Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A plethora of completely unrelated topics

Face to Facebook
So I went and made a Lemon Gloria Facebook page. Like 15 minutes ago. I know this sounds idiotic, but I'm still not so clear on how it works. But I did finally figure out the Like button. So, uh, could you like me?

I'm not sure if it's helpful for LG to have its own page, but then I figure, it's like plastics. Not that I'm Mrs. Robinson.

Armpit twitch
I'm having this weird twitch on the side of my chest right at the edge of my armpit. The hell?

So the IUI was really easy and fast and we talked about New Orleans. It was kind of surreal, having this between-my-legs conversation about how my doctor is from an old NO family and goes to Mardi Gras every year.

And then he stood up and said, "OK, this went beautifully, and tell Nick he did a great job!"

And then I got dressed and went to Trader Joe's.

Oh! Which leads me to: How to make my day
So I was on my way to the checkout line and couldn't decide if this very attractive woman was trying to get in line so I deliberately walked out of the way in case she was...when she said, "Excuse me. Are you Lemon Gloria?"

And then we had this wonderful chat about online dating and marriage and babies and sleep and lack thereof. She showed me pictures of her gorgeous son. It was this totally unexpected little treat.

I've had a handful of people email me and say that they'd seen me somewhere but thought it would be weird to say hi...and I always write back and say, "Oh, I wish you'd said hello!"

Of course, if you do, you'll probably be subjected to a lot of enthusiasm and a hug, so if you're not so into that kind of thing, I'm probably best avoided.

Marry an orphan
That's the best piece of advice I can think of to the single people of the world. I mean, if you're interested in marital harmony, simplifying your life, and not having to remind yourself to breathe when you've just gotten out of an IUI and your SIL attempts to dump her rather dour youngest child on you for a day of free babysitting.


  1. Have you been running? Perhaps the armpit twitch is related to boob stitch?

    Noted. I've now added "orphanness" (orphanitude?) to my list of desirable mate characteristics.

  2. Armpit twitch on the left side? Check it out, or be like me and have a nice strong drink and fogedaboudit. Can you even drink with all the uh extra curricular activities you two are enduring?
    I am off to like you on face book. And if I lived any where near you, you woud run the other way if you met me in the store more than once. I'm kinda addicted to you and your way of thinking.

  3. Ok. So, I went over to FB and liked your page. I'll have to keep an eye on how you use it because I set one up too for my blog and I think I could/should be doing a lot more with it.
    I set it up, originally, because I felt bad for posting updates about blog posts to people who likely didn't give a shit. But I wanted to update the others who did (hardly any of my friends read the blog in a reader).
    I still do most of my correspondence through my personal FB page, though, so who the f--- knows.
    Like I said, I'll be looking to you for pointers.
    Also, great news on the IUI. Good thoughts your way.

  4. okay, i liked it. i'm not too sure what we do with this next, but like it i shall continue to! (wait, did that sound too much like yoda? ah, who cares)

  5. Wait? I'm already having a hard enough time finding someone... now you want me to ask her if she's an orphan?

    *sigh* I guess I'll add it to the list.


  6. I will add your LG facebook page to my likes and friends etc lol.
    I have a twitch in my right eye, I think everyone thinks I am winking at them. It's a stress related issue I think.

  7. wishing you the best with the IUI!!
    good for Nick, i'm sure his part was hard (i didn't intend that but i'm just gonna leave that there)

  8. Jessica - I have not. I have, however, been doing a lot of sitting and eating Girl Scout cookies. With my other arm, but perhaps these are related?

    And I'd say orphanness and orphanitude are interchangeable. :)

    Lynn - I am holding off on the alcohol in case. I drank like a fish before I learned I was preg with Jordan, but I'm being cautious. And thanks for liking me so much! :)

    Hillary - Dude. Wouldn't it make life just so much easier?

    Dana - I have no idea if it's a good thing to do or a silly thing to do because it's one more thing to tend to. But like you, I don't want to push updates to people who aren't necessarily interested.

    As for the IUI - thanks. It actually made me really calm, and now we just wait and see.

    Coleen - A huge fan of Yoda I am!

    As for the liking, I'm not sure where this will lead. But thanks for playing along.

    vvk - It's not critical. I realize it narrows the field a whole lot. It would just simplify things a bit.

    Go-Betty - Thank you! Yes, I'm sure it is stress related. I've had it before when I haven't gotten enough sleep. And you certainly have some stress in your life right now.

    jen - Thanks! And hahahaha! Unintentional but perfect.

  9. Liking the FB idea. Hope you don't mind if I copy. Good luck with the IUI. When do you find out if it worked?

  10. Facebook makes a whole lot more sense to me than twitter does at least. I like you loads!

  11. Wendy - Of course not - it seems like a totally reasonable approach to all this. There are just so many pieces to fit together and I find it confusing.

    They do a test the Friday after next.

    Keenie Beanie - I totally agree. And I like you loads as well!

  12. I'm glad the IUI went well. I hope it continues that way! I've had that weird armpit twitch before. It's just a little spasm. It usually goes away in a day or so but it is annoying.

  13. I remember our brief encounter in the Falls Church Target. I have to say, I'm so glad it was you because that could have been awkward if it wasn't and I was following some strange woman around the store. Good luck on the getting pregnant thing.

  14. Armpit twitches:: muscle fatigue.

    Lay off the Jillian, girl.

    GOOD LUCK, honey!

  15. Grace - I've had a lot of random twitches, bu this one is just so weird!

    FoggyDew - Yah, always best not to accost complete strangers, I suppose. :) And thanks!

    Empress - Thank you, lovely lady!

  16. I'm enough of an orphan that the fellas should be lining up around the block for a crack at me...one would think, anyway.

    Cannot wait to get home and join your page! I'm already a fan, so this seems redundant, but in the best possible way.


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