Monday, December 13, 2010

You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve?

A couple weeks ago, Nick went to Cumberland, Maryland.

Apparently it's a very charming old town with a train station. He brought back a bright yellow plastic train car for Jordan and a wooden whistle that sounds like the toot of a train.

Jordan doesn't understand the train thing yet, but he really likes it. He calls it a car. And he loooves cars. So it went over very well.

The whistle? Much more confusing. No wheels. What to DO with this wooden box sort of thing with holes?

So this weekend, Nick decided to teach him how to make it work. He figured Jordan already knows how to blow air, since he loves to blow on his food when it's hot.

Nick blew the whistle a couple times. Then he handed it to Jordan, who just looked at it, and looked back at Nick.

Nick said, "Blow in it!" He pursed his lips and blew air through them in an exaggerated fashion, just like we do at meals.

Jordan held the whistle very cautiously up in front of his lips and said, "Hot!"


  1. adorable :)

    my little brother had one of those wooden train whistles when he was a kid. I was insanely jealous.

  2. if you were on tumblr i'd check the little heart shaped LIKE button on this

  3. Oh my goodness, don't you just love the logic of a little mind?!

  4. Yanno, for a 1-year-old, I'd say that's some pretty good logic. It may not be correct, but that doesn't mean it's not right. At least to someone.

    Oh, very cute too.

  5. The evil part of me is off somewhere, contemplating the ways in which J's penchant for association could be manipulated.

    The non-evil part of me just thinks he's cute.

  6. Hillary - Nobody I knew ever had one. But they make a nice sound! That is, if you can figure them out.

    jen - :)

    A.S. - Thank you! I think it's adorable, of course.

    Keenie Beanie - It made us laugh so hard.

    FoggyDew - I loved that he made that connection.

    Jessica - When my friend Ann and I were in college, Ann's nephew was learning to talk. And when he got old enough for sentences, she taught him to say, "I am an orphan." We had no idea why her older sister was so angry.

  7. I like the image caption: "Attitude" :) Whoo-whoo! (my best train whistle sound effect)

  8. Of course he did-so smart!

  9. quite impressive logic for his age! he is so cute!

  10. hawt! hawt! they love it.

  11. "charming old town" is too polite.. "run-down low point in the mountains that time forgot" is more accurate.

    i should know, i grew up just west of there in frostburg-- which is even worse.

    but the mountains are pretty.

  12. HKW - I forgot you notice those! He does have attitude!

    Kayare - Of course I believe he's brilliant :) but I do think it's that if you're blowing, it's because it's too hot to eat.

    Maiden Metallurgist - It gets more and more and more fun! You'll see very soon!

    Adrienne - I think it's conditioned response. We spend so much time blowing on things and saying, "hot!" - they're forever connected in his mind, I bet.

    stacy - They do! They love to say hot!

    aimeec - Hmm. I've heard it described that way by a couple people. I'm going to keep the charming old town idea in my head.

  13. He's so adorable! I cannot believe how big he's gotten already.


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