Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hardy boys

If you call our home phone - which there is really no reason to do, as we only have it for the alarm system and in case a zombie attack takes down all the cell phone towers at the same time - but if you do, odds are Betty will answer.

She will greet you with the following: "Hardy boys!"

Because this is how she answers it. She's been doing this for months.

I learned recently that while this makes complete sense to me, Nick has no idea why.

So. We have very simple old phones with wall mounts and cords and they totally serve their purpose but they do not tell you who is calling.

This is fine, because we do not give out the number. Nobody calls it except the alarm company, solicitors, Hardy middle school, and sometimes one of us.

You know when it's the alarm company, because you've just set off the alarm.

This leaves the rest of us.

So the other day Nick said, "You know, when I call, your mom always says, 'Hardy boys!'"


"Does she do this at her house?"

"No. Why would she?"

"Why does she do it at our house?"

And I was all, "Seriously? Hardy middle school."



  1. So, my work number has a DC area code. And Sibling occasionally has dealings with gov't types in DC, who call her. But she's gotten in the habit of answering her phone, "Hallloooooooo!" when I call.

    We are waiting for the day she says "Halllooooooo!" to the IRS.

  2. Oh, I hope she does! Hallllooooo, IRS! it would probably liven up the conversation.

  3. I'm so bummed I didn't get to hang out with Betty when we were there for the reunion.

  4. I wish you had been able to hang out at our house for the day - that would've been fun.

  5. ha! I love that. My boyfriend answers the phone in a different weird way every time. It's pretty great.


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