Monday, April 06, 2009

Sonogram pictures

So, prior to this baby experiment, people used to show me their sonogram pics and be all, "Here's her face!" and I would have no idea what they were talking about and just feign understanding.

But once you've lived through it and seen it in action, you totally get it.

And my god, when he started sucking his thumb, and actually looked like a little human being doing real stuff, I started to cry. It blew me away.

We got to see a few moments of 4D, which was really cool. Otherwise, when he's facing you, it really does look like skeletor face.

They still aren't the clearest, and Nick is better at spotting stuff on the screen than I am. So when they said, "And there's the penis," I was still trying to see what they had told me was his leg. So Nick was the one who saw it.

"Wooah! There's a lot of boy there!"

He was all proud.

I've subsequently been told all fathers say this about their in-utero sons' pee-pees.

In any case, he has a penis, which is a relief, since his little chromosomes say he's a boy. And at least on one hand he has four fingers and a thumb, and on one foot he clearly has five toes. Yay!

I mean, missing a toe or finger here or there wouldn't be such a big deal. We were more relieved when they pointed out the brain and heart chambers and other organs.

And how crazy is it that they can actually see all this stuff?

Anyway. Pictures.

Thumb sucking:Feeties! And he definitely does not have mine, because I have a big gap between my big toe and the next one. I assume from this picture that he'll have the sort of big solid clompy feet that seem to run on Nick's side. There are worse things. . .And, finally, skeletor face:I know that last one is just creepy. So of course I had to include it.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about the sonogram pics. Especially if you see the really early ones. But these are really clear!

    He's going to be a cutie. And as it happens, you're in luck. New Balance, long a bastion for the large-footed, makes infant sneakers.

    So cute!

  2. Great pictures!! Do you get another sonogram later on because of AMA? I just found out I do -- woo hoo for being an old fart!

  3. This is some exciting, good stuff. God. That is your SON. Awesome.

  4. Dagny - Yah - the early ones could've been pictures of the solar system.

    And yay! New Balance! Kid shoes are always so fucking cute.

    Luna - Oh, I don't know! They didn't say anything, and I assumed this was it, but I'd be really excited if we got another one later! I'll definitely ask my OB when I see him this week.

  5. eeee! i LOVE the feet! i want to touch them! baby hands and feet are so awesome!!

    and the last picture, yes, a little creepy. i have no idea which part is the face but if it's where i'm seeing it it looks like he turned his head toward the camera and is staring me down

    ... but oh the feet!!

  6. Lemmonex - I know! My SON! Wheeeeee!

    notsojenny - Thank you! I love them too! Those cutie cute little feet.

    And that is EXACLY what's going on - face toward camera.

  7. I love it! So precious. Almost makes me want to get pregnant again soon :-)

    Glad he is healthy!

  8. Aww, I love your Skeletor-faced baby! These are awesome.

  9. Baby has spock ears! Love!

  10. Okay, the last one WAS a little creepy. But mostly they were all "feetses!" and "handies!" and "nosey wosey!"

    Congrats, love. He looks beautiful and healthy in 4D.

  11. Yay for all the right parts in all the right places! So cute. I totally know what you mean about the nose. I've already told my hubby that if Jess got his nose, we'll be buying her a nose job for her 16th birthday! It looks all cute so far (she's 3.5) but you never know until puberty.

    Congrats on a healthy little boy! Any names yet?????? :)

  12. mrsmac - I about choked on my sip of water reading that! You're a stronger woman than I!

    LJ - Thanks, so much! Seeing all this and having it be this real makes me just dying to be able to pick him up and squeeze him!

    mysterygirl! - Thank you! I just love him!

    Mary - Hahaha! I hadn't thought about that!

    LiLu - I love all the other ones. But front view face freaks me out. Thank you, sweetie!

    Cheryl S - Wow - you don't know until puberty?! I like big, strong noses both on men and women - I just hate the shape of hers!

    We do have name ideas, but I think we're holding back till he arrives!

  13. What an adorable little Skeletor! The thumb suck is awesome!

  14. Great pictures, thanks for sharing. The thumb sucking one is great.

    Ya know something though? I got all of them except for the Skelator face. That one just didn't click. How 'bout an eye or nose landmark to guide our way?

    But, still, congrats.

  15. I love pictures! I have 0 experience with sonogram photos. So happy for you and Nick everyone is healthy!

  16. Yay!!! I was the same way - I didn't get it until I really wanted to look, which was when it was my baby. Before that, it just seemed hard to grasp.

    I'm so happy for you!

  17. Skeletor or no, these are very sweet photos.

  18. all I see are clouds floating by. And butterflies.

  19. Hillary - Me too! I cannot wait to feel those little toes!

    Sarah - Thank you! That thumb suck just kills me.

    Foggy Dew - I love love love that he was sucking his thumb. And I think the dark circle on the far right is his brain (honestly) and then eye sockets just to the left of that. But in any case.

    cp22 - Thanks so much!

    HKW - Yah - your pictures are all focused in the "real" world. Thank you!

    Lisa - Thank you! I so appreciate it!

    xuxE - Yes!!! Yay feet!

    Ryane - Thank you, my sweet!

    Anonymous - I completely understand!

  20. Yay! You have a BABY!!!!!! And a cute baby who sucks his thumb! And shows his feet! I love that!!

  21. How is it possibly that I like a mommy blog? Damn you, Lisa, for doing such things.

    Seriously though, I am very excited for you and Nick.


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