Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wednesday whits

Improvement on the crayon/profanity front:

We stopped at a Bob Evans rather than Friendly's and while Jordan did do some crayon chewing, he also took a couple stabs at the paper. Plus, once he'd bitten off a couple little blue chunks, he realized he didn't really want to swallow them.

I let him drop them in my hand. I know better than to go foraging around his little mouth and then shame us with profanity.

Also: I know it's not such a good picture. I took it with my iPhone. More also: I got an iPhone. I'm pretty sure I haven't become an iHole though.

What I want for Christmas:

A closet. Seriously. Those Victorians, they built charming houses, but their need for closets was slim to none. My need for closets is sizeable to enormous.

So. I want to buy a closet from Ikea. Nick wants to wait until we can find a nice antique wardrobe (I grew up calling them almirahs - I don't know what you call them) at a consignment store that we can cherish and keep forever.

I don't want a nice wardrobe. I'm not looking for an heirloom. It will take up more room than I want to allocate. And once we build closets - in probably three years - then where will we cherish it?

I want a ding-dang closet, like, right now.

Also: Trying to reduce use of unnecessary profanity. (Note successful use of ding-dang above.)

The hair. Always the hair:

Let me tell you. Pixie cuts and platinum are a bitch to grow out. Not pretty. I've been hating my hair for some time now.

These are the roots. The front view, I am not posting.I'm seeing my stylist this evening. Hopefully she can work magic.

Also: Um, I have no also on this one. I just put this in for symmetry.


  1. Do you love your iPhone? I love my iPhone probably a little too much. Also, if you want a closet now you should have a closet now. Closets are for organizing! Why wait to organize? That sounds like crazy talk to me.

  2. Get thee a closet. Given that it's almost winter, the need for a calming, organized indoor environment is greater than ever. We always called them wardrobes or armoires, when they're fancy.

    Good luck this evening!

  3. Hillary - I love it love it love it. It does everything except dishes! And J doesn't know it's a camera yet, so he doesn't make the mad dash towards it.

    As for the organizing - I'm bad at it...a closet would help!

    Jessica - I don't want nuthin' fancy like an armoire. Just a little old pressboard Ikea closet.

    And thanks!

  4. You just need a few lowlights and you'll be grand, you iHole.

    Try Goodwood on U Street. Or any of the shops in the vicinity. I'm sure you can find a lovely armoire on the cheap.

  5. This is the only symmetry I've encountered today, so thank you.

    Google maps alone is worth the iPhone and I've recently started using it as an alarm clock.

    How about a closet now and an antique? I envision an armoire just for shoes. Or seer sucker.

  6. I was envisioning the light wood closet with frosted doors from Ikea the second I read you have no closet space.

    Thank you for not being an iHole! I think I still don't know the difference between a blackberry and an iPhone. They all scare me.

    Over t-day I was sitting on the couch talking with my MIL and BIL and noticed we did not have attention of the BIL anymore. "hey randall, whatcha doin over there?" "oh, uhhh, nothin, just playin with my phone".

    I seriously think they contribute to the decline of our social interaction. So.... good to hear you are using responsibly!

  7. I could not agree more about the lack of closet space in old Victorian houses. I don't know where to put anything.

  8. Get thee to an Ikea. I am still waiting for ours to open. Then, then I am sure that the first foray inside will be like crack and my husband will indeed have to tempt me with chocolates and diamonds to get me to go home.

    Thank you for not being an iHole. Or a CrackberryHead. My husband got a crackberry and it drives me insane with the constant pinging and beeping. Sometimes, I want to saute it and serve it to him for dinner.

  9. just an fyi, there's an antique shop that's going out of business this weekend on f street between 9th & 10th nw.

    i had no idea it had even opened in the first place.

    also, if you go and don't find anything, it's across from cowgirl creamery, so... CHEESE!

    also, also, i think the holiday artists' market in front of the portrait gallery opens this weekend, too

  10. you need to see my hairstylist. She is my pastor, therapist and new best friend all rolled in one.

    and btw - why don't you just bite the bullet and become my neigbor. for effing sake!


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