Monday, March 29, 2010

Give me Liberty or give me...skinny ties?

I don't know if you have an opinion on skinny ties?

This came up because I'm currently kind of fixated on Liberty of London for Target.

You know I am all kinds of into textiles and I love pretty prints. And I used to do a lot of printing and dyeing, but then I got all knocked up and stopped using toxic dyes for fear of having a mutant kid, and then we moved, and then I had a baby. As you know.

And now I fantasize about screen printing but time-wise it's kind of far from reality.


Ever since I discovered my new favorite matchy-matchy outfit - which, I promise you, I am going to wear in public (and document reactions) if it ever gets warm - at Target, I've been all about the Liberty.

Although, as some of you noted in the comments on that post, Target has pretty much nothing available online. And I've been to two Targets, and the selections are skimpy.

I know it's popular. But it makes me want to ask them why the heckfire they promoted this so hard if they're only going to stock 17 of each item?

And then, when you ask a clerk for an item, they're all, "Uh, yeah. My little hand-held thingy says we have some in stock. Try aisle 9? Maybe?"

They don't know. And they don't know if they have more in the back. Or if they'll get any more in stock.

I considered whipping out my boob and breastfeeding on our favorite display couch in the hopes that a manager would chastise me, so I could be all, "WHY don't you have any Liberty items? And why don't any of the employees here have any idea where the things that your computers say are in stock might actually BE?"

But that seemed so ridiculously consumer-y, when really, no babies will die if I can't get more fun printed items.

Oh! Which leads me back to! What do you think of narrow ties?

I hadn't given them a second of thought, but then I bought Nick a couple Liberty ties. . .and they turn out to be narrower than his typical ties.

And so I'm thinking that they are not Nick ties. Because he is not trendy. He wears conservative suits. Plus, I have this fear that skinny ties on a gigantor man will just look like little toy ties.

What do you think?


  1. Just spotted Liberty of London at my Target over the weekend. Already bought Jess a t-shirt. Too cute. Now I want some for me. I'm not a fan of the skinny tie. And since Nick is a big guy, I'd fear that they'd look like his was wearing something meant for Big J!

    And, I had to go to 3 Targets around Xmas to find a bean bag chair I wanted. Same problem. Everyone had them in the stockroom, except it must be like a black hole back there because no one could ever find them!

    Is Betty feeling better? And did you get her some proper jam?? :)

  2. It depends on if you're trying to turn your husband into a hipster or not.

  3. i think it is a marketing ploy. build up anticipation with a huge advertising campaign (ads on television commercials?) and then do not stock for a little a month while people get pissed, then unleash!

    at least i hope so. i really want a casual fun dining set.

  4. The crazy-skinny hipster guy wearing a sorts coat with jeans and a Fedora can wear a skinny tie... Nick, not so much.

  5. Target is great. They may not have the items advertised, but on more than 1 occassion I've gone into Target in search of a few items and arrived home with bags full of goodies.

    Luke is the hip dresser in our fam and doesn't wear suits or ties (software developer) so I dunno. When I think of skinny ties, I think of Michael Buble and his big-band style of music or the Rat Pack.

  6. cla517 - They have the CUTEST girl stuff! I saw adorable little girl dresses and bathing suits! Nothing for boys, alas! I got two dresses - the one I posted before and another of the same style. It turns out they're for girls rather than women, but I'm short, so it works.

    I fear you are right on the ties.

    Betty is feeling better, thank you. And no, I haven't gotten her any decent jam! Agh! Sucky daughter!

    Nicole - The idea of turning him into a hipster is hilarious. Impossible.

    mrsmac - I hope you are right! I haven't ever gone out of my way to get any of their collaboration items before

    I love their pink version of that set! And they have this peacock feather tray I would really like.

    VVK - I think you are right. Although, in defense of these ties, they're not super-skinny! And they have pretty florals that could be worn to the office...

    HKW - Well, yah. But, but, but I love these! :) I am going to post photos of the ties in a bit. Blogger wouldn't let me upload photos earlier, even though I tried 54 gatrillion times.

  7. When I think of skinny ties, I immediately think 'European.' I wonder if anyone else does. I don't think they're big enough in the U.S. to pull them off unless you're someone who is regularly in trendsetter mode.

  8. I like the thin ties. And not just because they remind me of my favorite style when I once was cool.

    As for a big guy wearing a skinny tie, Joel McHale on The Soup and Community wears them, and he's very, very tall. They look good. Kinda hip, but not overly so.

  9. I kind of like the idea of tiny toy ties on big burly men.

  10. They will probably look like tiny little toy ties.


  11. Perhaps there was no demand for the Liberty of London merch until Lemon Gloria linked it? Then blammo - shelves and racks emptier than a Russian supermarket!


  12. Toy ties, Smuckers is gelatinous, and yes, it IS a good thing you don't run the military. Instead of camo, they'd all be wearing that print. But at least everything would match.

  13. I love the Liberty of London stuff 0 and yes - it's annoying how everything sells out before I have a chance to buy it. Which is really a blessing in disguise because i already do mucho damage at target.

  14. post a pic of nick in the tie so we can see how it really looks. if it's not too too skinny, it might be okay. the narrow ones, in my opinion, are only good looking on very trim guys. i don't think it would flatter a more muscular/bigger guy. if you ever have free-time, i recommend looking at photos from the satorialist. he has a lot of well-groomed, fashionable men photos on his blog. anyway, love your blog *^_^*

  15. umm, i'm pretty sure i left a comment on this last night but i have no clue what happened to it. it went something like this...
    apparently no one down here is the slightest bit hip becuase our Target is FULL of LoL stuff. i'm there all the time, i'd be happy to ship you something, just let me know what you're looking for.

    and skinny ties are not for me, i think they're alright on hipsters but other than that they remind me of bolero ties. bolero = no good.


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