Friday, February 11, 2011

I wear two hats

By that I do not mean, oh, I wear the Mom hat when I'm at home and the Professional Woman hat when I'm at work! Look how I juggle everything!


I mean: when it is cold, I wear two hats.

Go ahead. Make fun. You won't be the first.

You can see the one hat peeking out from under the other. I do this because the furry hat, it fits my head, but the straps are too long. And so it's not tight under my chin. So the wind gets up around my ears and they get all freezy.

I like this not one bit. But I love the big fuzzy hat. So I stuck the other one, which I also love, and which is great for cold but not windy days, under it. And together, they are perfect.

And easy. When I go into stores and such, I tend to just slide the fuzzy one back, and leave it hanging around my neck.

However, I have nearly lost the wool one multiple times doing this, as it slips out. So I need to remember to put it in my pocket.

And so yesterday on the way home I found myself running around Whole Foods (there on a frozen wheatgrass! mission, but this is another story) frantically, trying to find my lost hat.

I'd reached behind my head, and there was only one hat. I took it off and looked inside. One hat.

I love that thin wool hat! How could I have been so careless?

I scurried up and down aisles, retracing my steps. After searching a bit, I went up to customer service and said, "If someone found a hat, would they turn it in here? I lost my hat!"

I saw her eyes go to my left hand, with which I was gesticulating with a large, furry brown hat.

So I added, "Oh! But not this hat. My other hat."


"I have two!" I added brightly.

As I said that, I stuck my hand in my pocket and realized that I had, in fact, put the hat in there for safe keeping.

So I said, "Oh, nevermind! It's right here in my pocket! Hahahaha! I thought I hadn't...haha! Thank you!"

I pulled it out. Waved it for proof.

And fled.


  1. You make me smile! I so wish I could wear two hats (on my head) or even one. Well, now maybe I can, I was butchered yesterday at the salon. I mean s h o r t! So maybe the silver lining is hair that won't look all tina turnerish if I wear a hat...or two...must try it now. And I think you are perfectly normal. For what it's worth. And cute.

  2. that sounds like me - the losing hats part (although I am liking your idea of wearing two hats, never thought of that before). Although, when I am looking for them everywhere, they usually actually ARE in my hand. Sigh.

  3. your two hats look awesome together. i love the furry one.

  4. Giggling over here! Sounds like something I would do. I'll bet it made her day though :-)

  5. Monique Esselmont2/11/2011 7:37 PM

    OMG... You're too cute for words!! xoxo

  6. HaHAAA! Classic! It is so dustydusty shimmery heat here at the moment, its impossible to even THINK about wearing a woolen hat, let alone two! But in a northern hemisphere winter don't be surprised to catch me wearing three!

  7. Up here, nobody laugh up here at how anybody dresses to keep warm. Well, except the teenagers, of course...

  8. Hilarious! Love this story.

  9. my ears get all freezy LOL

    I look wierd in one hat,I don't have a hat head!

    btw you have a LOL award over at my blog :)

  10. Oh, you guys, thank you for all the nice comments! I don't think I look great in these, but warmth is generally my top priority!


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