Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Yeah, so, nevermind

Nick called to say that my post today certainly was rambling and hard to follow and what did the nose video have to do with anything?


Nothing. The answer is nothing. I just think it's cute.

I told you: this time thing has me all cracked out.


  1. Haha, love it! The only thing I remember about the post was the video, because I remember thinking I'd pinch someone right back if they pinched me like that. It looked like it hurt! The things parents do for their kids ;)

    I'm totally cracked out with the time change too. Everyone keeps telling me how awful I look. Gee thanks.

  2. I liked the nose video. It mad me fee somewhat normal as both my husband and I do the whole nose, nose, nose, can you show me your ears thing. MRA usually points to our nose but we have been through the pinching thing and the nostril thing, neither very fun.

    Oh and I was so worried about the time change thing and less sleep, we started putting MRA to bed 15 minutes later and then later, and then later every night for about a week so that the night of the change he would actually be on schedule. It worked well but I have no idea what I am going to do in the spring - uugh.

  3. Yesterday morning, I woke to my daughter (in bed with us due to her late night-hacking that required pillow elevation) jamming her toes into my nostrils and giggling. As such, I found your post to make perfect sense and it was compelling and rich.

  4. Ok the video is so cute brings back so many memories and man he wasnt happy about Dad not getting him that Banana RIGHT NOW! was he? I loved Ben at this age because the interaction stepped up. Also very frustrationg age because they use NO! a lot.

  5. Tia - That's so funny! It's never occurred to me to pinch him back!

    Nobody's told me how bad I look, but I know I do. Tired and haggard.

    Angel JAM - J is very pinchy right now. He'll grab you on the arm or leg, and then gradually the fingers will tighten...

    I'm glad that worked! J now has a cold - was up a lot last night. If he didn't, I'd be interested to see how his sleep progresses this week. Last spring he jumped right back on his old schedule in maybe two days.

    Brunch Bird - This image really has me laughing. I have toes! And I think they'd fit nicely in Mama's nose!

    Go-Betty - He is NOT happy about being put down when he wants to be up! And he wants his things now now now now now!

  6. It's crackworthy.

    Today I thought I might lie down on my office floor and take a nap. But then I went to yoga class instead, and felt virtuous, but still tired.

    Hope you get adjusted soon!

  7. Oh I hear you on the time change Lisa. I live in ND as you know. Which cuts the time in a slant in the middle of the state. W T F ??? I HATE IT!!! If you drive to the city for a sale and you have an hour drive and it's already an hour ahead of you!!!why bother? And you can drive the other way and head north and be late for the train??? I hate the math...Acckk! But I do love the nose video. And shopping on line has no time change bullshit to deal with.Don't mind me, just spent four days in Minneapolis with the time change and our minds were all f'd up about it. Spatial spaz.


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