Tuesday, November 09, 2010

In time, but time takes time you know

I know it's not original to be all cracked out by the time change.

Also, the nose thing just kills me. He'll grab it and squeeze. Sometimes he sticks his fingers in your nostrils. Sometimes he just pinches really pinchily. Which is kind of painful but still funny.

But the crackedoutness of the time.

I don't know anyone who likes it. And people get snarky about others writing Daylight Savings Time instead of Daylight Saving Time. And some people are like, "We're not getting on it, we're getting off it, moron. THIS is normal time."

That may be true, but you're still a crankypants because of lack of sleep. From the fucking time change.

Personally, I'd like to live on Daylight Saving Time all year round. Time is arbitrary anyway, no? So we all decide that 1 am is 2 am, or the reverse, and then it is, for us.

But that's not what this is about. It's about the fact that I always feel like time is being stolen from me, no matter which way.

Saturday night I was so stressed about getting to bed early.

At nine I was all, "We have to go to bed NOW. We're going to be up extra early! We'll get an hour less sleep!"

"No, we won't."

"Yes, we will. For Jordan, 7:30 will be 6:30 and he'll get up."

"And so will we."

"Yes. A whole hour earlier. We're getting an hour less."

"No. We're gaining an hour."

"And we lose it in the morning."

Nick was adamant that we weren't getting an hour less, because our 7:30 would be 6:30 as well. We were gaining an hour.

I know, I know, fall back - 2 am becomes 1 am and it's like driving to Chicago. Except you'd spend all that time driving, just to be one time zone back. I guess you could fly, although that's more expensive. So maybe if you were beamed there.

Actually, I'd love to suddenly be in Chicago. And have a whole extra hour. That, I get.

Also, how do I get on these tangents?

But this clock back but your kid is going to steal that hour right from under your nose, that I don't get.

Even though Nick insisted that we got the same amount of sleep. He's explained it to me 54 times. He's over it about as much as the rabies.

I still contend we lost time, getting up an hour earlier. I can't explain it.


  1. You just tell Nick that perception is reality. Rabies, time change and all.

    What makes me cranky is the "Fall back" reminder. One can also Fall forward and Spring back(ward). I don't get it.

  2. I completely understand your lost time contention - because you would have gotten an extra hour of sleep, were it not for someone's refusal to recognize DST, and therefore, you have been robbed, in a sense.

    I'd just as soon do away with it too, if only because my evening sugar consumption has quintupled in the last two days.

  3. lacochran - Exactly.

    HKW - I'll tell him that! So there! And for me, the whole "fall back" thing is the only way I remember it. Although you are right and now I'll probably get it wrong next time.

    Jessica - YES. We woke up a whole hour earlier.

    And the dark is so hard. It just doesn't help anyone except maybe Jack the Ripper types.

  4. You lose the hour from last year. Last year you gained an hour - YAY! - then you had kids and the hour that you would have gained is gone, so it's like losing. You've been getting an extra hour every year forever and now you don't, you lost the extra hour.

    It makes sense in my sleep-deprived, new-parent head.

  5. Maybe it's not original to be all cracked out about the time change, but you still made me laugh.

    And maybe it's hard to follow, but tell Nick that you'd be cranky too if someone said they'd give you an extra hour, but they actually took it away!

  6. Anything that messes with the time, screws up everything. Lose an hour or gain an hour, it throws everything off kilter. So it's a lost hour for me.

  7. The whole gain-an-hour-of-sleep thing doesn't work if you have kids or pets. Because those kids and pets don't care what the clock says, they're getting up and they want food NOW. (Or company. Or whatever. But they're not sleeping.)

  8. P.S. purpose of video = gratuitous cuteness? :)

  9. I was over it because we set the clocks back when we went to bed at 1:30 a.m. Sat. night (Sun. a.m.? - that always confuses me too...)

    Anyway, losing or gaining, I was just happy to not wake up in the dark Monday morning.

    Even though now it's dark at 5 p.m....argh...either way, winter sucks.

  10. Here's how you explain it:

    You wake up at your normal time 6:30, let's say. So, Nick's right no time lost there. You slept the same number of hours.

    But then. THEN! You have to be awake for an extra hour the day after daylight saving time. Because your cranky, cracked out child will not go to sleep when the CLOCK says it's bedtime.

    And that's how you lose an hour.

  11. You are right. 100%. The night before my first fall time switch with my six month old when I realized the boy was going to deny me my extra hour of sleep-- and proceed to not make the time switch for days after I had done so successfully -- I sobbed.


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