Saturday, April 02, 2011

It's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time

If you regularly read LG and you stopped by yesterday and went through the loop, you may have thought any of the following:
  • When will I actually get to the information?
  • Tricked! Assholes!
  • Tricked! What a fabulous April Fools gag!
  • What the fuck is Lisa doing in the same chain as all these serious bloggers?

Sometimes you're just traipsing along in life, writing about motherhood and shoes and poo, and then your friend Mark from high school in India invites you along and you wind up doing something totally fun and random and completely outside your norm.

But you know, first thing I looked at the other blogs - primarily lawyers and doctors - and said to Nick, "They're all so...grown up! They write about real things! Their readers are going to wonder what the hell I'm doing in there."

I felt kind of like I do when I attend meetings with people in the financial world in New York.

I put on a nice suit and a fabulous scarf and lipstick and my serious glasses. But inside I'm 12 and will giggle if anyone farts, and I like to talk about things like where I would put my penis if I had one and would much rather think about spring shopping than liquidity swaps and risk and emerging markets.

Nick tsked me and said, "Look, they just write about more formal topics. Relax."

If you want the details of the plot and execution, Eric Turkewitz - the mastermind behind it - has the details.

No, really. He does. No (April) foolin'.

Happy Saturday, all!


  1. I would be highly disappointed in you, young lady, if you started blogging about grown up things all the time. Viva la child!

  2. Mark's got good taste. You're a pisser. It was great to have you along for the gag.

    --Eric T.

  3. Keenie Beanie - No chance. It's just not how I operate in my free time. :)

    Eric - Thanks for including me! It was so much fun!

  4. for the record, i thought the first three and the fourth didn't even occur to me until you said it. so, there.


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