Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A conversation of sorts

I am out in the burbs with Betty.

Nick is away for work, and my very understanding boss said I could work from home. I have a lot of editing, which can be done from anywhere, and my parents' house is closer to INOVA.

So after an afternoon where my father only woke up enough to give a glassy look or two and try to nod in understanding, the phone rang this morning. It was the sitter - someone literally sits in the room, 24 hours a day, just to be sure - calling for my dad.

My dad, she said, wanted to talk to my mom. Talk!

My mom's side:

"Hi Michael! You're talking!"

". . .Come and get you?"


"No, sweetheart, not right now. You have to stay there for a while."


"Well, are you walking?"


"Oh. Are you sitting up?"


"Oh. Are you eating?"


"Well, then, what are you doing?"


We love you, but not so much on the going anywhere yet, Dad.


  1. Yay for conversations of sorts!

    Oh, yay.

  2. i'm so glad to hear that he called your mom and had a conversation - that is good news!

  3. I am so glad that he is walking and talking!

  4. I'm so glad to hear that your dad is making progress, even if it's not as fast as he'd like.

  5. Great news Lisa! So glad you and Betty are together for moments like this. Big hug

  6. Sometimes, baby steps are all we can ask for and even if they're not as big as we want, they're steps just the same.

    So happy to hear this, Lisa...we're all here for you and you WILL get through this.

    Sending more big hugs through the blogosphere

  7. Yay - sentences and thoughts. That's progress. We're hanging in there with all of you. Yesterday's post about Dad trying to kiss your hand had me in tears (the good kind though).

  8. That I can picture you writing this with a hint of a wry smile makes me feel warm inside. I'm happy that things are on an upswing. Let me know if you need anything. xo

  9. So good to hear he's getting better. Lots and lots of good thoughts and hugs to you and your family.

  10. Wanting to go home? So very understandable.
    I too am very glad that you are there with Betty.

  11. Ha, he's a little ambitious for his own good today!

    Also, Hi! Hugs! Love you!

  12. oh what a great sign! fantastic update!

  13. things about this post that made me happy:
    1. your employer is letting you work from home
    2. you and Betty are together
    3. your dad called!
    4. your ability to write through the tough times

    hang in there lady, it can only get better

  14. So glad things are looking up. I've been thinking about you and your family. xoxo

  15. That is so encouraging... I'm trying not to be a godancer, but I am *really* glad to hear that.



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