Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Artsy scarfy

This isn't a huge thing, but I'm quite proud of it and wanted to share.

A few weeks ago, I was on a group email from my former instructor at the Corcoran, suggesting that her class from last semester submit work for a juried show. Juried meaning you submit your work, it gets reviewed, and then accepted or rejected.

So I borrowed this scarf back from Betty and submitted it, just on the off chance.

I made it last semester. I'm not working with dye now, because it's toxic, and as such, they recommend that you don't risk breathing it in or absorbing it through your skin and turning your baby into a little mutant.

I don't know if it's been proven that you'll mutate your kid, but me, I always end up looking like Lizzie Borden, so just in case, it's best that I hold off.

But back to the exhibit.

When they let us know they'd accepted work, they asked for an artist statement. An artist statement! Me?

I love making things, but I don't consider myself an artist. I mean, I make art on the side. It's a lens through which I view the world. I'd love to define myself that way, but I don't feel like I could, unless I were actually working, making money doing so.

But that made me wonder. What defines an artist?

I don't really know.Here's a shot including a few other pieces. The blouse was made by one of my classmates. She did a beautiful job dyeing, printing, and sewing; quite frankly, I covet it.
And here I am, all pregnanty and proud. It was hot (finally!) and super comf tank and capri and flip flop weather. And everywhere we went, I got a lot of looks.

On the way out of the building, I asked Nick if I looked bad, if I should be in a looser top, and he said no, not at all, it's just that you're so obviously pregnant. You can see it down the block.

And then he stretched his shirt tight across his stomach, and waddled down the sidewalk.

Because he's all supportive like that.


  1. I think you look lovely and the scarf is gorgeous and I would like your necklace for my birthday, please.

  2. first of all, people were looking at your because you are an adorable pregnant woman! people look at cute pg women.

    and i covet that scarf. seriously.

  3. The scarf? It is gorgeous. Selfishly, I want the little guy to be born so that you can return to putting that kind of gorgeousness out in the world!

    And I actually think that pregnant women do themselves a disservice by shrouding themselves in mumuus. It's an adorable baby house!

  4. You look great! And I love the scarf. I was wondering why you haven't been writing about any new stuff you've been working on- duh. Obviously the baby takes precedence- plus, you're probably just so busy.

  5. you have to give up toxic dye too when you're pregnant?! sheesh that's gotta be a long list of off limits things. and also? you look gorgeous.

  6. Love the scarf, love the picture. You are beaming.

  7. people were definitely looking because you appear to only be pregnant from the side (you know what i mean... at least i hope so)

    anyway, i know i would have stared... and thought to myself "i hope i can look that good when i'm pregnant"

    because wow, just wow. good for you! makes me realize i really need to get off my lazy chocolate eating butt and start getting into shape NOW so i can have a chance at being a cute preggo person that people are jealous of : )

  8. You should start up an Etsy shop! I'd buy from you! I have a horrible addiction to scarves. Esp gorgeous silky ones like that. They're the best for summer!

  9. Yes, silly rabbit, people were looking because you are cute! cute! cute!

    What makes someone an artist is even more subjective than what makes something art. Getting paid for it does not weigh in even a little. This much I know.

  10. Hillary - Thank you! And unfortunately I can't part with it and I can't procure you one, as the ceramic scarab (which I put on cheap pearls) was a gift from a friend. I do love it.

    mrsmac - Thank you. There were a couple layers that just didn't turn out the way I wanted, so I kept adding processes, and finally liked the end product a lot.

    Dagny - I want him to be born for a multitude of physical reasons, but topping my list of other reasons is that I so miss the textile stuff. It feeds my soul and totally energizes me, and I feel like I learn with every project.

    And I prefer fitted. I wore a big floaty dress yesterday - totally comf, but so many people exclaimed on how BIG I've gotten.

    mysterygirl! - Thank you!

    Teeny - For the first few months, I was just too tired to do anything extra. And now I have energy and I'm missing it!

    lustyreader - The list is long, it's true. And thank you!

    Lemmonex - Thanks, my friend.

    notsojenny - Oh, thank you thank you! That really made me feel good. It was starting to make me self-conscious after a while.

    Peace Turkey - That is awesome to hear! I've never been able to produce in any kind of quantity, but if we wind up somewhere that I have studio space at home, maybe I'll be able to.

    Susan - Ah, thanks! I love being called cute! cute! cute!

    And yes, it's all very subjective.

  11. You look freaking adorable! Seriously! You should think about layering with comfy jersey pieces. My sister never went anywhere while preggers without her jersey gauchos and a tank top. It's HOT in Texas, so breezy is key.

  12. Hey, the first thing I thought was "damn, she is one hot pregnant woman". Truly.

  13. same as fearless: you look HOT, super super HOT!

  14. So glad you finally got some hot weather! And yes, you look terrific!

    And Nick cracks me up!

  15. you and your scarf both look beautiful. i know what you mean about defining yourself as an artist -- it just seems so pretentious, somehow, especially since art is so very subjective. all of the five kids in my family are artistic - two have made money professionally in the art world (one doing calligraphy for white house invitations - but ONLY when the republicans are in power - barf), and the other as an oil painter who specializes in portraits). . . my creative side, on the other hand, has drifted into oblivion.

  16. so lovely...both you and the scarf!

  17. The scarf is beautiful. I can imagine Betty looking gorgeous wearing it. You're an artist, I really admire your creativity and ability to transform and make pretty things.

  18. That scarf is gorgeously swirly. Congrats on getting into the show. Well done!

  19. Jo - Yes, very good idea for hot weather! Finally it's warm here!

    Fearless - Oh, thank you so much! Yay!

    Soph - Thanks. Big hugs to you.:)

    A.S. - Thank you! He's good people, he really is.

    LJ - Oh, barf, yes, you are right. The conservative element in your family is always so shocking to me. And maybe your creative side will come back once you have more time for you?

    prettylittletangents - Thank you!

    HKW - Thank you so much. That's really sweet. And Betty looks great in it.:)

  20. Awww, Nick. Such a good egg.

  21. Good luck in the show! And you're definitely an artist--all the stuff you've ever shown us has been gorgeous. I'm so jealous, both of your talent and of people like Betty who get to wear it!

    And Nick? Priceless!

  22. You made that? You rock, big time! And you make an awesome looking pregnant woman, that's why people were staring! I want your talent.

  23. Beautiful scarf! And beautiful artist!!

    Just curious, have you noticed that creepy, weird men stare at you more when you're pregnant? I tell you, the Metro is full of them!

  24. "it's a lens through which I view the world"

    - that is the defnition of an artist.

    "actually working, making money"

    - that is the definition of an employee.


  25. LiLu - Yah. We both found good ones. And what's life without being teased?

    Sarah - Thanks, I appreciate it. And Nick is kind of priceless.

    Jules - Thank you thank you!

    Luna - Nooo! But I'm not on public transport a lot lately, and also, I'm so cold blooded that I've been covered in a coat of one sort or another till this last weekend. But I attract creepies - I am sure this will happen. Ugh.

    xuxE - I love that. Thank you so much.

  26. That is SWEEEEEET!!! Good for you!!!

    And yes, you're totally rockin' that black tank. Be proud. :)

  27. You look amazing. Wow.

    I would pay for a scarf that gorgeous. We need to get you a booth at Eastern Market or something. If you make them, people will come.

  28. Congrats
    on having your scarf (which seems to be silently saying touch me I'm all silky, soft rich) picked for the show.

    on looking great and having a hubby who sportingly waddled down the sidewalk - If you got a lot a of looks I'd put money on the lookers thinking 'How do I get what she has?'

  29. You look fabulous. The scarf is fabulous. Congratulations!

  30. You and the scare are simply gorgeous. You look so good!

    And Nick is hilarious! Make sure he gets all the poo diapers when he's home.


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