Monday, March 15, 2010

Date night 2010

Friday night we went on a date to celebrate Nick's birthday.

Here we are all please take our picture! We're on a date!We got a babysitter! We got dressed up!

Well, I got dressed up. Nick pretty much always wears a jacket and tie to work. Me, on the other hand, sometimes I don't even bathe.

Not only did I bathe and get dressed up, I wore tarty boots! And a non-nursing bra! Hahahaha! Caution to the wind! Crazywildandfree!

OK, not really crazy, wild, or free. But it was liberating in a small way.

Cheers! Can you tell I'm clean?
Here's Nick and the birthday strawberry shortcake.
And you know, I'd forgotten this, but in my date-o-rama drama trauma days, one of my guy friends suggested that my socks were likely keeping me single. I dunno.I was going to say you can take the girl out of the tarty boots...but the expression all falls apart there.

Hi! It's Monday!


  1. You guys look great!! Hope Nick's b'day was great: )

  2. I think tarty boots may be the best thing I've heard all day.

  3. That's the one problem with most ridiculously hot boots - they require socks underneath them. And knee high socks are rarely sexy... one's with horizontal purple stripes, on the other hand... well they display a sense of whimsy, and whimsy is a good thing.

  4. you look hawt! and nick looks super happy, look at him taking charge and strongly holding on to you in that first pic. you guys look great!

  5. I am very happy for you and your glass of wine, and for Nick and his birthday (Happy Birthday)! And very, VERY glad to know that socks like that are being worn beneath tarty boots.


  6. LOVE the boots and double love the socks! Happy birthday Nick and hooray for baby sitters!

  7. Kate - Thank you! We had a lot of fun!

    Jennie - I was missing the tarty boots. It felt good to wear them!

    refugee - The whimsy I've got, for sure. And I never understand when women don't wear socks under high boots. It's more attractive when un-booting yourself, but I hate when my calves sweat!

    mrsmac - Ah, thanks! We really were so happy!

    Dagny - Will definitely pass on the wishes. And I am endlessly pleased to hear that about the socks!

    cla517 - Thank you! And yes, hooray!

  8. You clean up good! Happy Birthday, Nick! Cheers to a grown up date with wine and tarty boots!

  9. I hope Nick shared that beautiful piece of cake???

  10. You two look smashing.
    Happy birthday, Nick!

  11. humph, I always wear tights under my tarty boots, but I like the long stripey socks so much better. But I would've thought they'd be more sweat-inducing?? hmmm..

  12. You too are such a cute couple.

    But the thing I'm most jealous of? The strawberry shortcake!

  13. Those boots are HAWT! And you look beautiful! Happy birthday to Nick!

  14. ahhh - so nice. you both look great!

    how long were you able to stay awake?

  15. You guys look great. I have very similar socks I wear under my boots...and my husband buys them for me. Bet yours does too - they're worth waiting for.

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  17. you guys look amazing! no one who saw you out would ever guess you were parents to an infant, you look so put together, and showered : )


    Not even kidding.

  19. kayare - Thank you! He had a good birthday!

    Susan H - We each had our own huge piece. YUM!

    Hillary - Thank you for both!

    Cheryl - I feel like the socks are less sweaty. And tights sometimes squinch my toes, which really bugs. But it's a pain to find socks thin enough but thick enough for boots, so if they're dirty, have to go with tights.

    P - Thank you! And it was delicious. Super delicious.

    Stevie - Thank you! I love them!

    stacy - I believe we were home by 9:30 and probably asleep by 10:30. You certainly know the deal!

    KLZ - Ah, no! It would never occur to Nick, actually. Awesome that your husband gets fun socks for you!

    notsojenny - Why, thank you! We were trying!

    LiLu - This makes me happy!

  20. TARTY BOOTS! SOCKS! CLEANLINESS! This post made me smile and smile and smile. And want strawberry shortcake.

  21. Thats a huge glass of wine you have there. My fav kind of glasses the ones where you can say you only had one glass without admitting one glass amounted to half the bottle :).
    Congrats to Nick on his Birthday.
    Your Socks?? I make a point of wearing hilarious socks in my boots, nothing better when you are bored at work or where ever to sit and count the stripes or the bumble bees or whatever is decorating your socks.
    I often wear odd socks just to amuse myself too.
    Embarrasses the hell out of my teenager.....sweet revenge lol


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