Thursday, February 10, 2011

Although I'm gonna bet the crazy is just right around the corner

OK, so we talked to the doctor yesterday.

It was a conference call that Nick set up, and it felt very official. In situations that make me nervous I do a lot of figurative hiding behind Nick, who has no compunctions about pushing his agenda. This was one of those times.

(Side bar: I totally benefit from it when I want to, and then I resent the shit out of it in our personal relationship. It's how we wound up with this expensive ceiling lamp that I no longer hate but would never choose. For example.)

Basically, the doctor said that no, Clomid is not perfect, and you could argue for injectables, but they are more expensive and take a lot more monitoring. You could argue for going straight to IVF and skipping this. But trying the Clomid will give us a good idea of how I respond to these stimulation drugs.

So Nick and I sat down and talked about it, and this is what we decided: Take the Clomid this month, at the prescribed dose. Get the IUI. See what happens.

Maybe we get all knocked up (best case!). Maybe we learn that this is not the way to go, and it's a lost month and some money down the drain. But it gives us data.

Worst case - and this is truly terrible - your ovaries get hyperstimulated, and there's a whole list of scary side effects. But I'm thinking positively and not focusing on those. Except that I maybe have a printout so I know what to be on the lookout for. I'm pretty sure I'd notice weight gain of two pounds a day, for example.

Which is to say that I am looking at this month as an experiment, a hopeful experiment. I know it will shock you when I say I am not Zen about this. Because as soon as I took the pill last night I was all, "I feel all weird and tingly!"

I was certain my left ovary was tingling. And maybe my face.

Since it had only been about 45 seconds, Nick gave it no credence.

So far, all I have is a headache. I don't yet have the mood swings that've been promised to me, and I haven't turned into a raging bitch. There's still time.

I warned Nick that could happen, and he said, "You were completely out of your mind for about nine months. I can manage."

And then he asked about The Timing of The Sex.

And I reminded him that this month is The Cup and The Wanking. And how, considering what I have to do, he gets off easy with this one.

I didn't mean it quite that way. You know.


  1. "I warned Nick that could happen, and he said, 'You were completely out of your mind for about nine months. I can manage.' " Nick -FTW!

    Best of luck.

  2. Isn't it funny how we LOVE our partner's traits when it's convenient for us, and we hate it when it's not? For us it's patience. Sometimes Bryan's patience drives me crazy when I want him to be aggressive. It also drives me crazy when his patience wins the battle :)

    Good luck with the baby-making!

  3. I am thinking lots of non-tingly, non-crazy, pro-baby thoughts for you. Good luck, lady! And, uhh, have fun, Nick!

  4. FoggyDew - He is a good man. He really is. And thanks!

    Tia - YES. I love how assertive he is, and how he can be totally aggressive when the situation warrants it. But when he directs it towards me, I get furious. Sometimes I cave (like the lamp) because it's easier and sometimes I tell him to go fuck himself. He couldn't be married to someone not capable of doing the latter. :)

    Hillary - Thank you, hunny bunny!

  5. Good luck! I'll have my fingers crossed for you for the next... I don't know, six weeks?

  6. Personally speaking, crazy isn't so bad. Most people I encounter haven't noticed I've gone crazy in a shockingly brief amount of time.

    I hope for you the best case scenario in the coming month. Thinking positive is good :) I'm glad the appointment is over and you can move forward.

  7. oh, good luck! so, wait, is there *only* the "cup and the wanking"? i guess that makes sense now that i think about it. huh. learn something new, etc.

    anyway, i was saying good luck! and fingers crossed! and other positive things!

  8. Francesca was a Clomid baby. Half a dose. Only side effect I remember was: awesome baby. Keep on keepin' on!

  9. Maiden Metallurgist - Thank you! I think they do a test in four.

    HK - Hahaha - you make a good point. Lots of people will not notice. Thanks for the good thoughts!

    Coleen - As I understand it, for reproductive purposes, yes. When they check sperm they want you to ejaculate 2-3 days beforehand. More than that, and there are lots of dead ones. Less than that, and you might have too few.

    Texpatriate - And she is spectacularly beautiful and brilliant and amazing! I want one just like her!

  10. If you start feeling too crazy, you have an empathetic woman just downstairs, who's also a nurse :)

  11. Once again I'm reminded how much Nick and MathMan are alike. Good luck! I hope this works without any of the nasty side effects.

  12. HAH, YES the men have it easy when it comes to these things. And any one of them who says "but, I have to put up with your crazy" deserves to be smacked.

    Hoping the drugs work brilliantly with no nasty side effects =).

  13. fingers and toes crossed that everything works out to yours and nick's advantage! all the best!

  14. I'm still psychically certain of your impending knocked up status. It's a comin - I can feel it!

  15. Fingers, toes, and ovaries crossed that this is just the jump start you need! Good luck, mama!

  16. I love your sane approach. It's not easy given that what you most want is! Good luck! Fingers crossed, and big hugs to you, LG.

  17. Stacey - Thank you thank you! I hope you don't regret the offer! :)

    Lisa - Thanks so much.

    frugalveganmom - Nick was incredibly supportive the whole way through the pregnancy, and shouldered as much as he could (which was a lot).

    Excited about your countdown!!

    K-Tee - Thank you!

    freckledk - Ah, thanks, lady! I love your confidence!

    Luna - Thank you! But crossed ovaries sounds painful! Don't do that to yourself!

    Stevie - What a nice thing to say! I don't know how sane it is, but it feels OK to approach it this way at this point.

  18. The Wanking sounds fun. The Clomid, not so much.
    But a plan is good and here's hoping the first time is the charm.
    How exciting!

  19. Lisa, I'm so glad that you are blogging your way through this. It makes me grin to know that you are keeping your customary twisted sense of humor.

  20. Oh, best wishes your way.

    And I did not expect to come here today and learn so much about dead and alive sperm.

    Thank you

  21. Here's hoping that in about a 6-8 weeks you can write a post about how completely insane you were on clomid, but now you're all knocked up!


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