Thursday, April 23, 2009

Although admittedly now is not the time to sleep with prostitiutes or indulge in brownie treats

A week from today, I wake up in Amsterdam.

Actually, I won't be waking up, as my OB said "Um, no" to my halfheartedly hopeful sleeping pill inquiry. In fact, he said, he wants me strolling up and down the aisles.

Blood clot worries, it seems.

On the upside, eliminates the temptation to take random pills from strangers.

Anyway. I'll be arriving. And it will be Queen's Day, which is a happy/insane accident of timing on my part.

Maude and Dan and sweet little Benjamin are there for a year. Nick and I gave each other a trip to see them as our Christmas presents. I've never been. He's been twice, but never seen one damn cultural thing there.

Because Amsterdam? Very fun.

And now he has too much work and work travel. But he said I should go anyway. A last hurrah before I am too enormous to enjoy anything.

It took me about 13 or maybe 17 seconds to agree.

I cashed in the miles, and booked the only agreeable dates available. And was going to cancel - you only lose booking fee.

But everyone is saying, "Go, go, go, GO!"

And Maude is saying, "Yes! Come! Visit!"

And if need be, I can cancel at the very last minute. So as of now, I am going.

Lovely Jenny is the only one so far who has voiced the, "Um, Lis, Amsterdam! Coffee houses! Craziness! Fun! Pregnant???"

And so I explained about Maude and family and love and good little break and museums and culture and last hurrah. . .

All of this made sense, but she was still a little, "Well, yes. But legal pot brownies?!"

Which we have all heard about, but what can you do?

So the new Bob in The Quad - who is funny, bright, and exotic in that Argentine way, even though, sadly, not actual Bob - offered over the cube, "Well, sex and drugs aren't everything in life."

To which we were all, "Oh, sure, well, yah. Of course."

And then he added, "Since you can't see me, I just want you to know I did manage to say that with a straight face."


  1. one last hurrah sounds like a Very Good Plan

    have fun!

  2. zurich isn't too far of a flight from amsterdam... :-)

    have a great time!

  3. Maybe they have iron-rich pot brownies, which would be okay. Think of it as a more fun prenatal vitamin.

  4. Amsterdam is AMAZING! Despite what people automatically associate with it (pot, shrooms and hookers) it's a wonderfully vibrant city with a rich history. Definitely visit the Van Gogh museum... you may want to avoid Anne Frank's house, only because the walkways are NARROW as are the stair wells leading to the hidden areas of the house. Not saying you're fat. At all. I'm just saying, toursits trapped in a small space equates to a pushiness that is not to be believed.

    DO IT. Go to Amsterdam!

  5. Wow, that sounds fun, and such a great time of year to go! Have a fantastic time! But yeah, no pot brownies. But the Heineken tour? Absolutely!

  6. Hillary - I love the plan! I hope hope hope it all works out.

    mrsmac - So close! But too far for 6 days, alas! Next time. :)

    FreckledK - Alas, definitely beyond my comfort zone. I feel like I'm so bold eating eggs with runny yolks and having wine here and there...

    swaaan - Thank you for telling me! The last thing I want is to be pushed in narrow hallways. Ugh.

    I am actually so much more enticed by the cultural stuff and the wandering around what I hear is such a beautiful city than anything else. And mainly, I just want a break from my current life.

    But if you think of anything else to recommend, I'd love to hear it!

    Luna - Maude said the weather is starting to get sunny and nicer. I am hoping flowers are out and it's pretty! And ha! I'd forgotten Heineken was Dutch! Awesome!

  7. Amersterdam is AMAZING. The Van Gogh museum is worth the entire price of the trip. There's the Reijksmuseum (I'm sure I spelled that wrong), Anne Frank House, Rembrandt's home, the garden district, great food. . . .

    You can still go walk the red light district (very fun. You wonder how anyone dates there when a gorgeous 18 year old costs about $5). Ok, you'll miss the pot/hash/shrooms, but seriously. GO TO AMSTERDAM!

  8. Oh yay for this trip! I can't imagine why you would cancel unless the doctor said so (like what might happen with my planned trips this summer... my fingers are permanently crossed until June 10th!)
    I'm so glad you get to go YAY! You deserve the most joyful and beautiful of breaks.

  9. I think that sounds exactly like what you need, and when you're 9 months pregnant and in love with your couch, you'll have some fun memories. Plus, hopefully, it'll bet good to get away after all this. Go! Have fun! If something comes up between now and then, you can always change your mind.

  10. Oh, have a great time! Lots of fun memories with Maude and her family await. I bet she's excited to see the baby house in person!

  11. You DESERVE a last hurrah- wish it was coming at a better time, though. Hopefully by the time you leave, everything with be as close to peachy keen as it can be and you can relax! xoxo

  12. Go go go! It's a lovely city! Being with Maude will do you a world of good.

  13. I have a good friend who lives in Amsterdam, but he's working in Africa at the moment. Otherwise I'd suggest you go to him for a portrait (he's a photographer). Because sitting for a portrait would keep you out of trouble for half an hour.

    I hope you enjoy your trip. Bob's right - life isn't all drugs and sex. Just don't tell Amsterdam that.

  14. Have a wonderful time. Now for some unsolicited advice: I took a loooong trip (Hawaii to ATL) when I was about as pregnant as you are last time, and had horrible problems with swollen ankles on the plane. Like, I would sit in my seat and within 5 minutes of taking off, my ankles looked liked overstuffed sausages. Invest in some of those compression socks (you can get them at the drug store), drink lots of water, and avoid salty stuff. And did I mention have a wonderful time?? You totally deserve it. xoxo

  15. I spent five months in Amsterdam when I did a semester abroad there in college. It's an awesome, beautiful place -- and no, you don't have to indulge in pot brownies to have a good time. You'll enjoy seeing the sights regardless. I'm jealous that you get to go. I need to go back for a visit soon, too!


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