Friday, November 19, 2010

Hey 15, there's never a wish better than this

Oh, my sweet little Captain Awesome, today you are 15 months old.

In the past month, you've gotten a lot more aware of, well, everything. You love being told the names of things. And you realize that words have power.

You've got an extremely strong personality - shocking, I know. Most of the time you are sunshine, but you're quick to scream and wail when you don't get what you want.

Sometimes I have to distract myself to keep from stabbing myself in the ears. That whole, "Look! A truck!" is as much for you as for me.

You say "no" and "mine" a lot. More like NO and MINE. Miiiiiine.

I know this video is sideways (why did I do that? and why can't I rightside it?) and very brief, but it's so very YOU.

You're well aware of things I don't want you to do. You do them anyway.

The best example would be when we forget to close the bathroom door. You make a beeline for the toilet, chanting "No no no no no." You hurry, knowing your window of time is small before Mama gets there and closes the lid.

Sometimes you beat me to it, and you stick your hand in the water, still saying, "Nonono! No!"

So far, there's nothing more fun than swirling your hand around in the toilet.

Just wait till you get old enough for the liquor and the S-E-X, boy howdy.

I don't know where you picked up "mine" but you use it for everything. I'll be holding a large knife, and you'll reach, announcing authoritatively from your seat on the floor, "Mine!"

Um, no. Definitively not yours.

You also somehow learned "boot!" Maybe because mine are always sitting on the stairs. This makes me hopeful that I'll have a shopping companion one day.

Nana's been sick for three weeks, and you ask for her every day. Sometimes you go looking for her. We can't wait for her to come back.

You absolutely love the bath, and I used to love it, too. Until you learned to take out the plug. And now it's a constant struggle.

"No no no no! Nono!"

You chant this as you reach for the plug. For the 73 kabillionth time. At a certain point - that point being once you've brushed your teeth and I've gotten the big food and dirt lumps off - I just let you pull it.

I say, "Bye bye bath!"I figure sometime soon you will make the connection. For now, you're fascinated watching your little toys swirl towards the drain. And then you try to stick your toothbrush down it. Ugh.

And then you say, "Mo! Mo!"

"Nope. No more bath."

I don't always have as much patience as I would like with you, but I always, always love you more than anything.

Even when you're screaming your little blond head off because GOD KNOWS NOBODY WANTS TO PUT ON PANTS. OR SOCKS.

Or whatever the article of clothing might be at the moment.

I know wine is not really the answer. I do. But some days, I'm not gonna lie, it seems like it is.




  1. Sticking your hands in the toilet bowl must have some kind of primordial psychological lure, because both my kids were obsessed at the early toddler stage (Zeke has outgrown it, but Josie still does it). The not-wearing-pants thing lasts a bit longer. Like possibly until the teenage years.

    In any event, he's too cute.

  2. I love how he nonchalantly chants "no" while doing something he knows you don't want him to.

    Happy 15 months J!

  3. Miiiiiiine is a favorite of my granddaughter, which I'll be watching this afternoon for a few hours. I actually get a kick out of it.

  4. Hahahaha! Aw, he's such a little character. I loved the video, even if I had to watch it with my head cocked to one side like a dog...

  5. the bathtub photo kills me

  6. Happy 15 months Big J! Get well soon Betty :( I love the image of Jordan dashing for the open bathroom door. If you can get him to keep his pants on, he'll make a wonderful shopping companion.

  7. Wendy - It drives me crazy. I will be so psyched when he gets past it. The pants, well, I'll brace myself for years of it, I suppose.

    Keenie Beanie - I know! He announces that he's not supposed to all the way there!

    Just Plain Tired - I think it's the kind of thing that grandparents can find charming because they get to go home.

    P - Sorry about that. I don't know why I took it sideways - I know my camera doesn't turn them right side up.

    Hillary - Isn't that hilarious?

    HKW - You make me giggle. Yes, if we can get him to keep his pants on. Oh, and get past the urge to stick the shoes in his mouth.

  8. oh lisa, you're such a great mom.
    ha, is that nick talking in the background of the video when big j won't "come here" and he says, "of course not?" i loved that.

  9. I sure as hell don't want to put ON PANTS! OR SOCKS!

  10. Those feet of his just kill me! I love that he tries to outrun you to the toilet while chanting no! It sounds like me and my guy (the grown up one) in the morning....

    Please get well soon, Betty.

  11. He's soooo cute and quite the character! The bathtub picture is great. I had a friend that used to say toddlers and very small children are little insane people. They do what ever comes into their minds without self consciousness. Sigh....I'd like to do that some days. Great post!

  12. I love the title of your post. What an amazing song and the tenderness of the lyrics are brought to mind as I look at your baby growing up . . . wasn't it just yesterday that we were discussing 6 month birthday?

    "15 there's still time for you
    22 I feel her too
    33 you’re on your way
    Every day's a new day...
    15 there's still time for you
    Time to buy and time to choose
    Hey 15, there's never a wish better than this
    When you only got 100 years to live"

    When you've only got 100 years to live . . . wishing that every one of those years is amazing for your little boy.

  13. In the 1st photo he looks like such a big boy; that experssion on his face is older than 15 months! And then in the tub, (oh, soooo cute) he looks like a wee lil' munchkin!

  14. Have mercy! The cuteness! His feet are scrumptious.

    (Get well soon, Betty!)

  15. I'm still jealous of your adorable talking boy. But I guess there's a bright side to having a mute 17 month old who only grunts and points -- I don't have to hear no no no no or Mine mine mine! from him 50 bagillion times per day!


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