Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to sort your dry cleaning and amuse your neighbors in a few easy steps

A couple weekends ago, Nick painted our front door. He did a great job.And on Monday morning, as he was leaving, wearing a nice suit and carrying his heavy, computer-laden briefcase, plus an armload of dry cleaning, he turned around for one last admiring look.

"Man," he thought, "I sure did a nice job."

He was backing up as he said this to himself.

And let me just remind you of how large a person we're talking about. Big, tall man. Big feet. Big clothes.

Just so you have a clearer picture in your head.

He turned just in time to catch the toe of his enormous shoe on this very sneaky short fence around a patch of grass and flowers.And so he windmilled his way through the flowerbed, flailing his arms, throwing his dry cleaning in the air. But keeping a firm hold on his computer as it swung round and round.He tippy trompy tromped his way across the flowers, and stumbled out the other side, tripping over the fence on his way out.


He turned, gathered his shirts up with as much dignity as he could muster, and righted himself. And then noticed a neighbor giggling down into the flowers.

At least the boxers didn't make it all the way to the cleaners.

The two guys jogging past apologized for laughing. As did the neighbor.


  1. it sounds humorous to have seen anyway but the illustrations can't be matched! i hope you save these for Big J... except the one about your boobs exploding.

  2. At least they apologized.

  3. I'm afraid I must also apologize for laughing really really hard. Sorry, Nick! It couldn't be helped!

  4. Oh my goodness, still giggling over here. Lisa, you do have a knack for the funny!

  5. I'm laughing at how the flower in the last frame is clearly still terrified of the boxers.

    I think I might prefer that nobody apologize for laughing. Then, I could at least pretend that they thought I was doing it on purpose, to keep them entertained.

    I'll be here all week! Tip your waitress, try the veal! :o)

  6. I think you missed your calling - Your illustration painted the perfect picture of Nick's pride before his fall, hahaha! and including his fall, hahaha! Loved it!

  7. These drawings are fantastic, you really set a high bar for illustrations. Reminds me of the time the dog we fostered escaped from the house in full sprint and was found 2 blocks over, destroying someone's garden as neighbors watched.

    I really like the arrows showing motion for the white knuckle grip on the laptop. It is ironic the short fence of death is designed to protect the flowers, yet led to their terrorized little petal faces here.

    So glad Nick is okay :) Happy Belated Birthday Nick!

  8. you need to start illustrating all your posts. just wonderful

  9. notsojenny - Ha - thanks! I intend to save all of this, although maybe not share it all...

    Hillary - Yes. Manners!

    A.S. - Haha! No apology needed from you! I'm glad you got such a good laugh.

    Dagny - That was, of course, my vision of their experience.:)

    As for the veal, I dunno...

    kate - Pride before the fall - I love it!

    HKW - Ahh, thank you! As for the comparison - that is really funny, and probably similarly destructive.

    And so right about the fence! No protection for the flowers!

    moosie - Thank you! That is interesting to think about. I will definitely try to illustrate more!

  10. I'm still giggling, but I do feel his pain. That is SO something that would happen to me!

  11. Ha! You missed your calling as an illustrator.

  12. My apologies too. Laugh out loud. Tears in my eyes.I needed that. Thanks Lisa....and Nick.

  13. Sorry, Nick but this was hysterical! I love when you get out the stick figures, Lisa!

  14. Love the illustration! BTW- didn't you know those ELG computers are sacred??? Scott would take a bullet for his :)

  15. Yes, tears and laughter here as well. Many thanks for the visuals.

  16. My husband always accuses me of laughing at people's misfortune. It's not that so much as the slapstick of it all. And slapstick is just my favourite thing since cadbury's creme eggs. So yes, I would have laughed and laughed and LAUGHED at that!!!

  17. how cute are you with your pictures? i love it. this story made me smile.

  18. oh no! I think I would laugh too though!


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