'm close to, like Luke or co-workers, I'm honest and just say "I'm not in a good mood today" and usually the result is more space and that helps.

    And those teeth in the drawing? Awesome! I know that's not at all what you look like - I saw the image and read "Anger!"

  9. Lisa, I know just what you mean. In fact, I've had a day like that myself...not sure why - it started at work though. And on St. Patrick's day no less....and my name's Kathleen O'Connor (middle name) for cryin' out loud. I figured I should be happy and kickin it today. Not so. Anyway, I understand. Chocolate is a definite help abeit temporary. I find going to sleep really helps as well. I liked the illustration - and said GRRRR in a few emails today myself.

  10. I too have been feelin' cranky and blÜ...luck o' the blissful my badBoy has changed his tune and is now blowing blÜ kisses to all...!!!

    ThanX, dear.


  11. I TOTALLY wish death and fiery brimstone misery on innocent passerby when I'm crankypants.

    I also have visions of slaughtering bunnies and baby deer. This part I don't indulge in, but I figure a little bit of imaginary violence and mean-ery is better than acting it out in reality.

    And I do not regret asking for more illustrations one bit :)

  12. i love your illustrations. it makes the GRRR more justified.
    days like this are meant for crawling back into bed and having an angry pity-party with lots of chocolate and/or wine to make the angry parts go away.

  13. I often feel GRRR for no reason. The way I see it is that if people weren't so fucking stupid, I wouldn't have to be so fucking bitchy. I hope tomorrow is sunnier for you hunny bunny :)

    (I'm sorry - I couldn't resist. It made me smile when you called me hunny bunny yesterday and then asked if it was okay.)

  14. Sure, we all have those days. My job does not allow me to escape lot's of people that tend to be needy. On the CP's days, I say horrible things in my mind while holding an understanding smile-seems to help. I love your chicklet teeth. :)

  15. stephanie - The thought of shouting it over and over really amuses me. I could see that being helpful. The idea of yelling it from my cube amuses me even more.

    Dagny - I am going to bet that Cadbury eggs taste even better with a side of evil. I'm going to try it. Maybe tomorrow.

    As for the emailing - excellent suggestion!

    notosjenny - I am definitely an Oscar today. And it is best to keep away from most people, because these are the days it's so hard NOT to say mean things!

    Susan H - I was at work and cranky. I'm now home and less cranky. A couple work friends and I did a lot of grumping together, which definitely helps temporarily. Or at least gives you somewhere to vent.

    Jennie - Hahaha! Yes! Pass the vodka and get out of my way. I love it.

    And crankapotomus is an adorable word.

    Suzan - Yes! These are the kinds of things you think! And then you wonder why you wish such terribleness on these people who are just going about their days!

    mrsmac - I get this way in bad weather, but we are finally having some glorious spring days! That's what's confusing me!

    HKW - Definite Anger! drawing. Absolutely!

    And I think it's adorable that you glare at strangers when you're in a bad mood. Because you are just so sweet, it's hard to picture!

    Kate - Work is a fine place for it to start, for sure. And just because you're Irish doesn't mean you can have some crank going on today! Sleep helps, definitely. Hope your day ends well!

    ¡Dago Te! - I'm a little confused, but it seems things are looking up, so that's excellent!

    moosie - Yes! Death and fiery brimstone! Actually, hearing you say this makes me feel better because you seem like such a nice person.

    As for the illustrations, ha!

    K-Tee - I just put my boy to bed, and the time with him made things better. But I'm still about to pour a nice glass of wine!

    Hillary - You are SO RIGHT! If people weren't so fucking stupid!

    And I'm pretty tickled by the HB, I have to say.:)

    kayare - Ugh! I would not handle needy well on a CP day. Not at all. Good for you for being able to smile.

    And you are right - they do look like chicklets!

  16. You're still mighty cute when your mad. And, if your not going to use that sunshine would you pass it on over to me?

    Mighty Grateful
    Lynn, CP too in F#$^ing ND

  17. I call those treading in dog poo days. Because that invariably happens when you're having one of those days, no? I mean does one ever tread in dog poo on happy day? No.

    And incidentally I had one of those days just yesterday. And yes, I did tread in dog poo. A lot of it.

  18. I'm not a crankypants by nature, but tend to be very grumpy and zonked out when I first wake up. If I can wake up peacefully, have coffee, and zone out a bit, the bad mood rights itself and I'm fine for the rest of the day. If I have to be "on" or sociable when I first wake up, or if something breaks my routine? LOOK OUT. I spend the entire day out of sorts and irritable. That's when I try to get some privacy and quiet until I feel better.

  19. I think you need to indulge your inner crankypants and just get all pantsy sometimes. Otherwise you explode at the people you care about. Really, wouldn't you rather be thinking mean thoughts about strangers? Maybe some of them even deserve it.

    It'll pass...hope you're feeling better today.

  20. i dooooo get like this! i don't know "the" cure. i tend to go with some wine and trashy tv. sometimes it helps.

    hope you feel better!


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