Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I'm most thankful for

OK, so I know I kind of sound like I suck in today's post, and really it's just that I get stressy and ranty and dready and, well, you know.

I still behave nicely and I do hope for the best. I just have to get the worst out here and then I can move forward.

But I'm thankful for many things, not least of which is having Nick in my life, for more reasons than I can list.

One of them being things like the following:

I got this message from him saying, "You might want to look at the fuck in your post. Because the way it's written now is, '...and then you wake up hung over and fuck...'and, uh, maybe that's what you wanted to say, but, well, you might want to take a look at that."

So I fixed the fuck in my post.

Happy Thanksgiving and world peace. Hugs to all of you.


  1. That's my favorite way to cure a hangover...

  2. That's my favorite way to make world peace

  3. Did he say it calmly, so as not to sound like he was jumping up and down in his chair at the possibility?

    Happy Thanksgiving, lovely! xoxo

  4. he should have just held you to it

  5. Maiden Metallurgist - I now have Chelada stuck in my head, and the combo is cracking me up.

    texpatriate - If everyone did every day, I think we would have world peace, actually.

    Hillary - I love you.

    Go-Betty - Hahaha! Exactly.

    jen - Well, there are certain to be hangovers ahead of us. :)

  6. I'm thankful for Hillary's hilarity. That was funny. And now you know Nick can be your editor for your book.
    Lisa I can't believe how much we have in common. My favorite day of the year is the day after Xmas. Then I am done at the in-laws for a WHOLE YEAR!!!
    I wish you peace beer at a time. I feel your thankfulness though your pain.

  7. I just read the first post and laughed because I missed the fix and read it the way it was before Nick let you know about your sketchy sentence structure.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you guys.

  8. It does not produce thumbnails. At least not with some WP installations. I wasted far too much time last night trying to get it to work. Others have brought this problem up with the developer and he is at a loss to figure out what it’s not working.

  9. Well, I hope the trip is not as disastrous as it could be, and I hope your stress just melts away. You know, with the beer. :P

    We are having a quiet holiday--just the three of us, no traveling, no people over, no visiting. It's a good thing, especially because my sinuses are acting up, and thank goodness I don't have to do all that with sinus problems. But it's also a little lonely, in a weird way. I am going to focus on the quiet luxury of cooking in my pajamas. :)


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