Monday, December 06, 2010


This is Jordan and his little friend David all dressed up and ready for the park.

J is wearing one of the very few pairs of shoes I could find into which I was able to stuff his little loaves of feet. His feet are about as thick top to bottom as they are side to side. I've never seen anything like it.


Note the use of their respective mother's mittens and gloves. Neither of them seemed to mind.

They're about the same age, and they have such a good time together. They squeal when they see each other. They chase each other around.

J's a little bigger and definitely pushier. David is pretty laid back, although not always. Sometimes or quite often, J will walk up and take what he wants out of David's hands; thus inciting his little friend to bat him on the head.

More likely, however, is that D picks up his chosen toy and scurries off to put it in a safe place. Although when you can't reach more than two feet off the ground, no place is really safe from your competition, it turns out.

Jordan, however, has recently learned to say the word "share" - pronounced as "shah."

I was so delighted when he started using it. Share! He gets the concept of sharing!

Ahem. Shahing in his world goes one direction only.

He'll walk over to you, point to the toy/cookie/sharp object you're holding, and say, "shah!"

Although I suppose this is more polite than "miiiine!" - don't you think?


  1. This reminds me of my niece's concept of sharing. And, being the oldest, 6, and biggest, for the time being that is, she generally gets her way. Unless her dad is watching. Then she usually ends up pouting. My brother has an incredible capacity to withstand her pouty powers. It really is quite amazing.

  2. LOL, I laughed as soon as you said he learned the word, figuring he probably traded share for "MINEMINEMINEMINE!!!"

  3. At that age "share" and "mine" seem to have the same meaning. ;)

  4. Please send him to our house for a lesson in shahing because the word we're super-proud to have picked up this past week is the dreaded, "Meeeee-ine" usually whined at top volume in the direction of the dog, whom she perceives to be launching a constant assault on anything she holds. Which in her defense, the dog usually is.

  5. Hey. If he knows that he's going to get bonked over the head for taking something from someone, and he continues to do it, then he's learning what consequences are. And which ones do and do not matter when you want what someone else has got. That's better than sharing, right?

  6. They look as yummy as a double scoop icecream in a double cone.
    A double scoop of little guys in a double stroller, much cuteness.

  7. Do you think Jordan would share those little loaves of feet with me? :)

  8. Re J's little loaves of feet. Have you tried stride rite? I know they are expensive but they have W AND XW sizes. And yes both boys look scrumsious (can't tell how to spell that -- it all looks weird)


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