Thursday, December 02, 2010

Please tell me I don't have a Bieber

OK, so, I know this picture is not ideal for a number of reasons - one being that it looks like I have a tumor growing out the top of my head but really it's my sun lamp that shockingly blends with my hair.

But it's a good representation of my new hair.

And I quite like it, but I also want to make sure that I don't now have a Bieber 'do.

Do I?

The growing out is hard, and I think she did a nice job with the color and toning it down. And she left as much length as possible, yay!, but I didn't then know what to do with it. So she suggested the best thing would be just kind of shove it forward.

Which I am now doing. As you can see.

So the Bieber question is the most pressing. And if it is Bieberish, then WHAT else can I do to it, with this current not-short-not-long-yucky-inbetween state that I'll be in for quite some time?

But also. Do you know how hard it is to take picture of yourself? I mean, a remotely normalish looking one?

I took approximately 372 furtive pictures of myself just to get one that didn't look completely horrendous.

I might be overly sensitive about this because I remember looking at so many Match profiles and wondering, "Why did that guy have to take his own picture? Doesn't he have any friends?"

Seriously. I don't think women tend to take their own pictures. Do they? So many men on Match had those arms-outstretched, smiling awkwardly for a camera with nobody behind it, and hey, look, you can see what their kitchen cupboards look like! kinds of pictures.

They need that device those Japanese tourists that we followed around in Turkey were using.

Maybe we all do.


  1. You don't have a bieber... but you're toeing the line... ;)

  2. The emoticon wink was meant to imply that I'm joking. But I realized after I hit "post" that maybe I'm just being kind of douchey. I'm having one of those, brain has left the building days.

  3. It would have to be longer to be a Bieber.

    Maybe cute hair clips?

    I have tried to take my own picture with my phone cameera. My teeth look like they're the size of Buicks.

  4. i think your do' looks cute! not bieberish.

    also, i like the sweater (?) that i think you're wearing.

  5. I just want to comment that lacochran does not have Buick teeth. They're adorable Mini Cooper teeth.

  6. Maiden Metallurgist - I knew that you were joking and not being douchey!

    My brain left when I started being pregnant and it's only recently that most of it has come back.

    lacochran - Maybe hair clips, although I don't know for work.

    As for the teeth - I don't smile with my teeth when I'm taking my own picture because they always come out weird. Why is that?

    brookem - Thank you! And the sweater is really cool. I got it from a friend. It got washed accidentally and shrunk, and she asked if I wanted it. I love it.

    Shannon - Mini Cooper teeth sound adorable. I will have to take note next time I meet her.

  7. I think it's very cute and not Bieber-esque in the slightest.

  8. Your haircut is super cute and Bieber's is NOT. So, no, Not Bieberish at all.

  9. You don't have a Bieber. I know because one of my biggest fears is that I will someday have a baby and that baby will be a boy and that boy will turn into a teen that will want to wear a Bieber. And despite the fact that I'll aim to be a cool mom who lets my son be the person he wants to be, that Bieber? I cannot abide.

    But I think your new do is rad. So not at a Bieber at all. Growing out sucks, but you are doing it with style.

  10. I take all my own pictures. But then again, I'm approaching spinster status, so I'm used to it.

    I like your new do. We will grow it out together.

  11. Not Bieber at all. I used to have a similar haircut...things like bobby pins/hair clips, dry wax, etc. made it the most fun hairdo ever. You've a ton of options!

    Happy to help if you need some product and an extra set of hands...

  12. No way. Not at all a Bieber cut. It's way too light and nicely layered and wispy to be a Bieber. It's more like Josie Bissett from Melrose Place.

  13. no way. too hot. though i might say the lead singer of roxette but less spiky.

  14. Hillary - Since you're Canadian, I'm going to give twice as much credence to your opinion. Yay!

    Dana - Thank you! :)

    Keenie Beanie - Thank you for the nice words. I hadn't thought about the kid and the Bieber. I imagine by the time J is grown, and by the time your potential son is as well, the Bieber will be long gone. No...?

    Kate - I take many of my own, but even approaching spinster status, I was shameless about asking others to take pictures of me. Flattering pictures of me. No, take another one. I don't like that one.

    And yes, muppet-heads unite!

    freckledk - You have a lot more hair than I do. I bet it was gorgeous on you. What I'm most looking forward to about growing it out is ditching the need for product. I am so over it!

    Nicole - It's so funny you said that. I loved her hair back then and was so chicken about cutting it like that.

    Masala Chica - Ooh, Roxette! Thank you!


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