Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cadbury eggs and liver, the manny, the ants, and you can't just cut a hole in your ceiling any old where

Cadbury creme eggs are like liver:
Nick bought me some Cadbury eggs, even though he never misses an opportunity to exclaim how shocked he is that I can eat them, disgustingly sugary as they are.

And then the other night, as he was prowling about the kitchen for something sweet, he picked up one of the eggs, peeled off the wrapper, said something about liver, and took a chomp. Basically he was comparing it to when he was a kid and his mom would make liver and onions, and it would smell good and he'd forget he hated it and then he'd take a bite and be all grossed out.

Which made me all, "If it's such a disgusting experience, then stop fucking eating my Cadbury eggs."

The manny:
After frantic posting on message boards, answering emails, calling people, and generally fretting myself into a childcare frenzy, I believe we have Jordan sorted out. We are going to have a manny!

My friend Kaysha has a friend who babysat for her daughter several days a week until she started preschool. She called him her manny. And it looks like he's going to be Jordan's very soon.

Very excited! And relieved!

The ants are gone:
And we are delighted. Terro rocks. That is all.

The surprise! construction! update:
Jordan is temporarily sleeping in the TV room, just until we can get the back room cleared - which we can't do while he's sleeping, because you have to walk through the TV room. I think he got a kick out of having his crib in there. He and Doggy were just fine.

As it is our only TV, this situation prevents Nick from sitting slack-jawed on the couch watching Archer. This is also fine. With me.

Nick gets annoyed when I say that. He's all, "You don't call it slack-jawed when you're watching Big Love or Mad Men. Well, yeah. Because that's different.

(Millionaire Matchmaker, however, definitely slack-jawed viewing. I admit it.)

We have exploratory holes in the ceilings, my mother's sink (which was in the bedroom rather than the bathroom - sort of convenient and sort of odd) is gone, and we have a 37" plywood circle affixed to the ceiling of the dining room, delicately placed right between the now-visible beams, which unfortunately means it encroaches on the molding.

Beams, in case you do not know, are important for making sure your house stays up and such. Molding, pretty as it is, is just decorative.

In other words: you can't just stick an elevator anywhere you might want to.

Since the house is all cattywhompus, and some walls lean one way and some they other, they have to make sure to line the holes up right top to bottom. One most definitely can't just measure out from the wall. We'll see where things wind up.

And this weekend we tackle the dread back room.


  1. Wow! You all work fast! A lot happened in that house in one day. And what is Terro? I hope to one day move to a climate that may have ants :)

  2. Yes! Stop eating the cadbury eggs! Not you - Nick.

    My inner nerd is just entirely too excited about this elevator business.

  3. Oh I'm so glad you found someone good to watch Jordan! WHEW!

    Also excited for you all about Betty's move. And totally envious of the elevator! And hey, hmm they have dumbwaiters too! I want one of those.

  4. "cattywhompus"!! eek! i just fell a little bit (more) in love with you, my dear!

    also a bit kerfluffled/ nervous about this whole elevator-in-the-house thing, so waiting with bated breath to see/ read results!

  5. Ohh, I'm thrilled to hear you've hired a Manny. You're a master problem solver!

    Someone asked me yesterday if I liked Cadbury eggs. I do not, however I am mildly addicted to Starburst Jelly Beans right now. Easter is my cut-off.

    Your house is full of adventure :)

  6. Lynn - These guys are good. They estimate like a month for all the elevator stuff, though.

    Terro is ant poison. It was like magic for us.

    Jessica - I definitely want to have an elevator party when all is said and done.

    Laura - It was SO stressful, but I think this is a very good solution. I'm so delighted about it.

    I would love to have a dumbwaiter - I just think they're so cool.

    Coleen - :). I'm very curious to see how it all turns out as well, I have to say. Will post progress pictures.

    HK - Things do not tend to get dull around here. :)

    I love jelly beans, but the traditional ones. I particularly like the black and the white ones.

  7. So glad the ants are history, a Manny awaits, and that the elevator adventure continues. You can keep the Cadbury Eggs. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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