Monday, February 28, 2011

Purple swirly boots, no crack, it's almost March, and oh, poo, it's raining!

My name is Lisa, and I have a boot problem.

So there. I figure it's better than a gambling or sex addiction. And I don't even know that it's an addiction, since it's my second pair of boots in what, six months?

And this is a total tangent, but Saturday night we were doing a jigsaw puzzle, and it was midnight, and I was all, "Let's stay up all night! And do crack!"

And then of course I had to ask Nick what he would say if I actually did want to try crack.

He said we'd have a marital problem.

What about only once?

Still a problem.

Since it doesn't actually figure on my list of anything I want to do, we're fine. It's like swallowing the ring. I just have to ask.

So back to boots.

I bought this pair because magically out of the blue they appeared on Amazon and were totally on sale and just my size (sorry, if you're a six, I think I bought the last one) and plus I get free two-day shipping because I buy so many damn diapers from them.

And Corso Como is seriously the most comfortable brand ever. And while you'd think these boots would be more practical in brown or black, it turns out that you can match purple with pretty much anything. Or anything you feel like matching it with.

I've decided.

Also: holy crap! Tomorrow is March! And weather report in Washington, DC: It was beautiful and now it's raining.

Crappitty poo.


  1. Very, very cute. Also, doing something twice in six months is NOT an addiction. Perhaps merely a predilection? Since we now know where Nick stands on crack, what's his stance on the boot thing?

  2. I agree with pp, twice in 6 months an addiction does not make. I would also like to say that I am insanely jealous that you can wear these boots. I love them and don't think I could pull them off. More purple power to you.

  3. Those are some fierce boots! Work it.

  4. I bought two pairs in the same week OF THE SAME STYLE! Yep, liked 'em so much I figured they wouldn't ever make them again. Plus I had so many compliments I had to do it. Black, equestrian, low heel, comfy, sexy, empowering, and a lot like crack...not that I would know. Addiction Schmiction. Those boots are awesome btw and I am really totally jealous of a size 6 in any thing. If you hadn't bought the last pair I'd tell you to buy another.

  5. Love the boots! Also, no complaining about rain, please. It's been snowing for 28 hours straight here (northern Italy), and we were having some fine spring-like weather just a few days ago, so you can imagine my disappointment.

  6. It's still hot like hades over here in NZ although temps are dropping and it is getting darker in the mornings.
    Cute boots if I could wear boots I would have a gazillion pairs in all colours and styles I love boots but my massive cankles and calves dont.

  7. Purple really does go with everything. I have a pair of prescription sunglasses in a grape jolly rancher color, and they do, in fact, go with everything. They're kind of like tortoise-shell that way. Or like jeans.

    Also, yay Amazon Prime! Have you tried Amazon Fresh? The trick is to always order something frozen, and go for the pre-dawn (unattended) delivery, so then they stick a piece of dry ice in there! So fun!

    Also, cute boots! You have a knack for finding the cutest foot gear.


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