Monday, December 20, 2010

This information cannot leave this room. Ok? It would devastate my reputation as a dude.

Dear Jordan,

You are now 16 months old, and somehow, it's an immense change from 15 months. You're the busiest little big man around. You're not only walking; you're running! And climbing. And exploring every little thing.

You particularly love to climb into and out of this one particular box.

You've become a big thumb-sucker, and sometimes you sit very contentedly in the box, sucking your thumb. For like 12 seconds. And then you're up and running.

More than the motion, though, is that you seem to come up with a new word every day. Sometimes it takes us a week to figure out what they are - like humma. For a while you kept insisting on humma, humma, humma! We finally figured out that this means oatmeal. Which you love.

You also suddenly started saying "all gone!" and "all done!" and that makes things a lot easier. Except when you're upset that something is all gone and you fling yourself on the floor and wail.

You haven't had a full-on tantrum, but your dad said he had them as a kid, and I could imagine you carrying on the tradition.

Last night as we were getting you ready for bed, you asked for a bottle. And as you'd just had one, I said it was all gone.

And you put your hands on my chest and shoved, hard. It was very clearly an, "I don't like that answer, lady!" kind of shove.

We made it very clear that shoving Mama is Not Nice.

This is pretty rare, though. Mostly you're a smiley, happy little kid. You laugh a lot, and you love making us laugh. You've started walking backwards to amuse yourself and us. One day I'm going to get a video of you breakdancing.

You're great company, if kind of limited topic-wise. Your conversations typically start with the announcement, "Light!" or "Car!" or "Tuck!"

Cars and trucks are magic in your world.

The wonderful thing is that you're always just as enthused about cars out front today as you were yesterday. There's always this tone of, "Holy shit! Would you look at that! There are CARS outside! Man, isn't this awesome?!!"

It is, and so are you.

I love you love you love you.



  1. Doesnt time fly and I love these letters you write to him. I do hope you print them out and store them somewhere in hard copy for him to read. I used to write Ben letters and he loves to get them out and read them now and again.
    He really is an adorable wee man.

  2. So sweet! In my experience, it's always the box that the kids love most. Pretty nice spot to do some thumb sucking and dream of your next bowl of humma. :)

  3. Such a cutie-pie! Almost makes me want one, almost.

  4. J is so cute! Those eyes. There is something so sweet about the thumb sucking. Anyway, great picture. You're hair looks great Lisa!

  5. I lived with my brother from the time his daughter was 16 months old until she was 18 months old. From my experience, you're in for a wonderful and trying couple of months. Shea could be the sweetest most darling little girl one second and, when something didn't quite go her way, watch out.

    Have fun, can't wait to see what you say at 17 and 18 months.

  6. And we love you love you love you.

  7. Happy 16 months Jordan! Such a sweet post :)

  8. omg, seriously FREAKING. ADORABLE.

  9. Too adorable, I love you, and I love this gorgeous picture of you!!! xoxox ...

  10. Jordan is adorable (as always), but can we PLEASE talk about your hair? I love love LOVE it! Really really REALLY. It's spectacular.

  11. Happy 16 months jordan and Merry Christmas! There will be lots more boxes in the very near future!!


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