Friday, April 03, 2009

Week 21 tummy

This week I've been pregnant for longer than I'll be pregnant. If that makes any sense. And god willing.

Although I also think, while inducing is not ideal, it's what I might do if he's not making any moves to come out by his due date.

I feel like, I love you, little dude, but I want you out. I love you, but I've had enough already. I want my body back. Fuck, I want my mind back.

Lately, I think I'm less crazy, and Nick agrees. But then I wonder if we've both just gotten used to it?

It's impossible to tell from the inside.

And some days I think, wow, only 19 weeks and we actually get to see the little human! And other days I think, nine-fucking-teen long ass weeks. Plus nursing. I will never have my goddamn body back.

Also, he's now the length of a carrot or banana (take your pick).

This week, my stomach really really started sticking out. It protrudes more as the day wears on. In these pics, you're seeing me fresh out of bed and as small as I get.

I came in Monday and everyone was all, "You got more pregnant over the weekend!"

It's not yet significantly more inconvenient when I'm walking around - except for the fact that I need it to stop being so damn cold because, well, one, I hate it, and two, my coats are getting to the edge of their capacity. I've had to resew buttons.

But while it's more to haul around during the day, it bugs most at night. When I lie down on my side, it flops.


It doesn't make that noise out loud. Just in my head.

The out loud noise is the grunt sound I make when I do pretty much anything that involves getting up, sitting down, bending over, hauling myself into bed, out of bed, rolling over in bed. . .

You get the picture. And it's notaprettyone.

Oh! Also, and this is pretty, in response to yesterday's hatefulness of everything but possibly puppies and rainbows, Foggy Dew sent me this cute lil' picture. He said I could post it as long as he didn't have to explain. . .Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I can see the picture, and it is TOO a pretty one.

    Hope the weekend is nice and balmy for you. :o)

  2. week 21 - you're over the hump. it's all down hill from here. except not in the depressing way :)

    have a good weekend!

  3. Dagny - Thank you and thank you! I hope your weekend is a good pool-y one!

    Hillary - Exactly! In a good way! Or, maybe kind of depressing at times, but with light at the end of the tunnel. Or maybe that's a bad visual.

  4. Did you ever get one of those pregnancy pillows? If not, they're too easy to make. Just google it.

  5. You look fabulous! Yes, things will get more and more uncomfortable, but you do get used to it. And in my experience, I've been fortunate that as new annoyances come my way, my previous ones have faded (no more gas and constipation issues, for example). Hopefully some things will get better for you, too!

  6. when the weather warms up, you need to go to the beach and have nick dig a nice belly-sized concavity in the sand. then you can lie on your stomach!! (and later get boardwalk fries and frozen custard)

  7. Happy week 21! You know, the puppies and rainbow photo DID make me feel better.

  8. Jo - No, not yet. I looked on Target's website and you can order, but can't get them in the store. So I used a little pillow from the couch and that worked. Making one sounds like a great idea, though - then I can have exactly the size and shape I think I need.

    Luna - Thank you. :) You are so right! Those are totally gone and it's delightful!

    LJ - That combo sounds amaaaaaazing. And oh, would that it would get that warm soon!

    HKW - :) Puppies and rainbows turn out to be a fantastic combo!

  9. what a good ole chap that Foggy Dew is! have a great weekend.

  10. That picture actually just made me heart a bit lighter.

    Happy Friday!

  11. omg, I love that idea about digging a hole in the sand!

  12. Yeah, I have to second AS's comment about LJ's comment (the sand and belly pit). I saw that and gasped out loud as I thought of how comfy that would be. I would nap for hours....

  13. You've passed the bump hump!

    And, by the way, you look teeny tiny everywhere else. We should all be so lucky to carry that well.

  14. Yeah, the whole "not having your body to yourself" thing weirds me out. I guess I'm really bad at sharing.
    And the puppies and rainbows are too cute. Does Foggy work for Disney maybe?

  15. Ummm looks like when I eat a cheeseburger. You're adorable!

  16. At the end of my pregnancy, I was ca-RA-zee to drop that load, but resisted only because my mom and MIL were 10 monthers, in a day when they didn't induce very often, which lead me to suspect that 9 was more number than norm.

    Tho there are valid reasons to induce, I'll speak to the side of not inducing, since it's the side with which I have personal experience.

    The upside of not, is that the longer the gestation period, the better developed are digestive, nervous, and oter systems. I'm not in the health care profession, so it's only my unofficial opinion based on observation and comparison with my friends, but my son seemed easier to care for; after eating like a pig and havining no colic, he slept through the night earlier. His skin was like that of an older baby, and he wasn't prone to diaper rash or other skin sensitivities.

    So there ya go. Not judgin, only sayin' how it was for me.

    And Lemon, I think you're glorious!

  17. Oh my Lord. I'm 32 weeks, and do I EVER feel you on the wanting my body back thing. I've had glorious dreams lately of being able to BEND OVER AND TOUCH MY TOES. Yes! The toes which I have not been able to see for the last, oh, ten or so weeks. It will be GLORIOUS.

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