Thursday, January 08, 2009

Pinkstravaganza! Or, a girl after my own heart

My friend Marta - of the lesbian shoes, among other things - will occasionally accuse me of having influenced her daughter in utero.

Although I would like to take a moment here to say that I do have some practical shoes. In fact, we have the same pair of Dansko clogs. For some reason, though, mine are taken less seriously. Hers are lesbian shoes, while mine are "Lisa's bi-curious footwear."


We met while she was pregnant, and we worked for a terrible, vile, horrendous, make-Canada-smaller, harpy. You know how fast friendship bonds are formed in wartime? It was like that. The misery of working there drove us to consume many, many pounds of M&Ms.

So when Marta's daughter was born, there was no indication that she'd be any different from her mother. But as she aged, she showed a distinct preference for all things sparkly. And shiny. And high-heeled. And pink.

Marta blames me. And the M&Ms.

Whenever Marta wears anything remotely resembling heels, her daughter just gets all breathlessly happy. Marta is certain that, left to her own devices, she'd spend a week in my shoe closet. She wouldn't even need a babysitter.

What I am getting to here, though is this. I got a very preppy belt for Christmas from Nick's sister. It's pink with shells on it. It is nice, but the kind of thing I would never, ever wear.

And the only person in the world I know who loves pink more than I do is Marta's daughter. She put it on immediately. She loved it.

And the next day she arrived at the breakfast table dressed for school in an outfit she felt would best feature The New Belt. According to Marta, it wasn't worth an argument. She went to school in the clothing featured above.

I laughed so hard when I saw that picture. And then, then I thought back to a variety of things I've put together.

We're not so different, she and I.


  1. Wow, Marta isn't kidding about the in-utero influence. What an adorable outfit though - she's probably wearing everything that makes her happy, all at once. Way to go kiddo - sometimes I wish we adults could do the same thing. It would make worklife so much more tolerable.

  2. Susan - I know! Hilarious! And I do love her outfit. I love all the happy, happy flowers. It would be nice if we could all be more exuberant when we feel like it.

  3. I can totally see my 4-year-old niece putting together a outfit just like that one in a year or so. Heck, maybe even now. And she would look just as adorable.

    The only way I get to do something like that these days is pairing a very green tie with a pink shirt. Trust me, it works in the spring.

  4. Hey! That adorable little girl stole my bang wings!

  5. Cute! So cute. I love pink. Love, love. One of my favorite things about Easter is pink M&M's are sold at the grocer.

  6. that is quite the outfit... it just proves that pretty girls can pull off anything! (and that a good attitude can make people see right past your outfit because the first thing you see in that picture is her smile!)
    and m&ms make everything better... except peanut m&ms, which always seem like a good idea until you have to run to the bathroom

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  8. Ahhh..awesome. I needed a good gut laugh. That was tasty. If you lived closer you would be every one of my daughters' fashion & style role model. A pink Goddess among women in pink.

  9. My niece used to do the same thing, but with stripes. She once came downstairs wearing striped, leggings, a striped skirt, a striped shirt, and a striped scarf, all with different colors and patterns. It's hilarious. And I love your pink coat/hat/umbrella ensemble.

  10. I love both outfits, hers and yours. And I would KILL for that umbrella!


  12. FoggyDew - I absolutely love it when men are bold with color. It's so rare in DC.

    saratogajean - I love those little flippy wings!

    HKW - Yes! I love the pink M&Ms! I *know* all the colors taste the same, but I have my strong color preferences.:)

    notsojenny - I do think it's true that your attitude is a huge part of it. You can totally see how happy she is. As for peanut M&Ms, they don't do that to me, but I kind of wish they did.

    Jordaan - I would love that. Your daughters are awesome! :)

    Wendy - I love the idea of all the stripes. I would love to pull that off now, but as an adult, knowing the look I'd be trying for, I don't think I could be so bold.

    Cheryl - Thanks! That umbrella was from Marimekko. It's since broken, but I did love it so.

    lacochran - I know. The vision in pink can be a bit much for some.

  13. Pink birds of a feather! I think she looks smashing, as do you.

  14. I don't get it, what's wrong with her outfit??

  15. What an adorable little girl. Why will I not be surprised if, when she's a teenager, she's best friends w/a guy named Ducky and makes her own pink prom dress??? ;-)

  16. I love it! PINK. I never see pink in my house full of males--husband, sons, gerbil, fish, cat. So when I see a little girl wearing all pink I have to exclaim to her..."I love your pink!".

  17. Lisa - Thank you, lovey.

    J - Exactly.

    Ryane - I hope hope hope she does. If I'm around, I will fully support that. I'll introduce her to the Psychedelic Furs.

    Carolyn - That would be hard! Boys are great, but girl clothes are SO much fun!

  18. That child is AMAZING. I wish I had the guts (or the hip size) to wear that outfit!


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