Friday, November 12, 2010

Connecticut is beautiful but kind of inconveniently located

I took my first ever trip to Connecticut this week.

The details are prosaic. Most notable: For a three hour meeting we were on nine hours worth of trains and in probably an hour plus worth of cabs.

What I'm saying is this. Connecticut is inconvenient.

And I have a cold.

We missed the Acela on the way home because of a very slow talker, and then I had a bizarro cab driver who didn't help me with my bag, kept telling my I was lucky my wait at Union Station wasn't long, and seemed intent on missing every light.

Basically, I was a bitchfaced crab by the time I got home last night.

But the point I was going to make was this. Nick was going to blog for me yesterday and I was disappointed that he didn't. Because I never have any idea what he's going to say. Plus I love reading what he decides to share.

We ran into friends a couple weeks ago in front of Bistrot du Coin. Randomly, the last time I'd eaten there was with the husband of the couple.

(Clarification: the couple does not have a husband. It is a husband and wife couple, and I like them both, but know the husband better. And before either of us were married, he and I used to have dinner and catch up every once in a while.)


We ran into them, and I was wearing the underwear dance party boots, which they recognized from my post.

They asked Nick if he reads my blog, and he said, "I'm her husband."

To which they replied, "That doesn't answer the question."

"Of course I read it. It helps me know what's really going on in our house and in our relationship."


  1. Ha! Shawn should really read my blog for that very same reason.

  2. Good answer! Good answer! (The studio audience goes wild) :o)

  3. Nick is smart.

    I don't know if my husband actually knows the address of my blog. I think he views it as a bit of a self-indulgent endeavor on my part. He might be surprised if he took the time to peruse, is all I'm sayin'...

    Feel better! The whole cold thing is silly.

    Oh, bizarro cab drivers? Seem to be the norm these days. I've been mildly verbally abused numerous times in the past few months, for no real reason other than I wanted to go somewhere the cabbie didn't feel like going? Weird. Seriously.

  4. Hillary - I had never thought about it before...but it makes sense!

    Jessica - Hahaha - hugs!

    Stevie - Sure, it's self-indulgent. But it's interesting and it's a passion for you. It wouldn't bother me if Nick didn't read, but I like that he's interested.

    I seriously wanted to yell, "Shutupshutupshutup and for chrissakes step on the gas, asshole!" last night. But I did not.

  5. Another example of how Nick and MathMan are alike. For a while there MathMan was too busy to read and I bored him to death with summaries.

  6. The cold seems to be doing the rounds. I hate having to struggle to squeegee out LBM's nose and then listen to him with that wet cough. It sucks because I can take something for my cough (although it isn't helping for crap) but I can give him nothing. NOTHING! It makes me feel like I'm cheating by taking something for myself while he has to "tough it out" as the doctor says. I hate doctors that give you that patronizing look like they know everything. Smarmy and smarty-pants. Grr. Anyways.

    Hope you feel better. And I feel for you. We DID lose an hour of sleep. My eye lids are crunchy now.

  7. Flippin heck I havent even told Dynamo Guy I blog :S should I tell him do you think? no maybe not just yet.


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