Saturday, March 27, 2010

This morning's Betty

I made Betty tea and a paratha for breakfast. I asked if she wanted jam on it.

Which prompted her to say: "You know which jam is really not that good?"

"Which one?"

"Smucker's. It's very gelatinous."


"And they say, 'With a name like Smucker's, it has to be good.' So I thought it would be. And it's not! Why would they say that?"


  1. I love the sweet naivety of that question: why would they say that?

    Don't those big bad advertisers know that its wrong to lie?

  2. Smuckers is a very unfortunate name. I would not trust anything (or anyone for that matter!) called smuckers!

  3. Sweet Betty :) Too funny!

  4. My mom was friends with part of the Smuckers family. I remember totally not getting the slogan as a child. Big, gelatinous companies should run their slogans by children.

  5. Keenie Beanie - I know. Very sweet! She's still sick and a little groggy, and I heard her repeating the slogan as I walked towards the kitchen.

    Miranda - I love you, I do. It is an unfortunate name! Not to be trusted!

    lacochran's evil twin - Hahahahaha!

    HKW - :) She is sweet!

    Susan - I never gave it a drop of thought until yesterday! They totally should.

  6. gelatinous....a word I am going to try and work in to a conversation in the next few days...

    Poor Betty, not feeling well and being let down by Smuckers. Bummer.


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