Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Itty bitty tid-bits! With much exclamation!

One, thank you all for such fantastic suggestions book suggestions! I have the post printed out so I can highlight a whole bunch of them.

I knew that people who visit LG read really interesting books. There were so many authors and titles I'd never heard of, and which sound really intriguing.

Also, even though I was looking for recommendations, I loved when people suggested books that I had already read and adored. Connecting over books is a really interesting thing, and makes you feel, however erroneous this may be, like you have some little piece of your mind in common or something.

Yay! You all rock! And read! (Yes, I am a big dork.) I can back away from the remote!

Next, I have an appointment with my regular stylist tomorrow. Enough of you said to talk to him, to work things out, and I felt like that was only fair. As my friend Maude said, maybe he got bored of my hair as well, and he did give her a fantastic haircut.

Also, and perhaps a larger decision-driver, I had Betty chop off my hair at Christmas, because the scraggly ends were driving me so crazy. I could not stand them for one. More. Second. So I begged her to cut it, not to worry, that I knew I wasn't getting a professional cut. I just needed it off! Off!

I envisioned a trim, and she cut off a big hunk and said, "Is this too much?"

And once that's happened, you can only go forward. And it looks like I had my mom cut my hair. So I am going to skulk in and confess and ask him to fix it.

Whatever it looks like, which is kind of choppy and uneven, it feels soo much better. I pull it back so you can't really tell, and frankly, don't regret it one bit.

But you can hardly start off on that foot with a new stylist.

Lastly, I am trying to cut down on my profanity. And we have cable again. These are intertwined, but I think take a post of their own to explain.

Oh! And wait! Last last lastly! I'm glad I haven't entirely eradicated profanity, because can I just tell you how fucking cold my office is? Dickensian conditions! I'm considering lighting a candle to warm my hands. Argh!

And I am busy! Busy busy busy! Much typing and mousing to be done, which is very hard with numb little fingers! Plus the tip of my nose gets veryvery cold, which I veryvery much dislike!

And with the pulling back of the hair? Cold ears!

Great book suggestions! Soon-to-be-fixed hair! Chilly willy cold! And business! That's all I've got!

Aside from too many exclamation points!!!

Happy Tuesday! Better than Monday!


  1. Way, WAY better than Monday. I caved and got some pills for sleepy times... oh and it is BLISS.

  2. Have you seen Dilbert for the last two days?


  3. Yay Lilu! Glad you are sleeping! So important.

    VVK - No! Hahahaha! That's my office - freezy freezy.

  4. When she was little, my friend's daughter was on Letterman for inventing a nose warmer. Perhaps I can put you in touch with her.

  5. Oh, wait! I missed a day. Okay. I'll catch up. Cold fingers? Cold nose? Inhumane. Perhaps it's time submit an anonymous complaint. Just leave off the exclamation points so they can't identify you.

  6. So, I'm sorry you're cold, and I KNOW you have enough book recommendations to keep you reading for a while, but if you're into fantasy, check out "Not Wanted On the Voyage" by Timothy Findley. It's a retelling of Noah and the Ark that is fan-fucking-tastic.

  7. I like exclamation points. When used in bunches, they convey a sort of pathological excitement.

  8. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/160110/happy_morning_too_happy/

    Happy Morning!

  9. I tried to cut back on my profanity as well and promptly ran into something and stubbed my toe. Many "ow! shit! fuck!" and various other expletives ensued.

    I hope your Wednesday is as happy as your Tuesday!


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