Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ongoing tub conundrum, firemen are hot, thin white Ts, and achoo!

The tub conundrum continues: I want it. I just do. I'm not a practical sort. You know this about me.

I appreciate your input. You've given me a ton to chew on. And I've gotten some emails with really fun suggestions - like making it into a pretend sailboat! How fun would that be?

And yes, he could clonk his head against it and that would be BAD. But listen, we have Nick's couch with the leg of death on which I've broken or at least severely and permanently injured several of my toes. My acupuncturist told me that she saw a Feng Shui show that said you should get rid of any furniture that can be used as a weapon. His couch definitely qualifies.

All this to say, there are lots of ways to hurt yourself in our house. Which sounds bad, but you know, the world is a sharp and dangerous place. What's a cast iron tub here or there?

Plus, as many of you said, what makes it forever permanent? We can post it on craigslist and people can bring their own burly men to haul it out.

Last night Nick said if I reallyreallyreally want it, we can do it. However, if it's going to cost money to put in extra beams to shore up the floor, then that'll be the absolute deciding factor. We'll see.

Oh my god, speaking of burly men - there were so many firemen in our neighborhood last night!:
Nick came home as I was putting Jordan in his jammies and said, "Come on! There are 10 fire trucks around the corner!"

So we hurried over with J in his blue and white stripey jammies and watched the big trucks and the big ladder and the hot firemen. We were all kind of fascinated in our various ways.

I do not sit around fantasizing about firemen, but I don't care what you say: firemen are hotter than other men. Just by definition. They keep themselves in amazing shape so they can charge into burning buildings and save people. I love the shit out of my husband with his well-paying desk job, but there you have it.

This one woman said, "Have you seen this year's calendar of NY firemen? If I lived in NY I'd set my house on fire."

Why doesn't anyone make non-see-through white T-shirts? I need some nice T-shirts for work. I want a couple white ones. But all of the white ones I've looked at - so many fucking tissue tees! - are too thin. I do not want to wear a cami under a T-shirt in DC 6 million degree summer heat.

Where can I buy a nice enough for a casual office white T-shirt that doesn't show off my boobies? I would like to know.

The allergies! They are killing me!: I was feeling all smug thinking pregnancy (Very Important Revision: pregnancy as in Jordan! I had no allergies last year. Not currently pregnant! Poor phrasing - sorry!) had gotten rid of my allergies until the pollen knocked me flat on my face last week.

I've been taking Zyrtec and using the Neti pot - something Nick flat-out refuses to do, and I keep trying to foist on him - and it helps, but still. Allergies! Ugh!

The downside of the Neti pot is leaning over and having a stream of water fall out of your nose in public. Highly embarrassing, hard to explain, and very terrible.


  1. About the firemen: Agreed. Now, I think cyclists clad in their spandex with their smooth shaved legs and super hot too, so maybe I am slightly insane with weird tastes...

  2. Wait. What pregnancy? Come again? Did I miss something?

  3. Did you just drop the pregnancy announcement in there all casual-like?!

    If so, congratulations!

  4. yeah What's that about pregnancy??

    and another note - Target usually has a line of "double layer t's" in the summer that have two layers of thin fabric in the front so they aren't as revealing...

  5. I have a Lands End white t-shirt that does not show off my boobies at all. JCrew favourite tees are pretty sturdy too. The Lands End one is awesome, though. It's just cotton but it feels like you could make 7 stupid tissue tees out of it.
    Also, I was thinking about your bathtub last night. Because I'm weird and stalkery like that. Anyway. I missed the "what is permanent?" comments yesterday but that is what I wanted to come back to say. You're not tattooing the bathtub on your body (like, say, the Japanese characters one might have tattooed down her spine when she was 18, which one might think of, with rage and angst, whenever anyone says the word permanent.) If you reallyreallyreally want the tub, keep the tub! It will make the coolest fort for J in a few years.

  6. Titania - I don't mind the shaved legs but don't prefer them. The muscles are kind of amazing, though. I think mostly it's just that their jobs are so dangerous. Well, and their fitness level. And some of them are really cute.

    Keenie Beanie - Yikes. I just revised that. I meant having been pregnant. Last year was fine and this year is terrible.

    Teeny - Alas, no. Also, I would not be casual about it. I'd be all boldface capital letters fanfare and naked backflips.

    Sarah - Yeah, bad phrasing. And I should look at Target.

    I should look at Land's End. I ordered winter long sleeve Ts from them. I don't know why I didn't think about them.

    The idea of tattooing the bathtub on my body makes me laugh. It is true. It's only permanent as long as I can't find someone to move it if we don't like it.

    elis - Thanks, but not a possibility! No yard and the deck cannot support the weight and the husband cannot support the idea. It's either this use or not at all.

  7. I really like the sailboat idea. Also, when I was a kid, there was a fabric store that had a cast iron bath tub filled with buttons. I just loved sinking my hands into the neverending pool of buttons and picking out ones I liked. Probably not practical for someone's home, but the discussion made me think of it!

    And yes, Firemen are sexy. My husband used to be one, actually. :)

  8. I am partial to the Old Navy "prefect fit" v-neck tees, if they still have them.

    And I am secretly glad that you are thinking about keeping the tub. I do not, by the way, think it is trashy at all. Just potentially hazardous, which isn't so much a problem if you are creative and/or vigilant.

  9. Love the sailboat idea! Hope it works out with the tub.

    I bought a white v-neck tee at Banana Republic recently and it's not see through.

  10. I think the bathtub in the bedroom is an awesome idea, although why not hook it up to the water so J can use it as his own private pool? Also, was thinking, if you really hate it you can take a sledgehammer to it yourself without waiting for burly men to do it. Sounds like a fantastic way to get rid of stress. Or, actually, hey, better idea: talk a couple of firemen into coming over and moving it!

  11. Too bad Nick doesn't know Nathan. Then he could be assured that a normal non hippie lawyer dude uses a neti pot and loves it. (I on the other hand am still scared, I hate the idea of water running through my nose!)

  12. Engine Company 16 on 14th Street between K & L, NW-- across the street from my apartment & loaded with hotness! and, total bonus: new crop of probies!

  13. Ok, generally yes firemen are hot, I perv openly when they are around. Sadly I met a fireman online in my dating days and, well, he was not! In fact I was all ohh I get to meet a fireman yum yum yum and then it was like, oh shit when is this date gonna end? Someone get me outta here this is disgusting. So yeah some firemen are not hot and maybe they keep them locked up at the station.
    The bathtub you are right isnt permanent and what the heck it'll be a fun thing for a while so why not.
    Do you have Esprit clothes over there, I have an Esprit white T which is super great and because it is a cotton spndex blend has kept it's shape for years and its not see through. Modern ones come and go but my Esprit T's have stood the test of time.

  14. I flat-out refused to Neti pot when I met Patrick. Then one day, after watching him for months, I tried it, and I breathed better that day than ever before. Maybe someday Nick will Neti. I thought it was disgusting and also would make me feel like I was drowning, and now I do it at least once a week. (Apparently, breathing is not that important to me every day.)

  15. Tub - Yay!
    Firemen - definitely hot!

  16. Whole Foods sells nettles (they're freeze dried in little capsules) and those plus the Zyrtec have finally kicked mine into shape.

  17. My husband served our guests milk for the coffee with the netti-pot (!) He told me he had cleaned it really really well (we did not tell our guest that it was a netti-pot), but I could not stop laughing. And, I did not take milk. Are we bad hostesses? ;)

  18. I never though firemen were hot (I went to high school with too many volunteer firemen,) but I've been watching Ghost Whisperer and the main character's husband was a fireman and he is hot, hot, hot!!!

    Allergies are super bad this year bc of all the pollen. Mine are killing me. I've been doing Zyrtec in the morning, benadryl at night, and the neti pot. So far thats working out ok.

  19. If you're not doing the moving and someone else is, go ahead, the tub looks nice. is a huge pain in the butt. He's not kidding that it takes 4 guys to move one of those. You need 4 strong guys, not 4 accountants, and even then it's really, really heavy. Those are cast iron, so it weighs about as much as a car engine.

  20. all my white tees that aren't see through are from Banana Republic
    oh who am i kidding? they're all from the BR Outlet. they always have cute stuff and uber respectable pricing

  21. A claw-foot bathtub couch:


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