Thursday, January 15, 2009

The spell check business

I'm sporadic about spell checking my posts and rarely do so with personal email. What's a typo or two among friends?

But at work, of course, I always do.

The thing about spell check, though, is that if it's a real word, it doesn't get caught.

And so you could edit something that said "program manger" rather than "program manager" - and if you weren't paying close attention, you'd miss it. Oops. Luckily, both caught by someone else and not egregious.

This, however, made me think about this old colleague of mine.

Who sent a client an email with the line, "I hope this does not cause you too much incontinence."

The reply? "It did not cause me any incontinence. It didn't inconvenience me, either."

Thank goodness for that.


  1. How furry! You craft me up!

  2. When I was working as a reporter covering the military, I actually had to create an auto-correct to change Air Farce to Air Force. Just something in my brain hardwired that way, I guess.

  3. I like it when I see resumes from applicants that say they pay great attention to detal.

  4. Spell check does not help when Mr. Buchanan receives emails with the salutation, "Good morning Mr. Buccanon." Nor does it help when you receive a division-wide email that obviously was intended for two people; "between you and me, Director X talked for an hour when he had nothing to say. His fucking speeches make my ears bleed." Don't you hate autofill? It's a kick in the pants.

  5. hahaha! we had the exact same error once... you could hear a laugh around the entire floor as people opened their emails. it had gone out from mgmt. and it pretty much went to everyone.

    it happens... as long as you stay away from bad mouthing people with Reply All (and that person is on the list) then you're golden.

  6. I work at a large institution, and part of my job used to be updating a bunch of binders full of constantly changing policies, rules, forms, etc. (No more binders, thanks to the internet. Yay internet!)

    One time I received a one-sheet update and as I was pulling out the old sheet and putting in the new, I noticed that the two sheets looked the same. I had to hold them up to the light to find the correction: one of them had the word public, and the other had pubic! Hahaha!

  7. The best part of these types of emails are when you see multiple Urgent Email Recall messages pop up in Outlook (with red bang flag).

  8. FreckledK - Well done! And tanks!

    FoggyDew - That is a huge oops.

    Arjewtino - Next time I am job hunting I am going to be very careful with my detals.

    Anonmyous - Yikes. That's pretty terrible.

    notsojenny - I am really, really careful with email now. I've made mistakes in the past.

    A.S. - Public - pubic. How one little letter can make such a difference. :)

    Anonymous - Oh! I haven't gotten that!

  9. Also, busty is an acceptable word within Microsoft's default spell check so when you tell some one that "I am busty this morning, so we can meet this afternoon." you get a few laughs around the office.

  10. In my last job, I worked for a church ministry and part of my responsibilities included typing and printing the church bulletin for every Sunday morning service. We were preparing to start an attendance push that was to last for 6 weeks.

    Unfortunately, I proudly advertised it as our "upcoming Sex Week Campaign"!!!

    Oh. My. God.

  11. Typos can be so embarrassing! A former co-worker once put out a newsletter that had something about t-shirts in it. Except she spelled it t-shits. It was awesome. There's something about working in print journalism that makes even the smallest typos that much more hilarious.

  12. Homonyms are lots of fun. My personal favorite was a job ad that required you be able to work in a "fast paste" environment.

  13. Forget spell check... thank the baby jeebus for senses of humor!

  14. I like predictive text on phones too. I sent an sms/text (what do you guys call it over there?) to a friend who'd invited me to dinner. I was trying to say "I think we'll just meet you for drinks and then duck if that's not too rude" but of course on predictive text it said "I think we'll just meet you for drinks and then fuck if that's not too rude" hahahahah!

  15. haha. Hey, I think it was nice of you to wish that person no incontinence. The world could do with more of that type of consideration. =-)

  16. Anonymous - I kind of want to write that on purpose now, just to see...

    Rough Edges - This made me laugh out loud. I am sure you were embarrassed, but it's really hilarious.

    Kate - You are exactly right. These things are such a bigger deal in print journalism. T-shits. Huge oops.

    J - That conjures up some excellent images.

    LiLu - Yes, thank goodness.

    Miranda - We say text. And THAT, that is truly hilarious. Drinks and then fuck, if that's not too rude. HAhahahaha!

    Ryane - I wish ALL of us no incontinence!

  17. I once sent out an email company-wide on a "Pubic (supposed to be public, of course) Presentation Meeting" I recalled the email, of course but never knew actually who opened it prior to it being recalled until my boss mentioned in passing one day "How'd that pubic meeting go?"


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