Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Big J, questionable rap songs, and it's a good thing I don't run the military

This video reminds me of the Blondie song "Rapture" - "...and then you're in the man from Mars. You go out at night, eatin' cars. You eat Cadillacs, Lincons, too..."

I should probably be embarrassed to still remember most of the words to that, shouldn't I?

Which means I should definitely not mention Wham! Rap.


So this week is ending on a challenging note.

Betty came down with the flu Wednesday night and woke up sick sick yesterday. Fortunately, she's at our house, so I can take care of her.

But we have no contingency child care. So I stayed home from work. But had to work, because I had a bunch of writing and editing to do.

And then our Big J, who is normally super smiley and happy and just a delight, was a huge crankybottom.

Typically, while he loves attention, he also happily keeps himself entertained in the bouncy thingy or on a play mat for stretches of time. But yesterday? Very protesty.

Fortunately, he had big naps so I could get stuff done. Stuff being the work that pays my salary and health care.

And now on top of the flu, Betty has this tremendous pain in her hip. Like, so bad she was whimpering in pain this morning.

This, from a very strong, stoic, North Dakota Lutheran, of solid Viking stock.

You know things are bad when Betty complains.

So I gave her Tylenol, and ice, and heat, and then remembered I had Vicodin from my C-section. Vicodin! Here! Have a handful!

But just to be safe, I called Maude's mom, who is a nurse. Who said her hip is probably inflamed from going up and down all our stairs carrying a heavy load (AKA Mr. Eatyface) and no on the Vicodin and to get her to eat something and give her ibuprofin.

Which I've done. And things are getting better.

It was definitely a more reasonable solution. Plus it made me realize once more that I'm pretty cavalier about medication (although for the life of me, I cannot find my taking-Ambien-from-a-stranger-on-a-plane post to link to).

AND I realize I always reach for the most extreme solution.

Pain? Don't hesitate! Grab the biggest thing you have! Go nuclear if necessary!

Which made me think it's probably a good thing I'm not in charge of the military.

I imagine you'll agree.

Happy weekend, all!


  1. 1) I hope Betty feels better...and soon.

    2) That child makes my ovaries hurt.

    3) I may need some of those vicodin for those hurt ovaries of mine. *ahem*

  2. hopefully Betty will be back on her feet soon, i'm sure just getting time with that camera-eatin-cutie is enough to make anyone get better!!

  3. freckledk - Thank you! Me, too. It frets me when my mama isn't feeling well. As for the Vicodin, a friend just emailed to tell me she thinks that sharing prescription drugs is illegal? Is this true? Who knew?

    notsojenny - I hope so, thanks! And unfortunately, the cutie is staying far away from Betty. Hopefully no flu for my J!

  4. You had to deal with Mr. Cranky because you changed the schedule! You weren't supposed to be there, and since you were, you should have been paying attention to him! (In his mind. . . )

    Don't worry. I was CERTAIN I was going to get fired for the first 2 years of Jessica's life because I always had to take time off when she was sick. Now, she's 4 and a half, very healthy, and I still have my job.

    Hope Betty gets better soon!

  5. Charity is never illegal - not morally, anyway.

  6. Although, I would argue that in your case, the most extreme solution might be, say, the BIGGEST CHOCOLATE CAKE EVER!



    I just don't see you going for the biggest bomb, right away. Too obvious. And not nearly fun or colorful enough.

  7. Very adorable video. I hope Betty feels better soon. I don't like taking medicine, even Advil, but make an exception for Vicodin which heals everything. Good thing I'm not a nurse.

  8. I hope Betty is feeling better soon! Poor thing. And how cute, Mr. Grabbyhands! What a precious age.

  9. Oh no, I hope Betty feels well again soon.

    You always make me laugh, Lisa. I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award over on my blog here:

  10. cla517 - I think you are totally right. He was longing for my mom, as well. Whenever I'd peer in her room carrying him he'd chirp and whee! and do all kinds of things to make sure he had her attention.

    And I am glad to hear that. While I'd love to stay home, I really don't want to get fired. And Betty is on the mend.

    freckledk - You have a point there, for sure.

    Dagny - You are right! Would be much more fun to drop a million, I don't know, umbrellas in Liberty print (my latest fixation). So they'd be kind of like weapons (if it were war, of course) in that if you got hit with one, you'd probably die. But otherwise, you'd have a really pretty umbrella!

    Very good thing I'm not in charge, I'm telling you.

    KLZ - Thank you!

    HKW - Good thing I'm not a nurse either. But Vicodin is a pretty crazy cure-all. I mean, not for a hangnail. And I dislike how it makes me feel. But I dislike pain more.

    Lisa - She's getting there, thank you. And I hope you are well enough to vacuum right quick!

    Mr. Grabbyhands. Heh.

    Keenie Beanie - Thank you so much! I appreciate it!


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