Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Nice is as good a reason as any. Shut up.

The thing that constantly astounds me is how much of the world passes me by.

I mean yes, I know what's going on in Egypt. But I just learned last week that the Superbowl was coming up this weekend.


I am, however, surprisingly unreluctant to talk about that which I know absolutely nothing about.

And thus, as Nick and I walked to work the other day, I casually mentioned that as the Superbowl is this weekend (ha! I know sports things!), we should time any terrible errands we might have for Sunday evening.

I have married one of the only American men I've ever met who cares nothing about football. I consider this a huge win.

One of the things I find impressive is that he can talk sports with people, and speaks with enthusiasm, and knows what he's talking about. When things don't interest me, I gloss over them entirely.

Which is why I thought the Dallas Cowboys were in the Superbowl. Because it's in Texas.

Yes. But I am also the same person who thought fantasy football meant men dressing up like their favorite player and playing football with their friends.


So I said I was going to choose the Green Bay Packers over the Cowboys. Because Midwesterners are nice.

"Because Midwesterners are nice?"

"Yes. I've never been to Wisconsin, but everywhere else in the Midwest, people are so nice."


Turns out, it's in Texas because they have better weather than Wisconsin or Pittsburgh. Anyway, that's what Nick said. When he clarified which teams would be playing.

So I was in a quandary, because I have some good friends from Pittsburgh.

And Nick was all, "I can see how you'd be torn. Now you're going to have to rethink your completely arbitrary criteria."

I told him sarcasm was so unattractive. And then started singing, "Oh XYZ Prep!" because that's where we were on our walk, and also, that kind of thing works better with Nick than, "Hey, look, a karate store!"

On a side bar: What also works is to say, "Watch out for the dog poo!" This is a sure-fire distraction.


Then last night we were at a dinner with my boss and his wife and several other people, one of whom has regular contact with football management.

So I asked if he has any inside scoop on the Superbowl. Because of course it's my new topic now that I know who is playing.

And he said no, and who was I rooting for?

"Probably Green Bay."

And Nick snickered and said, "Tell him. Tell him why."


  1. Dude, I'm cheering for the Steelers because I really like two bloggy ladies who live in Pittsburgh. SO THERE, NICK.

  2. don't worry about it - i only care about New England sports teams so whenever anyone else is playing i basically root for whoever's fans are less douchey. therefore, i'll be rooting GB on sunday as well... it also helps that husband's fam is from there. any reason is a good reason.
    oh, and in a pick 'em pool (ask Nick what that is) once a friend picked each game based on the team colors she liked better and she won the entire thing. so there's that.

  3. Oh and also? I will probably watch the Superbowl because of the snacks. You get the BEST snacks at Superbowl shindigs.

  4. Steelers because my sister-in-law's ex-husband is a fan. How's that for a good reason?

  5. Is the superbowl the big american football thing? We have the rugby world cup this year, but that all kinda sounds poncy now compared to something so tough sounding as superbowl. :S

  6. Wendy - Rapist? Cripes! General assholery is a good enough reason for me.

    Hillary - Perfectly valid criteria. As are SNACKS. Yes, Superbowl parties do tend to have really good snacks.

    Lisa - Works for me.

    Go-Betty - That's the one. I think the exact opposite. Anything with rugby in the name is super manly and makes me think of those deliciously enormous tree-trunk legs that rugby players have.

  7. Oh yeah, the Superbowl... I forgot all about that (sometimes it's good being overseas). More importantly, when are the Oscars? Isn't that coming up?

  8. I like the superbowl because people throw parties and get really excited and argue over something that really doesn't matter - two of my favorite things!

    Of course I knew the Packers were playing because I'm practically in WI, but I honestly don't even know the rules of football and can't follow the game. But, GO PACKERS!!

  9. "But I am also the same person who thought fantasy football meant men dressing up like their favorite player and playing football with their friends."

    Hilarious, Lisa! I like how much you talk about Texas in this post. Nice is a good reason, because their fans are nice and if their team loses then the nice people are sad. Not at all arbitrary!

  10. P.S. Heather is HKW - name change issue #1

  11. I also married a man who doesn't care a whit for football and I too consider this a major win.
    Also, I thought the Superbowl was last weekend.

  12. You should root for Pittsburgh. Mainly because of this pic: C'mon, how can you resist? And I would dispute the whole "Dallas has better weather than Pittsburgh or Green Bay" theory this week. What Arlington, Texas (where the game actually is), has is a $1.2 billion retractable-roof stadium.

    Also, please, please, please, it's Super Bowl. Two words. Kind of like Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Music City Bowl.

  13. you sound retarded

  14. I think it's on par with my reason for choosing Green Bay, two words, Cheese Hat :D

  15. Luna - That is the thing about being overseas - unless you decide to pay attention to this kind of thing, it passes you by. As for Oscars, um, I don't know when those are either. I suck at pop culture.

    Tia - OK. Done.

    frugalveganmom - Hello, one of the nice Midwesterners!! Yes, I like the parties and the food, and not being invested at all is even helpful.

    Heather! - And I should add that all the Texans I know are extremely nice as well! I just have had more contact with the nice Midwesterners, with parents from ND and MN.

    Dana - Definite win. And I only narrowly missed thinking that as well.

    FoggyDew - Those babies are really damn cute. Reeeeaallly cute!

    As for the correction - thank you! God, that totally makes sense. Super Bowl. I was treating it more like Superman.

    stacy - Ridiculous, I know. But I'd like to see a game like that sometime! :)

    Kenya - Totally support that reasoning!

  16. I also married a man who does not care for sports, which makes me happy. However, whenever my birthday falls on a Sunday, it is the same day as the stupid superbowl. This is the 2nd time I remember it happening. I'll just use it as an excuse to make the kind of snacks I want :-P

  17. As the years grind slowly by, I understand more and more, why I became so enamoured(sp?) of you from the start. I'm a rather 'alternative' being, and was so perplexed at why I sort of 'automatically loved' someone I thought I had nothing in common with. Every other month though, I discover at least one commonality.

    I can't say I hate sports, suffice to say I hate sports where physical injury has come to be some kind of norm. You really understand this if you have a son, as he grows.

    I went so far as to get an apartment in an area where the high school didn't have a football or hockey team. I was open to baseball, basket ball and soccer. It wasn't easy, but was worth the sacrifice. I didn't necessarily live in the neighbourhood I would otherwise have chosen. But I didn't want to be the hated mom who stopped her son from involvement in sports, either. So in the end, it was worth it. My son was disappointed in the limited sports options at his school, but at the time of writing, still has all teeth, elbows, and knee caps in place, also had never had a concussion.

  18. Sports is one of the things to be discussed up front. I hate all sports that tend to cause physical injury. Yet as a bartender, I listened to the most respected sports shows enough to carry on seemingly intelligent conversations with the customers.

    That's ok, because it served my livelyhood, re: the tips. But in my younger years, in quest for love, I pretended to love the sports which in reality, I detested. What a disservice - to those guys, and to myself.

  19. very funny post


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