Monday, November 01, 2010

You and me both, buddy

When you have a costume and a kid, even one too young for trick-or-treating, it's impossible to resist sticking one inside the other and heading out into the neighborhood.

He was fine with the costume, which I'd bought last year, even though by this point it was too short. But the feet, oh, the trauma of the feet.



Not really. Or maybe just kind of.

It was a not-stellar weekend for Jordan and me. He's been kind of needy and challenging and we'd been together just the two of us for too long in a row, and I was so over it. Nick was great, and spent a lot of time with J while I ate way too much Halloween candy and kind of hid.

J is at a point where he can say a bunch of things, which is great, but not everything, which is frustrating.

Like, he can say "more" - although it's "mo!" This is very helpful, and also cracks me up, and I just want to be all, "Mo? Fo shizzle?"

Yes, haha. So years-ago Snoop Dogg of me. Boy, am I going to mortify my son when he's a teenager.

But back to now. What I think he wants to say most is, "I want EVERYTHING my way! And whatever you're having, I want. NOW! And don't put me down! EVER!"

Things like that.

Because he makes a lot of what he wants clear, and then he screams when you don't do what he wants.

And saying, "I have to put you down because I can't make your dinner while holding you" doesn't exactly stop the shrieking.

Because he is still DOWN when he wants to be UP.

And me, I'm back to tired. I had a few good weeks where I was sure acupuncture was magic, and I was getting my energy back...and I'm back to pretty constant, flat-out exhaustion. And I'm so crabby. And impatient. And irritated.

What I've realized is this: I don't want to go away. I don't want a weekend away from my child. I want a weekend at home without my child.

Nick was kind of horrified when I said that it's too bad there aren't kid boarding places, kind of like how you can board your dog when you go out of town. Not that I would ever stick my kid in a kennel. Of course not. Even if they had them.

(And anyway, I was envisioning more of a kiddie hotel, really.)


  1. When I was a kid, my favourite auntie used to take me and my sister for entire weekends. I thought it was such a treat - we'd stay up late and watch movies and eat junk food. It's only now that I realize that it was my parents who were getting the treat. Kiddie hotel, indeed.

    PS: the buggy frog eyes? Kill me. He is so freaking cute!

  2. I used to spend the weekend at my grandparents, and I LOVE LOVE LOVED it. I think ALL parents deserve a break. Do you have close friends or family members that would take him to their house for an overnight? I've done that for friends before, and we both benefitted (I had fun with their kids, they got a break).

  3. When I got to the inevitable LOL moment in your post, about the kiddie hotels, I was envisioning the place where I board my cats. I couldn't bear putting them in a kennel, so I send them to this super-luxe place where they are boarded in their own bedroom. Maybe you could see if they take kids too?

    Sorry to hear it's been a rough spot of motherhood for you, but I admire you for writing honestly. Here's a big internet hug for you, Jordan and Nick.

  4. I used to take a girlfriends two girls once a month for the entire weekend and then they would have Ben in return for one week of the school holidays. That way they got a break and in the holidays Ben got to spend some time with them and hang out with Uncle Aaron whom he adored. I can understand the idea of time at home minus J is appealing. Its a normal feeling to want some space and peace and quiet where you only have to think about your needs not theirs for a bit. In fact its healthy for you both if you can find a way to do this. It gives you much needed respite, hell parenting isnt ever easy and it helps socialise J and get him used being with other people without you around all the time.

  5. What a cute frog costume! Our pup Boston was dressed in a squirrel costume for Halloween, which the neighborhood kids loved. Boston couldn't shake the tail but I was surprised he wore the little hat that covered his ears and had a squirrel face on it.

    I hope the tiredness wears off and you're able to spend some relaxing time at home. How funny it would be if Jordan said "Fo shizzle".

  6. I'm loving that pic. I love the joy on your husband's face and the misery on your son's. Hilarious!

  7. It is exhausting when you're working and being a mommy to a toddler. Both are full time jobs. And to top it off, the weather is changing which plays havoc with our minds. So, you do need a break sometimes. My mom used to take mine for the weekend sometimes and that really helped. Or a girls weekend away. Not the same as being at home but it could still be relaxing. don't be hard on yourself now!

    J is so darn cute and I also got a kick out of the grin on Nick's face.

  8. oh how you make me laugh.

  9. We've all been there. Believe me, he'll get so frustrating some days that you WILL be willing to put him in a kennel. Or the freezer. Or where ever as long as it's QUIET!

    Actually, I need to get my mom to do a "sleepover" with Jess soon. She loves it, grandma loves it, and it gives hubby and I a break. (Although, truth be told, hubby could go away too for a day or two and I'd be perfectly content!)

    Also, I think it's God's little joke. I've always been a bit of a loner and loved my solitude. I have a child that wants to be attached to me 24/7. I swear, I can hear giggling from above. . .

  10. He has a crib? Put him there ! You have headphones? Use them ! Teaching a child to spend time alone and to entertain himself is not abuse
    it's a lesson that too many parents overlook. (I'm not talking all day, an hour at a time.

  11. When I get my inheritance (ha!), I'm totally going to build a child boarding facility. We'll also do grooming and basic training.

    It'll be awesome!

  12. I want this too! Most Fridays, I get some time at home by myself, and I adore it. Sometimes I wish it were a few days... Maybe many mommies feel this way?

    Isn't a toddler's will just so damn impressive? It's really kind of amazing, when you think about it (not when the toddler is actually shrieking, of course). Good luck... Hang in there...

  13. My son completely freaked me out while teething. Oh, gaaaawd, how awful it was. But you, geeeze, you even make me laugh while describing a weekend of horribleness:

    "...and I just want to be all, "Mo? Fo shizzle?"

    Yes, haha. So years-ago Snoop Dogg of me."

    Oh, dear mizz lemon, thanks yet again!

  14. A kiddie hotel would be amazing. Because I want to lounge in my bed reading and watching TV for one. whole. day.


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