Monday, March 01, 2010

Well loved, if not necessarily well dressed. Or clean.

I see all these mothers with makeup on, in nice outfits, strolling with a Starbucks cup, walking their kids.

Their kids are also in nice outfits, and they all look all clean and shiny and their clothes match their strollers match their toys.

And I wonder, how? Just, how?

We had to go back to get the rest of our shots this morning.

Our pediatrician's office does not allow you to be late for an appointment. They make you reschedule if you are.

This causes me a lot of anxiety. Because I am a person who has trouble getting myself out the door all organized and presentable. And now I'm responsible for a whole nother human.

Plus, with a baby, you (or anyway, I) have to start getting ready waaay ahead of time. And hoping there is no poo emergency. Or anything of the sort.

But this morning, my boy was napping soundly, and I just couldn't bear to wake him up abruptly.

He'd gotten up, nursed, eaten oat cereal and peas - num! - nursed, and crashed hard for his nap. And was so heavily asleep when it was time to get dressed and out the door.

So I let him sleep till the very last minute.

This meant that I squoze him into overalls over his PJs, hastily pulled on hat, sweatshirt, blankets, and sprinted out the door with him.

And then I had to run most of the way there, because we were late late, and I am a first-born-rule-follower, and also they have put the fear of God in me, those pediatrician people.

We arrived with two minutes to spare. Me, sweating profusely, as I do ever since having the kid. Him, cool as a cucumber, all chewing on his teething toys, delighted to see all the people.

So we are ushered in to a patient room, and the nurse says she just needs access to his chubby little thighs.

At which point I unsnap his overalls. Which exposes his pajamas. I'm all, "He was napping, and I, uh."

She just smiles. They're very nice there.

And so she gives him his shots and he freaks out briefly and then calms down. He's on my lap, and I'm cuddling him and kissing the top of his little head.

As I do so, I realize there are kind of flaky chunks on his forehead.

She sees me inspecting. "Dry skin?"

I want to lie, but I'm just not good at it.

"Yyyyy. . .Oatmeal."


  1. Well... they might have nannies. Or perhaps there are Garanimals for adults?

    Either way, it's probably good for J to know that life is not a J. Crew catalog. And also, that Dunkin Donuts is superior coffee, by a LOT.

  2. Yeah, maybe those Moms ARE Nannies and not Moms at all!

    If it makes you feel any better, I spilled soup on myself while reading this post. I just got back from the bathroom to clean up and still probably have broth somewhere on my clothes.

  3. Those people with matching strollers/toys/outfits have the least happy children. Jordan will be happy, even if that means he has to be happy and a little dirty!

  4. Please. I agree with the person above me, those perfect, perfect kids are miserable. Imagine being a kid and not being able to get dirty. It makes them twitchy.

    I'm a believer that kids are supposed to play and get messy. I'm sure Big J was quite content, even with oatmeal in his hair!

  5. You know, some people pay lots of money for fancy oatmeal facials... ;)

  6. PMSL @ squoze I like that word.
    Oatmeal facials at his age? a good start on his facial regime and as Luna says some people pay a lot for those oatmeal facials.

    I could not ever seem to get myself and Ben looking tidy and out the door on time when he was a baby. Maybe thats why he goes to school at 16 looking like a cat dragged him through the hedge backwards every morning and doesnt give a toss about it *sigh*

  7. My sister is one of those mothers and she has three boys and no nanny. She just changed them frequently when they were little and they have to wear nice clothing when they go out. They are perfectly happy and healthy little boys. Clean children do not mean miserable children. They have time to play and get messy, and times when they have to be clean.

  8. Dagny - I do not know. What I do know is that many people are far more organized than I.

    Also, totally agree with you on the coffee. Although I do like the Starbucks.

    HKW - I dunno. When I was on maternity leave Jordan and I would sometimes walk Nick to work. He'd be in his crispy suit and I'd be schlumping along in my whatever outfit. One day I asked if he thought people would think I was the nanny and he said something like, no, you look like a very tired mom.

    And yes, the soup does make me feel better. :) I just realized I had a blog of yogurt on the front of my shirt all day.

    Miss Dallas - Personally, all the matchy matchy would make me nuts, as a parent and as a kid. And dirt is good for you, right?

    cla517 - Except for the shots, he was totally happy. Even when I licked my finger and then smeared the oatmeal off.:)

    Luna - You are totally right. I'd pay good money for one myself right now!

    Go-Betty - As a linguist, I feel free to take liberties with the language. :)

    I think it's more that he's 16. He'll care more when he's older. Or not?

    Anonymous - I imagine your sister to be very organized, which I would like to be. I'm just not. I'd have liked to have had him in a cute, non-pajama outfit this morning. It just...didn't happen.

  9. You know? As long as my brothers and I had all our clothes on the right part of the body and none of those body parts were bleeding, I think my mom considered that a good day.

    Just Saturday at the Apple store I saw a couple, all pierced and tatted up (she had full sleeves), with their kid. The kid, who must have been about 10 or 12 months must have recently gotten his first haircut...a Mohawk.

    You are so, sooo far ahead of most of the imbeciles out there that a little oatmeal isn't gonna change that.

  10. Very cute story. Your baby is so precious!

  11. Bath time comes after nap time. I'm pretty sure that's a rule. So you're good.


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